Warframe Second Dream Tips

Most of the quest line is pretty self explanatory though there are a few places that are not exactly easy. Hopefully these tips will help you get through the main story quest of Second Dream. Beating this quest gives you more on the lore as well as new abilities in the form of a Focus lens. Access to the Orokin moon, Broken Sword weapon, Scar Sigil and finally the Shadow Stalker are the rest of the rewards for this quest.

When you battle the Shadow Stalker, try to stick to one method of taking down his health before he adapts to that damage type. He will adapt to percentages of his health lost up to a maximum of four adaptations(these occur at 25%, 45%, 65% and 80% of health respectively).

His abilities are telegraphed, especially his ranged. The added bonus of his ranged attacks is the fact they’re slow. Engaging him at a distance then covering/keeping distance is pretty handy. Though he will soon adapt and you’ll have to go in melee range. Be aware that his melee is powerful and will stagger you so try to evade, slide and dodge while attacking.

Keep at it and you’ll soon defeat him. He is a tough enemy so going in as a party of four does help.

By far the most annoying and hardest bit to the quest is the final part within the ship. You’re limited to moving quite slower than normal, and using an energy beam attack all while the Stalker is shooting red discs at you. The only good thing is no matter how much health you lose, you cannot go below 2 health. Dying is impossible in this part(and the part before it when you’re traveling to the Reservoir).

Since the discs flying at you is constant, dodging is painful. And you can’t continuously use the energy beam. You can however, destroy the discs with the energy beam. Target the disc and use the beam, just be quick to target the next oncoming disc or you will get hit.

When you get beyond the little hallway where you begin, move to the left or right of the ship. Now if you get hit with the disc you won’t be thrown too far back. All you need to go is get close enough for the Stalker to vanish for a few seconds while you attack the Somatic Link. You’re objective is to attack and fill it 3 times; you don’t actually have to beat the Stalker.

This is, by far, the hardest part in the entire quest line simply because you’re limited to moving slower and being unable to dodge that easily. Combine that with the onslaught of attacks and it’s rage inducing. When I realized I could hang out to the right after that little hallway, it made things easier as it was less distance to be punted if I got hit by the disc.

It might take you many tries, or it might be really easy for you, but hopefully these tips will help you get through. I do have to admit that this was one of my favorite quests because we get to learn so much more about the Tenno.

Did you enjoy this quest or was it one you could have done without? Got any other tips to help with those annoying parts? Let me know!

Legend of Korra: Pro-Bending Tournament

Once you complete the game you unlock pro-bending which is three difficulties of several matches that you must complete. In completing the expert difficulty you unlock a trophy. Now, easy is pretty easy, but the next two get rough. Especially since you cannot exit the match and resume from there later on; oh no, you must complete from match one in that difficulty tier.

If you’re like me, you would have jumped into pro-bending the moment the game was over. Which meant playing without maxed bending abilities. I found out that was a huge mistake as I got absolutely destroyed in the next difficulty challenge.

Here are some helpful tips that will get you through pro-bending and earn that trophy(and then you never have to do this again. Though frankly, I wish there was a game dedicated to pro-bending. It’s immensely fun).

First of all, you need to max out your bending. Especially earth, fire and water as they are for Bolin, Mako and Korra respectively. Your bending level directly affects the strength of the teams abilities so if they’re low, the team is going to suffer accordingly. If you followed the max bending guide you will max out in no time!

Don’t always rely on dodging. Yes you need to dodge but after a chain of a few, Korra will get hit on the last dodge. So you want to dodge and jump which will help you avoid being locked in animation and getting hit. Also, try to remain away from Mako and Bolin. They will happily stand in front of you and get hit, thus knocking you back too.

Learn when you use the normal attack and when to use the heavy attack. Heavy attacks do the most damage but you want to use them when the enemy isn’t dodging for the most effect. Light attacks mean you can fire off more and dodge away and sometimes it’s best to do that rather than rely on the more powerful attacks.

Counter! No damage for you and more for the enemy? Alright! Just be aware that they can counter back so be on the lookout.

Sometimes it’s best to focus on one enemy. Switch to targets that Mako or Bolin is attacking. If you can, try and knock them off the platform. If you’re in danger of being thrown into the outer edge, switch targets and lower their health. That way on the next round it’s less health you need to get off of them and it’ll mean leveling the playing field again.

Keep trying. It can be frustrating but the more you play the more natural you’ll become. You will get frustrated but don’t give up.

Good luck and have fun!

Legend of Korra: Maxing Out Your Bending

So you’ve completed the game but haven’t maxed out your bending? Or maybe you’ve focused on one style and neglected the others; this is what I was guilty of! Once I unlocked air bending, I didn’t really use the other three elements as much as I should have. But since I wanted to max out bending in preparation for the pro-bending ace difficulty, I went ahead and maxed them.

Location: Chapter 7
Difficulty: Casual(though you could attempt it on a harder difficulty).
Items: Talisman XP x2, HP 1/2 and Talisman Healing

The reason why we want the healing talisman is the experience talisman cuts our health by half, making this a bit tougher without any sort of passive healing. If you get hit a couple of times, no problem! Just dodge and counter as much as you can until your health is topped up again.

Now select chapter 7, The Tree of Life. You will have to complete this chapter for the progress to be saved, ie you can’t just complete the first fight and exit. Depending on the level of your bending, it will take a few completions of the level. At level 5, I was able to do the chapter 3 times to max out one element. So around 12 chapter completions should max out all elements depending on where your experience bar is at the time.

It’s not a long chapter and for the most part it’s pretty easy. You may have trouble with the pro-bending match in the second round where it’s an actual fight rather than a proper match. You can unequip the experience talisman though you will lose that extra bit of exp and might have to do the chapter one extra time. What I did was attack and dodge often. Countering can be rough but try to pull it off if you can. Another good way is to successfully complete the QTE when the enemy attacks you as you’ll do free damage and have your health regenerate if you’ve been hit.

It won’t take long to max out all four elements. I found this chapter to be the easiest for me and thus, was more quicker than any of the other chapters.

Good luck, have fun and remember, only the Avatar can master all four elements!

FFXIV: Anima Weapons; A New Saga Begins

Patch 3.15 is live and with it the new relic weapon saga.

To even begin the quest you must have completed the main scenario quest ‘Heavensward.’ The relic quest begins in Idyllshire from Rowena called An unexpected proposal (X:5 Y:5).

Some parts of the quest is job specific which means you can only advance if you’re on the job that you accepted the quest. After the first quest, it is a job specific quest so make sure you don’t change jobs!

The next quest is from Ardashir and it’s called A soul without life. This step is where having a Zeta gives an advantage because you can skip it entirely. In order to get the relic you will need two special nodules. Astral nodule and Umbral nodule. And how to acquire these? Well, you remember the Atma grinding of the original relic?

Yea, something like that.

Part 1: A soul without life
Participating in FATE’s in the Heavenward areas gives a low chance of dropping Luminous crystals. And you need 3 of each crystal. The locations have a specific crystal so for example, you can’t grind Sea of Clouds for the Fire crystal. The bright side to this is the crystals can drop on any class or job regardless of level. All you need to do is complete the FATE.

Wind crystal is from Sea of Clouds
Fire crystal is from Azys Lla
Lightning crystal is from Churning Mists
Ice crystal is from Coerthas Western Highlands
Earth crystal is from Dravanian Forelands
Water crystal is from Dravanian Hinterlands

Once you have 3 of each, exchange them to Sydony. Astral nodule is exchanged for 3 wind, fire and lightning crystals while Umbral noduble is exchanged for 3 ice, earth and water crystals. Should you wish to skip this step due to having a Zeta, you must exchange the Zeta for the crystals. In doing so you will lose the Zeta so only part if this is no problem(you can buy a replica Zeta from the Junkmonger for glamour purposes).

Give the nodules to Ardashir to complete the quest and acquire the first anima relic weapon. It’s an ilvl 170 weapon but we’re not done yet! To enhance it to the 200 state we’ll be completing the quest Toughening Up.

Part 2: Toughening up
This step requires you to complete ten dungeons. Thankfully you only need to do them once, no going after a low drop chance item. The dungeons are as follows(and you must do them in order):
Qarn (Hard)
Keeper of the Lake
Wanderer’s Palace (Hard)
Amdapor Keep (Hard)
Dusk Vigil
Sohm Al
The Aery
The Vault

Part 3: Coming Into Its Own
The last part of the current relic step is items. You need a total of 80 items unidentifiable items(20x unidentifiable ore, 20x unidentifiable shell, 20x unidentifiable seeds and 20x unidentifiable bone) as well as 16 HQ crafted items (Adamantite Francesca HQ, Titanium Alloy Mirror HQ, Dispelling Arrow HQ, Kingcake HQ). to turn in for the 4 required items for the quest. There items that you are grinding all this for are(and yes, they are specialist recipes!):
Enchanted Rubber
Fast-drying Carboncoat
Divine Water
Fast-acting Allagan Catalyst

There are a few ways to obtain the items and can be combined with others such as Beast tribe vendors, and poetics or seals and running Alexander. The values are for 1 item(680 poetics to trade in for 1 unidentifiable bone for example).
Obtaining the items:
Unidentifiable bone requires any of the following:
680 Poetics
Amalj’aa Vendor – 13 Tokens (1 per lvl 48 quest)
10x Precision Gordian Bolt (1 per A1 kill)
1000x Allied Seals
Vanu Vendor – 18 Tokens (1 per quest)

Unidentifiable Shell requires any of the following:
680 Poetics
Sahagin Vendor – 13 Tokens (1 per lvl 48 quest)
10x Precision Gordian Lens (1 per A2 kill)
HW Treasure Maps
Vanu Vendor – 18 Tokens (1 per quest)

Unidentifiable Ore
680 Law
Kobold Vendor – 13 Tokens (1 per lvl 48 quest)
10x Precision Gordian Spring (1 per A3 kill)
HW Treasure Maps
Vanu Vendor – 18 Tokens (1 per quest)

Unidentifiable Seeds
680 Law
Sylph Vendor – 13 Tokens (1 per lvl 48 quest)
10x Precision Gordian Shaft (1 per A4 kill)
1000x Allied Seals
Vanu Vendor – 18 Tokens (1 per quest)

Not quite the end
While part 3 is the final step of the current relic chain, it doesn’t end there. Future patches will mean we can enhance it even further and I dread whatever other grind they might have us do. It is a grind but it’ll give an ilvl 210 weapon and it’s going to be BiS until the next raid tier. Just remember not to burn out and that it is a game; if you’re getting frustrated on any step then have a break.

Good luck, have fun and enjoy the new relic!

FFXIV: Preparing for Anima Weapons

Patch 3.15 will be introducing the Anima weapons, the new relic weapons of Heavensward. With the barest of previews over on the Lodestone, we are still left up to our imaginations. All we know is that a young researcher has come to Eorzea and will be teaming up with the infamous Gerolt.

We know very little about the weapons and how they’re going to be acquired(will they be crafted like 2.0 relics or brought with a certain type of currency like the tomestone weapons?), it’s not going to be an easy task to prepare for the long grind ahead.

According to Yoshi-P, the first step is going to be painful in terms of grinding. Those with a Zeta relic will be able to skip the first step though and it doesn’t matter what Zeta you have. For example, if you have Last Resort Zeta(the Scholar relic) but want to go for the Dark Knight relic in this patch, you can swap the Last Resort Zeta for the Dark Knight relic.

While some would argue that it’s not worth getting a Zeta, it’s actually not that bad with all the nerfs. I ran a friend through all the dungeons(we went unsynced) in one day. The rest of the day he farmed for the lights. The dungeon items are now a 100% drop so no more praying for RNG. So it’s much faster than before though it can still get expensive with needing to buy all the items.

Getting a Zeta to skip the first step is the only step in the relic chain we’re sure of. So we can easily prepare for that, but the others? It’s really a guessing game. I’m preparing for the worst though so making as much gil as I can before the patch drops as well as capping on my Grand Company seals(an easy way is to craft Militia Chokers. While only a 370 odd credit turn in, they are very very easy to craft).

I’ve been spiritbonding to get two of each materia, much like what the original relic needed. If the new relics don’t need it then that is a little bit extra gil when selling so it’s not a total loss.

The last way I’m preparing for the Anima weapons is specialist crafting. I sincerely hope that the relics don’t rely on specialist crafting but I wouldn’t be surprised as it makes specialist crafting more relevant. Between myself and two friends, we have all specialists so it’s not going to be a major issue. For others it is going to be a lot rougher. My only suggestion is to talk to the known crafters on your server. For many, if you can get the mats they will craft for free.

With all of this, I am hoping it’ll be enough but we won’t know for sure. Once the patch drops I’ll be writing up a guide for the Relics so stay tuned! And let’s see how right or wrong I was in preparing!

How are you guys preparing for this step? Are you going to bother with the relics or skip it? Let me know in the comments below!

Fallout 4 Guide: How to Debug Your Settlement

Fallout 4 - Unstuck Settlement - Sanctuary Hills

From time to time, you might encounter a naughty bug in one your settlements. Basically, most settlers will disappear and/or they won’t perform their assigned tasks. As a result, the settlement’s happiness will drastically decrease. Here’s how can you resolve this issue.

This seems to be a random bug that doesn’t happen that often. I only found it during my second journey at Sanctuary Hills. My settlers went missing, I couldn’t find more than 4 out of 16. Despite my amazing stats, the happiness decreased from 78% t 52%, which clearly meant that the settlement was bugged. Some people still can see their settlers but their stats get bugged too. This is a quick guide explaining how to debug and unstuck your settlement.


Fallout 4 - Unstuck Settlement - Build a Bell1. Build a Bell

Build a Bell on V under Resources>Miscellaneous. Put it in an relatively accessible zone to avoid further path/stuck bugs. This item will allow you to call every single person living in your settlement, including companions and traders.


Fallout 4 - Unstuck Settlement - Ring the Bell2. Ring the Bell

Now, ring the bell several times.  Wait around 10 seconds between usages. I did this five times and everyone came back. The settlers that you see will quickly get to you and the ones missing will eventually return to the settlement. They might get stuck in barricades and fences if you have any, so you might want to look around after spamming ringing the bell.


3. Leave the Settlement

Aright, so now to refresh the settlement go anywhere else and come back. The loading screen should refresh the settler’s confusing bug. If they disappear again, try to do the same procedure. Call them with the bell to get everyone in place, then save the game.


Fallout 4 - Unstuck Settlement - Assign Settlers4. Re-Assign Everyone

The boring part comes now. You need to assign everyone one by one again. If you don’t, they’ll most likely go back to do whatever they want. Missing, walking around, everything else but working on the assignment you gave them. Click E on each settler and then assign them to food, security or trading.


5. Wait for the Assignment Delay

Once you’ve re-assigned everyone, wait around two minutes. In my game, the 16 settlers took awhile to assume their re-assignments. Some kind of delay took over and around two minutes after my last assignment order, the system was still sending messages.


Fallout 4 - Unstuck Settlement - Move Settler6. Exchange Settlers

If your settlers remain bugged, try to send them somewhere else. Send a few to another settlement and get fresh ones from any outpost you wish. Then, check if the bug is finally gone. If so, repeat this method until all your bugged settlement is fixed. To move a settler, click V, then select someone and click R, now pick a new settlement choice.


7. Save and Restart the Game

Ultimately, save your progress and restart the game. All your settlement stuck bugs should be revolved by now. At least they worked in my games. Remember that you might have to repeat certain steps several types until it fully unstuck.


This is how you debug your settlements. If you’ve followed these steps, your settlement should be bug free now. Or at least, your settlers shouldn’t be wandering around anymore. This is a settlement bug fix and it works in every settlement.

Fallout 4 Mission Guide: The Silver Shroud

Fallout 4 Wallpapper

The Silver Shroud is a very long yet rewarding mission given by ghoul Kent Conolly at Goodneighbor. This is one of the required missions to get John Hancock as a companion too. Learn how to solve every step.

Fighting crime in Goodneighbor as the Silver Shroud will be taking some of your time once you engage this mission. Between recovering a forgotten costume to killing several criminal targets, the fun is just about to get started. Remember to impersonate the Silver Shroud as much as you can to keep the hero role alive and don’t spare the criminals, because it will really disappoint any companion that you might bring with you. Here’s how to succeed as the righteous her of Goodneigbor.

Fallout 4 - The Silver Shroud - Kent Connolly1. Talk to Kent Connolly

The Silver Shroud mission is given by the radio broadcaster Kent Connolly at the Memory Den in Goodneightbor. Talk to him and offer your help with a glorious but forgotten costume that should be found in a nearby comics store.

Fallout 4 - The Silver Shroud - Hubris Comics2. Go to Hubris Comics

Go to Hubris Comics ‘N Toys, which is located near Vault 114 and east of Trinity Plaza. The place will be empty, so just find your way upwards once inside the building.

Fallout 4 - The Silver Shroud - Costume3. Get the Silver Shroud Costume

On the last floor, you’ll find a huge scenario with a flashlight. At the left, you’ll also realize a fancy suit displayed in a mannequin. Pick it up, its the Silver Shroud costume that you’re looking for.

Fallout 4 - The Silver Shroud - Receive Costume4. Give the Costume to Kent Connolly

Return to Connolly at Goodneighbor and retrieve the costume. The ghoul will tell you that he is no hero and the costume will not suit him well. Offer yourself to become the mighty Silver Shroud to continue the mission. You’ll receive the costume and respective hat in your inventory.

Fallout 4 - The Silver Shroud - Silver Shroud Radio5. Listen to Silver Shroud Radio

After receiving the costume, don’t forget to wear it. Then, turn on your radio at the Silver Shroud Radio frequency. The next step will be enabled shortly after you do this. A new location will be displayed in your map, head there. Also, try to keep the radio on until you finish this mission. I know it’s annoying but you’ll need to turn it on several times.

Fallout 4 - The Silver Shroud - Kill Wayne DeLancy6. Find and Kill Wayne DeLancy

You must take down Wayne DeLancy, a top criminal in the town. He’s located at a slightly hidden alley near the Memory Den. You can’t miss it, it’s right to the left side of the building, then just follow the one way path and you’ll find Wayne. Kill him and leave a calling card on his body. To do this click on his body and then press Space.

Fallout 4 - The Silver Shroud - Kill AJ7. Find and Kill AJ

Listen to the radio again to get the next criminal’s location. Head to the entrance of Goodneighbor and head right from the main path. That’s the alley, where AJ and his bodyguards will be waiting for you. This time is AJ, a drug-dealer that sells even to children. Kill him too and leave a calling card on his corpse with Enter.

Fallout 4 - The Silver Shroud - Whitechapel Charlie8. Talk to Whitechapel Charlie

Now, head to into the Third Rail, it’s the underground metro station just under the Old State House. Keep going until you find a bar stand with a robot behind it. That’s Whitechapel Charlie, go talk to it and ask about your next target, Kendra. You’ll learn that she’s a skilled assassin and that she is staying in an outpost close to the town.

Fallout 4 - The Silver Shroud - Kill Kendra

9. Find and Kill Kendra

Finding Kendra is a bit tricky but here’s what to do. Head outside of Goodneighbor and turn left. Keep going until you see a green-orange bridge, go there and keep walking until you see a path to a building with a wooden ramp. Enter the outpost and keep going up until you find Kendra. You’ll find a few enemies in your way but nothing serious. Don’t forget to leave the calling note on her body.

Fallout 4 - The Silver Shroud - Talk to Hancock10. Meet with John Hancock as the Silver Shroud

Go back to Goodneighbor and listen to the Silver Shroud Radio once again. Then, you’ll get a chance to personally talk with the mayor of the town at the, John Hancock himself. Go tot he Old State House, where he’ll request you to take care of some dangerous people that are threatening the civilians around the area. Accept to do justice as the Silver Shroud.

Fallout 4 - The Silver Shroud - Kill Smiley Kate11. Kill Smiley Kate

Now, head north towards Bunker Hill and look outside the town. You’ll find Smiley Kate and her gang in a corner. Ambush them and leave no one alive. Then, put a calling note on Kate’s body to proceed.

Fallout 4 - The Silver Shroud - Kill Northy12. Kill Northy

Your next target is Northy and he’s located in a building to the west. Follow the road and be aware of ghouls and wild animals. When you reach the destination, kill everyone as usual and leave a calling note on Northy’s body. Check his body for clues too, you’ll find a note called Find the Silver Shroud.

Fallout 4 - The Silver Shroud - Talk to Irma13. Talk to Irma and Listen to the Radio

Return to Goodneighborn and head to the Memory Den to talk to Irma about Kent Connolly. She’ll tell you that Sinjin’s gang came to kidnap Kent. Listen to the radio frequency once more to learn about Sinjin’s location.

Fallout 4 - The Silver Shroud - Milton General Hospital14. Go to the Milton General Hospital

Sinjin is waiting for the Silver Shroud at the Milton General Hospital, which is located south of Diamond City. Enter the hospital and seek a way upwards through two elevators. Then, when you reach an area with many rooms, there’s one with a gap in the floor, fall down and keep going. Note that there are several enemies and turrets in this place.

Fallout 4 - The Silver Shroud - Kill Sinjin15. Find and Kill Sinjin

Now, you’ll see a door to your left and that’s where the gang is waiting you with Kent as a hostage. Saving him is optional, so the decision is entirely up to you. You need to aim at their heads while pressing Q in order to save Kent. If you’re too weak or slow, you won’t be able to kill them fast enough tho. Kill everyone, including Sinjin to complete the mission.

Fallout 4 - The Silver Shroud - Return to Hancock16. Return to Hancock

The final step is to return to Hancock at Goodneighbor. He’ll reward you extremely well and your chances to get him as a companion are now much higher, since the Silver Shroud mission is one of the requirements.

Fallout 4 Companion Guide: How to Recruit and Romance Paladin Danse

Fallout 4 - Paladin Danse

Paladin Danse is one of the strongest companions in Fallout 4 and probably the hardest to romance. Hist peculiar personality and endless requirements make him a very devoted choice. Learn how can you recruit and romance Paladin Danse.

This is an extensive guide that explains the exact steps that you need to follow to get in very good terms with the elite soldier. Certain mistakes will cut off this possibility, so you need to play carefully with your choices, specially during his personal mission Blind Betrayal. Also, keep in mind that romancing Paladin Danse will take a very long time and you won’t be able to do it if you don’t actually follow the Brotherhood of Steel until end-game.

General Profile

Gender: Male

Race: Human/Synth

Faction: The Brotherhood of Steel     |     Rank: Paladin

Main Personality Traits: Devoted, Loyal, Aggressive, Righteous, Fearless

Hair Color: Black     |     Eye Color: Light Brown

Companion Perk: Know Your Enemy (20% more damage against irradiated ghouls, mutated humanoids and androids)

Fallout 4 - Romance Paladin Danse - Know Your Enemy Perk

1. How to Recruit Paladin Danse

To get Danse you need to walk on foot toward Diamond City. Eventually, you’ll get a radio distress signal at the military AF95. Turn your radio there to receive the first quest named Fire Support, which will lead you to the Cambridge Police Station, now in hands of the Brotherhood of Steel.

Head there and be ready to perform a series of missions given by Paladin Danse, Scribe Haylen and Knight Rhys until you’re given the opportunity to join the ranks as an Initiate. Alright, so the part to get Danse to join you as a companion is a bit of a mystery.

The short answer is keep playing and you’ll eventually get him as a companion. This is what happened to me. Right after killing Kellogg, The Institutes’s elite soldier, during the Reunions mission, a huge giant ship appeared in the skies of the Commonwealth just when i walked outside the mission’s building. Then, I automatically received a new mission via radio – Shadows of Steel. All you have to do is follow the simple steps, finish this assignment and Paladin Danse will be ready to accompany you with your business all across the Commonwealth.

Fallout 4 - Romance Paladin Danse - Shadow of Steel Mission

2. Paladin Danse Romance Requirements

  • Brotherhood of Steel chain missions, all after his recruitment, such as Outside the Wire and Blind Betrayal.
  • Paladin Danse must be alive and exiled at the Commonwealth.
  • Maximum Affinity.

3. How to Romance Paladin Danse

Paladin Danse is probably the hardest companion to romance in Fallout 4, there are just way too many requirements and time involved. But a relationship is built step by step, so here’s what you need to do in detail.

Fallout 4 - Romance Paladin Danse - Entering and Leaving Power ArmorStep 1. Building Trust

In order to break the cold, you need to do anything to please him. Start by helping the Brotherhood of Steel, at any cost. Performing all missions and being truly loyal tot he cause will impress Danse. But that’s not all you can do to raise his affinity. Check the two lists below to know more about his likes and dislikes. In the meanwhile, remember to always be unfriendly with  other races when you’re traveling with Paladin Danse.

Fallout 4 - Romance Paladin Danse - Talking to Danse Step 2. Friendly Conversations

Be as supportive as you can whenever Danse wants to talk to you. He’ll generally tell you small confident details about his past and all he seeks is a friendly word, not judgment. So, don’t be negative or truthful in this case, just be on his side no mater what. There are four conversation before you get to romance him and in each one of them, you get to build your relationship with him. The dialogs let you know him better with direct and indirect clues about Danse’s values.

Fallout 4 - Romance Paladin Danse -Step 3. Flirting

Besides being friendly and supportive, you need to take the first step. Whenever you get the option to flirt during your talks with Danse, do not hesitate. However, if your affinity with him is not that high your feeling won’t be that well accepted. To be more successful with flirting, you should raise your Charisma field first. I’ve played with maximum charisma and I never failed any flirt with any character so far.

Fallout 4 - Romance Paladin Danse - Romance After Blind BetrayalStep 4. Personal Mission

Despite doing everything right, you can’t romance him until his personal mission Blind Betrayal. This event will turn tables around and it’s the exact moment when you need to defend and support him with everything you got. Remember, if you want to romance him, you need to save him first. Complete the mission and return to Paladin Danse at his new location. Note that I’m trying not to spoil too much here. Just follow the mission steps and once it’s done, return to Listening Post Bravo to face Danse about the new reality. That’s when you get to romance him.

4. Paladin Danse Likes and Approves

  • Creating/modifying any Power Armor, as well as entering and leaving it (it can be exploited if you have several power armors).
  • Entering any vertibird of the Brotherhood of Steel.
  • All forms of collaboration with the Brotherhood of Steel.
  • Negative comments about synths, ghouls and mutants.
  • Fighting The Institute and its supporters.
  • Helping people and protecting the interests of the Commonwealth.

5. Paladin Danse Dislikes and Disapproves

  • Stealing, pick-poking and forbidden lock-picking.
  • Taking drugs, boosts and alcoholic drinks.
  • Cannibalism is also despised by Danse.
  • Supportive or friendly talk with or about synths, ghouls and mutants.
  • Being cooperative or helping criminals in any form (such as bribing).
  • Attacking and killing non-hostile/innocent citizens of the Commonwealth.

6. Paladin Danse Romance Quotes

Things couldn’t be better between us… and for the first time in my life, I’m truly happy.

Being with you has made me realize that I never want to be alone again.

Whatever caused our fates to intertwine would never let them unravel.

You’ve taught me what being close to someone really means. I’ll cherish that forever.

If a machine and human can learn to live in harmony, then anything’s possible.

Blade and Soul Costume Guide – How to Get the Red Specter

Blade and Soul Costume Guide- Red Specter Costume - Red Specter - Vgamerz

The Red Specter is a glamorous outfit with special fire effects. This costume can be easily purchased in Jadestone Village but for that, you need to farm the exquisite currency. This Blade and Soul costume guide will let you know how to get the Red Specter.

According to this Blade and Soul costume guide, you need to perform a series of tasks, including intensive farming in the Sentinel Coast.

Blade and Soul Costume Guide

Follow the steps below.

Race: All      |      Type: Purchase at Jadestone Village

Colors: Black and Orange      |     Special Effects: Yes

Currency Required: Blackram Insignia

Currency Source: Captain Gwon

Farm Period: 1-2 Hours

Blade and Soul Costume Guide - Red Specter - Sentinel Coast Farm Location1. Go to the Sentinel Coast

Travel to the Sentinel Coast in Songshu Isle, either by fast travel to the Sentinel Outpost or by foot if you’re nearby. Check the screenshot here to see the exact area that you need to go (red border).

Blade and Soul Costume Guide - Head East of the Sentinel Outpost - vGamerz

2. Head East of the Sentinel Outpost

Don’t forget to bring and equip your Bamboo Guard costume with you or the next steps won’t work. Head east of the Sentinel Outpost until you see three rocks, that’s the spot you want to stay during your farming.


Blade and Soul-Red-Specter-Costume-Blackram-Soldiers-vGamerz

3. Kill 10 Blackram Soldiers

I found this spot just outside the outpost. It’s exactly located in the middle of three rocks, as stated before. Two Blackram Troppers will spawn around every 15 seconds and there are also two more enemies nearby. It’s the perfect spot to farm since you can easily kill ten of them and enrage the boss in no time. You can kill any type of Blackram soldier but you must remain in this zone or Gwon won’t appear.

Blade and Soul-Red-Specter-Costume-Captain-Gwon--vGamerz4. Defeat Captain Gwon

Once you’ve killed ten Blackram soldiers, Captain Gwon and two mages will show up. Kill him to get Blackram Insignia. You don’t have to kill the mages but since they won’t disappear even after killing Gwon, I recommend you to kill them first. They do a lot of damage too if you’re low level.


Blade and Soul-Red-Specter-Costume-Blackram-Insignia-vGamerz5. Repeat 20 Times

Now, all you have to do is to keep farming by repeating this tactic 20 times. Each chest contains two Blackram Insignias and you need 40 of them to purchase the costume. So, you have to defeat Gwon 20 times exactly. You’ll need around one to two hours to do this, depending on your level and gear.


Blade&Soul - Red Specter Costume - Viridian Valor Stone Trader Jungja6. Go to Trader Jungja

Finally, go to Jadestone Village and find Viridian Valor Stone Trader Jungja. He’s near the fast travel location just beside the mission board. You can now purchase your Red Specter costume with the 40 Blackram Insiginas you’ve farmed.

Check the full preview with both genres and all races.

Blade and Soul Costume Guide-Red-Specter-Preview-Vgamrez

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Blade&Soul Guide: How to Reach Raptor’s Rise

Blade and Soul Wallpaper

Raptor’s Rise is a small village located in a floating island near Yahara’s Mirage in The Scorching Sands. Getting there might seem confusing, since you need several steps before you can access this place. Learn how to do it in the easiest way.

Upon finishing chapter 30 of the storyline, you’ll have to go to Raptor’s Rise to unlock your next assignment. But how to get there? There are tons of huge rocks around and this place seems pretty high in the sky. If you explore a bit, you’ll discover that there are several ways to access this small town but there’s the easiest and fastest way to do it.

Blade&Soul -Raptor's Rise - Map Location1. Head East Part of Yahara’s Mirage

Start by heading towards the yellow mark in your map if you have the main quest, if not just head east of Yahara’s Mirage. You’ll realize you can’t access your destination by foot though.

Blade&Soul -Raptor's Rise - East of Yahara's Mirage2. Run Into the Giant Rock in Front

Keep running forward towards the huge rock there. There’s another way to the right but that option takes more jumps and more time to do. Note that the access is on the very back, so you need to walk a bit.

Blade&Soul -Raptor's Rise - Access the Front Rock3. Go to the Edge

After being on top of the rock, keep moving forward until you reach the edge. Then, walk backwards around two seconds. Prepare yourself to do a quick and precise jump.

Blade&Soul -Raptor's Rise - Access the Second Rock4. Jump to the Second Rock

Give yourself some space and start running forward towards the middle of the second rock, do a sprint-jump with SHIFT to enable the floating jump. Use space to interrupt the move if necessary, you don’t want to fall down.

Blade&Soul -Raptor's Rise - Alternative Path5. Jump to Raptor’s Rise

Now, do the same thing. Create some space to run and sprint. Start by going back a bit, then enable the floating jump to access the village’s island. As you land, you’ll see the other alternative access, which is way longer and complicated.