Dead in Bermuda Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Beat the Game

Dead in Bermuda is a great little game that I loved playing, learning and eventually mastering. A combination between Lost and Survivor with a bit of a casual/time management touch, Dead in Bermuda puts you in charge of a group of survivors who have to find a way to survive on an isolated island after their plane crashes. Although the game looks a bit casual, as I said, it is actually pretty deep and extremely difficult to complete – but I am here to help you achieve that by sharing with you some Dead in Bermuda tips and tricks for a complete strategy guide to beat the game and bring all the survivors home. Which won’t be easy!

Except for the random elements that pop up in each playthrough, elements that can make your life more or less difficult, some strategies and guidelines should always be followed. Here they are for an easy win:

1. Focus on research and crafting early on: make sure that you have the best people doing the research at all times (best research, which are the young girl and the old survivor guy, also the doctor can be used there) and the crafting (the Russian guy rocks there!). Try to have the fishing rod as fast as possible – it’s doable in about 2 weeks, and once you have the fishing rod, things start to get a bit easier since food will no longer be a huge problem.

2. Don’t spend too much time with the plane. Even though it seems that the quality of food you find in the plane drops the more time you wait, there’s no sense in scavenging the plane too much too early and have too much food that turns into Barely Edible stuff. Early on, the plane is the source for your food and only scavenge it when it is needed.

3. Always optimize the usage of food: if you have the best quality type of meal, it makes no sense to use it unless you have a character with a hunger meter equal to the maximum it can restore. Always start by using the best food (but only if your hunger is high enough) and then work your way down. Food quality can go down every night, so it makes a lot of sense to use your best food in order to get the maximum amount of hunger points restored. The barely edible stuff stays there for long enough to use it eventually, but restores very little!

4. Exploring is not vital at first. Unless you really have survivors that are well rested and can’t be used anywhere else, you should be exploring – otherwise wait a bit. There’s no rush to explore the island before you manage to set up food production and get enough water. You can indeed get some nice goodies from exploring, but usually the numbers are too low to actually make a difference at first – so make it your #1 priority to build up a solid base and keep everybody alive.

5. Don’t let your people get too tired – they might fix this in the future, but right now fatigue has an effect on Constitution, which in turn dictates how much fatigue is cured when your survivors rest. In other words, the higher their fatigue level, the slower they will recover from it. So try to keep in under control and never allow it get past 30, since it has a negative impact on most other skills as well!~

6. Use items as soon as you get them – The moment you get an item that boosts your skills, use it! If you keep them for later, you only make your chances worse. The same goes for most of the other items that have an influence on your stats – use them to keep your survivors well fed and with a good morale. You can keep one of each for extreme cases, but you should do your best to never get into extreme cases, because it’s really difficult to recover from that once you get there…

7. Once you can cook, stop eating raw food: this one’s a no brainer, but it has to be said. Optimize your time and fish/hunt during the morning, then cook your food or dry it during the evening. Not only that you will get better stats when recovering food, but you also avoid getting your survivors sick.

8. Always have resources to maintain your equipment – wood is extremely important here, so make sure you always have a stash of it just in case. You need wood for crafting, maintaining your items and for keeping the fire alive. It’s one of the most important resources, so make sure that you have at least a few items always available.

9. Characters that kill each other – this seems to be rather random and triggered by various events that you sometimes can’t control, but one thing is certain: if their love or hate meter is too high, then the chances of jumping to each other’s throats are bigger. So try to keep them balanced in order to have complete harmony in camp. But remember: even if one or a couple of characters die, it’s still possible for you to complete the game if you follow the tips above!

Do you have other tips and tricks for fellows trying to complete Dead in Bermuda? Let us know by commenting below!

Top Eleven – Best Tactic to Use in 2016

I’ve been playing the football management game Top Eleven for a while now and I must admit that I am completely amazed with how complex this game really is. Finding the best tactic in the game requires a lot of trial and error – and if you want to end the season at the top of table, you don’t have that option. So I decided to come here and share with you the best tactic to use in Top Eleven in 2016. But my recommendation might not be exactly the one you were hoping to get.

The truth is that there is no “win all” tactic in the game – some perform better than others, while the team value matters a lot. A mediocre team might do well with a 4-4-2 formation, but get crushed by a 4-3-3, which in turn will get crushed by a 4-1-2-1-2 and so on. However, there are indeed tactics that are better against most, and that’s what we’re talking about today.

So what’s the best tactic to use in Top Eleven in 2016?

I would go for 4-1-2-1-2, which is the tactic that had the best results in my case and the tactic I’d recommend. It’s also easy to tweak out depending on how the game is going (go in defense or offense more), so let’s see how to do things to set up this tactic.

I personally try to keep things as simple as possible and that works best. Here are my player instructions:

– the 2 central defenders and DMC with blue arrows
– the DL and DR (wingbacks) with red arrows
– your best striker with red arrows, nothing else

Now regarding the Team Orders, here is what to choose:

– Team mentality: Attacking
– Focus passing: mixed
– Pressing style: advanced
– Tackling: hard
– Passing: Mixed
– Marking: Zonal
– No pressing, no counterattack

It might sound strange, but this tactic works well in the game and it’s easy to customize it. If you want to defend, simply drag the attacking midfielder to the central area and give him a blue arrow, and remove the red arrows from the wingbacks. If you’re losing or you want to go more offensive, switch to a 4-3-3: move the DM in the central midfield position and the AM as a Striker, all strikers with Red Arrows.

Just give it a try! You will be surprised to see how easy it is to win matches with this tactic!

Do you have a different opinion? What’s the best Top Eleven tactic to use in 2016? Let us know all the details in the comment section below!

The Witness Puzzle Solution: Tower Area Puzzles, the Hedge Mazes Solution

The Witness has just been launched and we’re talking here about a really amazing puzzle game that keeps our wheels turning and challenges us with some of the most amazing, but also difficult puzzles I’ve seen recently in a computer game. And even though they’re fun, they can get pretty annoying very fast, so I am here to help you get past the frustration and share some tips and tricks on solving the puzzles in The Witness.

In today’s article, we’ll learn how to solve the Tower Area puzzles, specifically the Hedge Mazes in that area. If you complete all the Hedge Mazes in the Tower Area, you will unlock the Laser. Yay for that! So let’s not waste a single second and let’s see below the solutions to the Hedge Maze puzzles in The Witness!

First hedge maze in The Witness

the witness 01

This one is following the exact same route of the maze you walked through, without the fences. So draw the path you take without taking the line where the fences meet:

Second hedge maze in The Witness

the witness 02

This one follows a similar logic, but here we have the long grass that you can’t pass instead of the fences. Again, draw the line without going through the areas with the tall grass:

Third hedge maze in The Witness

the witness 03

Make sure you have your in-game sounds started if you want to complete this maze! The game will make a crinkle sound when you’re on the wrong path – and that’s the only clue that you’re getting. Once you get used with it, though, it’s fairly simple. Here’s the solution:

Fourth hedge maze in The Witness

the witness 04

This is a bit trickier. The line and the maze path don’t completely match, but there is one path that it’s the same. That’s the one you have to follow:

Fifth hedge maze in The Witness

the witness 05

Although this one looks extremely difficult, it’s actually just a combination of all the previous mazes you’ve been through. So here is how it should look like:

And there you have it! Now you’re at the top of the tower and one step closer to activating the Laser! Hope you will have an easier time doing so now that you have the solution for the puzzles.

Slime Rancher Guide to Slimes (List of Slimes, Stats & Favorite Foods)

I never thought that a game like Slime Rancher – where you have to collect Slime, feed them and also go a little FarmVille and grow some crops for them – could be so amazingly entertaining and addictive. This is just an early access game, which means that it will get cooler and cooler as time goes by and new features get implemented, but even as it is right now, it’s a great game you’re probably enjoying a lot.

As you know, there are multiple types of Slime available in the game for you to collect and care for and I am here to share with you a complete list of all the Slime Rancher Slimes, including a few details about them and their favorite types of food, so you can always keep them happy and producing plorts for you. So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out all the details about the Slimes in Slime Rancher!

1. Pink Slime

This is probably the first slime you’ll find in the game and the easiest to grow. They have no favorite food (which means that they eat everything) and are not dangerous for the rancher. Their plort value is 7.

2. Rock Slime

Very common type of slime which can also be found early on in the game. They prefer eating vegetables (Heart Beet is their favorite) and they are a bit dangerous: touching them will have you lose a bit of health. Their plort value is 15.

3. Tabby Slime

You can find them in The Dry Reef and The Moss Blanket. They eat meat and their favorite food is Stony Hen. Although not directly dangerous for the Rancher, they can cause some trouble because they love to steal things, like fruits and veggies. Their plort value is 15.

4. Boom Slime

Found on The Moss Blanket, this type of slime produces really valuable Plorts. They eat meat, with the favorite food being the Briar Hen. Although they are not aggressive towards the rancher, they are quite dangerous as they tend to explode, causing a lot of trouble and even damage to the Rancher. You definitely need a music box in their corral to keep them from exploding as often. Their plort value is 30.

5. Phosphor Slime

These are very interesting types of slime that can only be found during the night in The Dry Reef and The Moss Blanket. They like to eat fruit, with their favorite food being Cuberry. They are sensitive to light, so you will either have to make sure to always vacuum them before sunrise or build the Solar Shield upgrade in their corral. Their plort value is 15.

6. Honey Slime

These delicious and peaceful types of slime can be found in The Moss Blanket. They also like to eat fruit and their favorite food is Mint Mango. Although not dangerous, the plorts they produce quickly attract other Slimes, meaning that there’s a greater chance of largos (more below). Their plort value is 30.

7. Puddle Slime

Nice to have, but pretty demanding in types of requirements, the Puddle Slime can be found in The Moss Blanket. You need fresh water for them to survive, otherwise they will evaporate. They eat water, but they don’t have a special type of preferred food. Their plort value is 30.

At the moment, there are also a bunch of Slimes that are not implemented or fully implemented in the game (but will surely be brought to life in future updates): the Hunter Slime, Mosaic Slime , Meteor Slime and Rad Slime.

Special types of Slimes in Slime Rancher

Gold Slime

One very rare type of slime that appears randomly on the map and produces gold plorts which have a 200 value. You can’t grow them, so when you see them throw at them any resources you have in the vacuum. Just have in mind that apart from the Gold Plorts, they will leave all sorts of stuff behind, increasing the risk of getting Largos.

Largo Slimes

Largo Slimes are special kinds of Slimes that are created when one Slime eats a plort from another type of slime. The resulting Largo is a “hybrid” of two Slimes and they are larger in size. They also produce two Plorts each time and they can go as high as producing 4 Plorts at once.

The Tarr

Although the Tarr seems to randomly appear to wreak havoc, it should only be created when a Largo eats a Plort that’s not like the ones it produces. The Tarr eats other Slimes, destroys food and crops and can even harm the Rancher. It replicates instead of producing Plorts, so the situation can quickly get out of hand if you don’t handle it as soon as possible. You can only destroy them using Incinerators (costs 300 bucks to unlock) or by throwing them into the Slime Sea. You can also throw fresh water on it to stop it from spawning new Tarr and even destroy it.

Gordo Slimes

These are not the same thing as Largos – they are simply larger variants of the smaller regular slimes and they have the same food preferences like the smaller slimes. After you feed them enough, they will explode in a bunch of regular slimes of the same type, a few crates, and either Teleporter or Slime Key.

These are, right now, all the types of Slimes in the game and all the details you need to know about them so you can easily plan your moves ahead and know how to deal with them when needed.

Punch Club Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Beat the Game

Punch Club is a really good game that’s available on Steam and iOS and I’ve been playing it a lot for the past few days and loving it. It is extremely complex and challenging and this is the reason why I decided to come and share with you some Punch Club cheats and tips – a complete strategy guide to beat the game.

Have in mind that there are multiple approaches and you can try your own (basically the different Bear/Tiger/Turtle approach), but some of the tips and tricks you’ll see below will actually help you beat the game no matter what path you choose, so I’d say that it’s worth checking them out! So let’s not waste any time and let’s read below some Punch Club tips & tricks!

1. Go Agility for easy wins
The easiest way right now is to go the way of the Tiger and choose the Agility skills. Each other character build (Bear or Turtle) are doable, but for your first playthrough I would suggest to focus on Agility because it’s the easiest way to do it! (so early on go for I’m Quick / skinny guy when choosing your starting skill)

2. Focus on buying food first
Food is extremely important throughout the game, but vital early on. Focus on spending your money on food and nothing but food early on. The meat has good value (40 points per $20), but I would actually recommend the pizza (17 points for $9) since they restore more health. Make sure to always have food, because running out of it early on in the game might result in game over. Later on, a visit to Roy will help, but if you manage things right you should never have problem with the amount of food you have.

3. Start fighting ASAP
Sign up for the tournament as soon as possible. You will lose your games, but still get skill points and unlock abilities. Farm those skill points as much as possible and get the abilities to become a better fighter. You will soon start winning matches and, following a snowball effect, you will quickly get better.

4. Focus on just a few stats
Stats are annoying as they go down each day and the higher their value, the quicker they drop. I believe that, in this case, it’s best to focus on just a couple and do all your training in the Gym because it’s the most efficient way to approach things. Learn what stats each piece of equipment increases and focus on them.

Alternately, you can go for the “Memory” skills which increase the minimum value of your stats to 4. In other words, your stats won’t drop to 1 anymore, but to 4. If you’re going for the Agility / Tiger build, you could get the Muscle Memory skill and focus on training Agility and Stamina.

5. Don’t spar with Silver
Each time you first meet Silver, he will ask if you want to spar. Do not do it, as this will always cost you health and give you nothing in return.

6. Train with Silver, take advantage of the Gym
Each day you can train with Silver once: you can pay $15 for “Hand pads training” or $20 for “Sparring Fight”. You get 3 points if you Spar with Silver and win, but just one if you lose. It’s safer to go for the first which guarantees you 2 skill points. Also, make sure that you max out your stats before leaving the gym in order to make sure that you are not wasting money and time.

7. Don’t fill your Active Skills with attacks
When it comes to attacking in fights, the game randomly chooses if you attack or not. If you do, it randomly chooses a skill to use, which means that you should only have one or at most two active attack skills to use in fights.

8. How to unlock Ultimate fights?
After winning two rookie matches, go to the gym and talk to the dude there. He will introduce you to Ultimate Fighting, the real way to make some nice money quickly.

9. Learn from your mistakes
The first playthrough is a learning experience and you’ll get better during the second playthrough. Learn from your mistakes, remember how are things affected and affecting you in the game and use that to your own advantage next time you play. Finishing the game in under 100 days is possible, so you can really speed through the game playthrough after playthrough.

Do you have other tips and tricks to share with fellow Punch Club players? Let us know by commenting below!

Punch Club Guide: Locations of All Flowers in the Game

While playing the really fun Punch Club game, you need to collect five flowers for Roy’s sister, Adrian, but they are not the easiest things you can find. However, I am here to help you and share the locations of all the flowers in the game so that you can find them ASAP and without headaches.

So if you’re trying to find all flowers in Punch Club, here is where you will find them:

1. In the abandoned Warehouse, right near the metal fence on the right.

2. Mick’s Office – you will find it right behind Mick, on a desk.

3. At the bar – the flower can be found on top of some trash cans.

4. At the cafe – on the flower pot near the freezers.

5. Your home – in the kitchen, on the table – you just can’t miss it!

Once you have all the flowers, go to Roy’s house and talk to his sister. You will fall in love with her and as a result you will need less energy to train. Well… love is really good, even in a game like Punch Club!

Warframe Second Dream Tips

Most of the quest line is pretty self explanatory though there are a few places that are not exactly easy. Hopefully these tips will help you get through the main story quest of Second Dream. Beating this quest gives you more on the lore as well as new abilities in the form of a Focus lens. Access to the Orokin moon, Broken Sword weapon, Scar Sigil and finally the Shadow Stalker are the rest of the rewards for this quest.

When you battle the Shadow Stalker, try to stick to one method of taking down his health before he adapts to that damage type. He will adapt to percentages of his health lost up to a maximum of four adaptations(these occur at 25%, 45%, 65% and 80% of health respectively).

His abilities are telegraphed, especially his ranged. The added bonus of his ranged attacks is the fact they’re slow. Engaging him at a distance then covering/keeping distance is pretty handy. Though he will soon adapt and you’ll have to go in melee range. Be aware that his melee is powerful and will stagger you so try to evade, slide and dodge while attacking.

Keep at it and you’ll soon defeat him. He is a tough enemy so going in as a party of four does help.

By far the most annoying and hardest bit to the quest is the final part within the ship. You’re limited to moving quite slower than normal, and using an energy beam attack all while the Stalker is shooting red discs at you. The only good thing is no matter how much health you lose, you cannot go below 2 health. Dying is impossible in this part(and the part before it when you’re traveling to the Reservoir).

Since the discs flying at you is constant, dodging is painful. And you can’t continuously use the energy beam. You can however, destroy the discs with the energy beam. Target the disc and use the beam, just be quick to target the next oncoming disc or you will get hit.

When you get beyond the little hallway where you begin, move to the left or right of the ship. Now if you get hit with the disc you won’t be thrown too far back. All you need to go is get close enough for the Stalker to vanish for a few seconds while you attack the Somatic Link. You’re objective is to attack and fill it 3 times; you don’t actually have to beat the Stalker.

This is, by far, the hardest part in the entire quest line simply because you’re limited to moving slower and being unable to dodge that easily. Combine that with the onslaught of attacks and it’s rage inducing. When I realized I could hang out to the right after that little hallway, it made things easier as it was less distance to be punted if I got hit by the disc.

It might take you many tries, or it might be really easy for you, but hopefully these tips will help you get through. I do have to admit that this was one of my favorite quests because we get to learn so much more about the Tenno.

Did you enjoy this quest or was it one you could have done without? Got any other tips to help with those annoying parts? Let me know!

Legend of Korra: Pro-Bending Tournament

Once you complete the game you unlock pro-bending which is three difficulties of several matches that you must complete. In completing the expert difficulty you unlock a trophy. Now, easy is pretty easy, but the next two get rough. Especially since you cannot exit the match and resume from there later on; oh no, you must complete from match one in that difficulty tier.

If you’re like me, you would have jumped into pro-bending the moment the game was over. Which meant playing without maxed bending abilities. I found out that was a huge mistake as I got absolutely destroyed in the next difficulty challenge.

Here are some helpful tips that will get you through pro-bending and earn that trophy(and then you never have to do this again. Though frankly, I wish there was a game dedicated to pro-bending. It’s immensely fun).

First of all, you need to max out your bending. Especially earth, fire and water as they are for Bolin, Mako and Korra respectively. Your bending level directly affects the strength of the teams abilities so if they’re low, the team is going to suffer accordingly. If you followed the max bending guide you will max out in no time!

Don’t always rely on dodging. Yes you need to dodge but after a chain of a few, Korra will get hit on the last dodge. So you want to dodge and jump which will help you avoid being locked in animation and getting hit. Also, try to remain away from Mako and Bolin. They will happily stand in front of you and get hit, thus knocking you back too.

Learn when you use the normal attack and when to use the heavy attack. Heavy attacks do the most damage but you want to use them when the enemy isn’t dodging for the most effect. Light attacks mean you can fire off more and dodge away and sometimes it’s best to do that rather than rely on the more powerful attacks.

Counter! No damage for you and more for the enemy? Alright! Just be aware that they can counter back so be on the lookout.

Sometimes it’s best to focus on one enemy. Switch to targets that Mako or Bolin is attacking. If you can, try and knock them off the platform. If you’re in danger of being thrown into the outer edge, switch targets and lower their health. That way on the next round it’s less health you need to get off of them and it’ll mean leveling the playing field again.

Keep trying. It can be frustrating but the more you play the more natural you’ll become. You will get frustrated but don’t give up.

Good luck and have fun!

Legend of Korra: Maxing Out Your Bending

So you’ve completed the game but haven’t maxed out your bending? Or maybe you’ve focused on one style and neglected the others; this is what I was guilty of! Once I unlocked air bending, I didn’t really use the other three elements as much as I should have. But since I wanted to max out bending in preparation for the pro-bending ace difficulty, I went ahead and maxed them.

Location: Chapter 7
Difficulty: Casual(though you could attempt it on a harder difficulty).
Items: Talisman XP x2, HP 1/2 and Talisman Healing

The reason why we want the healing talisman is the experience talisman cuts our health by half, making this a bit tougher without any sort of passive healing. If you get hit a couple of times, no problem! Just dodge and counter as much as you can until your health is topped up again.

Now select chapter 7, The Tree of Life. You will have to complete this chapter for the progress to be saved, ie you can’t just complete the first fight and exit. Depending on the level of your bending, it will take a few completions of the level. At level 5, I was able to do the chapter 3 times to max out one element. So around 12 chapter completions should max out all elements depending on where your experience bar is at the time.

It’s not a long chapter and for the most part it’s pretty easy. You may have trouble with the pro-bending match in the second round where it’s an actual fight rather than a proper match. You can unequip the experience talisman though you will lose that extra bit of exp and might have to do the chapter one extra time. What I did was attack and dodge often. Countering can be rough but try to pull it off if you can. Another good way is to successfully complete the QTE when the enemy attacks you as you’ll do free damage and have your health regenerate if you’ve been hit.

It won’t take long to max out all four elements. I found this chapter to be the easiest for me and thus, was more quicker than any of the other chapters.

Good luck, have fun and remember, only the Avatar can master all four elements!

FFXIV: Anima Weapons; A New Saga Begins

Patch 3.15 is live and with it the new relic weapon saga.

To even begin the quest you must have completed the main scenario quest ‘Heavensward.’ The relic quest begins in Idyllshire from Rowena called An unexpected proposal (X:5 Y:5).

Some parts of the quest is job specific which means you can only advance if you’re on the job that you accepted the quest. After the first quest, it is a job specific quest so make sure you don’t change jobs!

The next quest is from Ardashir and it’s called A soul without life. This step is where having a Zeta gives an advantage because you can skip it entirely. In order to get the relic you will need two special nodules. Astral nodule and Umbral nodule. And how to acquire these? Well, you remember the Atma grinding of the original relic?

Yea, something like that.

Part 1: A soul without life
Participating in FATE’s in the Heavenward areas gives a low chance of dropping Luminous crystals. And you need 3 of each crystal. The locations have a specific crystal so for example, you can’t grind Sea of Clouds for the Fire crystal. The bright side to this is the crystals can drop on any class or job regardless of level. All you need to do is complete the FATE.

Wind crystal is from Sea of Clouds
Fire crystal is from Azys Lla
Lightning crystal is from Churning Mists
Ice crystal is from Coerthas Western Highlands
Earth crystal is from Dravanian Forelands
Water crystal is from Dravanian Hinterlands

Once you have 3 of each, exchange them to Sydony. Astral nodule is exchanged for 3 wind, fire and lightning crystals while Umbral noduble is exchanged for 3 ice, earth and water crystals. Should you wish to skip this step due to having a Zeta, you must exchange the Zeta for the crystals. In doing so you will lose the Zeta so only part if this is no problem(you can buy a replica Zeta from the Junkmonger for glamour purposes).

Give the nodules to Ardashir to complete the quest and acquire the first anima relic weapon. It’s an ilvl 170 weapon but we’re not done yet! To enhance it to the 200 state we’ll be completing the quest Toughening Up.

Part 2: Toughening up
This step requires you to complete ten dungeons. Thankfully you only need to do them once, no going after a low drop chance item. The dungeons are as follows(and you must do them in order):
Qarn (Hard)
Keeper of the Lake
Wanderer’s Palace (Hard)
Amdapor Keep (Hard)
Dusk Vigil
Sohm Al
The Aery
The Vault

Part 3: Coming Into Its Own
The last part of the current relic step is items. You need a total of 80 items unidentifiable items(20x unidentifiable ore, 20x unidentifiable shell, 20x unidentifiable seeds and 20x unidentifiable bone) as well as 16 HQ crafted items (Adamantite Francesca HQ, Titanium Alloy Mirror HQ, Dispelling Arrow HQ, Kingcake HQ). to turn in for the 4 required items for the quest. There items that you are grinding all this for are(and yes, they are specialist recipes!):
Enchanted Rubber
Fast-drying Carboncoat
Divine Water
Fast-acting Allagan Catalyst

There are a few ways to obtain the items and can be combined with others such as Beast tribe vendors, and poetics or seals and running Alexander. The values are for 1 item(680 poetics to trade in for 1 unidentifiable bone for example).
Obtaining the items:
Unidentifiable bone requires any of the following:
680 Poetics
Amalj’aa Vendor – 13 Tokens (1 per lvl 48 quest)
10x Precision Gordian Bolt (1 per A1 kill)
1000x Allied Seals
Vanu Vendor – 18 Tokens (1 per quest)

Unidentifiable Shell requires any of the following:
680 Poetics
Sahagin Vendor – 13 Tokens (1 per lvl 48 quest)
10x Precision Gordian Lens (1 per A2 kill)
HW Treasure Maps
Vanu Vendor – 18 Tokens (1 per quest)

Unidentifiable Ore
680 Law
Kobold Vendor – 13 Tokens (1 per lvl 48 quest)
10x Precision Gordian Spring (1 per A3 kill)
HW Treasure Maps
Vanu Vendor – 18 Tokens (1 per quest)

Unidentifiable Seeds
680 Law
Sylph Vendor – 13 Tokens (1 per lvl 48 quest)
10x Precision Gordian Shaft (1 per A4 kill)
1000x Allied Seals
Vanu Vendor – 18 Tokens (1 per quest)

Not quite the end
While part 3 is the final step of the current relic chain, it doesn’t end there. Future patches will mean we can enhance it even further and I dread whatever other grind they might have us do. It is a grind but it’ll give an ilvl 210 weapon and it’s going to be BiS until the next raid tier. Just remember not to burn out and that it is a game; if you’re getting frustrated on any step then have a break.

Good luck, have fun and enjoy the new relic!