Enter the Gungeon Boss Guide: How to Beat Bullet King

Gungeon Boss Guide

Gungeon Boss Guide

In my opinion, Bullet King is one of the most difficult bosses that you can encounter at Level 1 (Chapter 1) because he fills the room with bullets and he has some pretty unexpected attacks that can take you by surprise. But I am here to help you get the most out of this boss and share with an Enter the Gungeon boss guide on how to beat Bullet King.

Although difficult, the Bullet King has mostly easy to follow patterns and you have to only worry about the unexpected throws of that fire bomb and him shooting the cannon. Also, since it’s level 1, you won’t have a huge choice of weapons and you will basically have to do with what you have – some weapons being better than the others. But since you don’t really have much of a choice here, we won’t focus on that. So let’s see…

How to beat Bullet King in Enter the Gungeon

Keeping the distance is the best thing you can and should do in order to get that flawless run against him.

If you stay close, the bullets will be very difficult to dodge, but if you can keep the distance, you will easily be able to squeeze through the openings.

More difficult is the circle of bullets – again, keep your distance and jump over those as soon as they’re about to hit (you can’t squeeze through, no matter how far you are!).

Finally, he throws that incendiary grenade or Molotov cocktail or whatever and it can cause some damage. The good thing about it is that it’s slow and if you manage to shoot it, it will go down. It leaves a decently sized area of fire underneath, but nothing to worry about so just try to keep your distance, shoot it when you see it and then stay away from the fire.

This would be it for the Bullet King boss in Enter the Gungeon. Just like with all bosses, constant movement is the key, together with good aiming. You can easily learn how to avoid his attacks and shortly he will turn from a very difficult boss to one you’ll be happy to see on your first Chapter!

We’ve also published a guide on how to beat the Wallmonger and how to unlock The Robot (secret character in the game) so make sure you check these out too. Also, make sure to visit us soon for even more guides and articles on this amazing game!

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Enter the Gungeon: How to Beat the Wallmonger

The Wallmonger is one insanely difficult boss in Enter the Gungeon: you’re basically fighting against a huge wall that takes up the whole screen, shoots like crazy and has a few other aces up its sleeve that make him insanely difficult. I am here to help make the encounters with him a lot easier by sharing a guide on how to beat the Wallmonger boss in Enter the Gungeon – or at least have more chances at achieving this when trying.

The Wallmonger is one of the three (as far as I know) bosses you can encounter in Chamber 4 and he is by far my least favorite. I mean, looking at the image at the top of this article just shows you how insanely ugly and dangerous-looking this fella is! And he’s got a ton of bad attacks special attacks, combined with his room-filling regular blasts.

But let’s see how to beat the Wallmonger in Enter the Gungeon!

First of all, you will have to try and dodge his regular attacks: the bullets that turn the room into a real bullet hell. There’s really not much you can do in this situation than just try and dodge them, shooting whenever you have the chance. The good thing about this boss is that he takes up the entire screen so you can’t miss!

But he also has two special attacks that make our lives even more miserable, and we’re talking about them below (and how to counter them):

1. He spits fire or poison in the middle of the screen. In this case, you simply have nothing else to do than to stay on either the left or right side and avoid bullets in that area until the fire disappears.

2. He spits that row of bullets and in that case, everything you can do is to dodge them diagonally. It’s not going to be easy!

Certain weapons and items will help make your life easier. First of all, make sure you equip a weapon that causes a ton of damage – any weapon will do because he’s a huge target and you can’t miss. The better your weapon, the faster you’ll get it done! Also, I found out that flying helps a lot when it comes to that trail of fire, so if that’s an option, you have one less thing to worry about.

The fight’s not going to be easy, but it is doable now that you have some idea on how to dodge his special attacks and you can take advantage of the items and weapons you have. Don’t forget that anything that protects you from fire/poison is also a good idea. Apart from that, constant movement and as many hearts as possible will help you get past this difficult boss safely.

Do you have other suggestions and tips for players trying to beat the Wallmonger in Enter the Gungeon? Let us know by commenting below!

Enter the Gungeon: How to Unlock Secret Character The Robot

There are a ton of secrets, hidden characters and surprises waiting for those who start playing the amazing Enter the Gungeon roguelike that has just been released on Steam and we’re planning to share some of these secrets with you in a series of guides dedicated to the game. In this article, we’re going to share a guide on how to unlock the secret character The Robot in Enter the Gungeon – but it won’t be easy. It will be fun, though, so let’s not waste any time and let’s check out this tutorial!

First off, let’s see what The Robot is all about!

Apart from looking pretty amazing (like an old computer bent on destroying any person, monster or robot it encounters), it also starts with a cool weapon: the Robot’s Right Hand, the Coolant Leak item (that sprays water around, extinguishing fires) and the Battery Bullets passive (bullets that pass over water become electrified). So yes, he’s a really good character, so let’s see how to unlock The Robot in Enter the Gungeon!

1. In chapter 2, go to the elevator room (where the elevator first was and now’s a hole) and jump down that hole.

2. You will get to a new room where the Elevator Monster can be found. Give him supplies to unlock the option to travel to any chamber.

3. After jumping down the elevator hole, you will get to a room where you will find an item that looks like a broken TV. Pick it up and hold onto it until you reach Blacksmith in Chamber 5.

Tip: While getting there, you might get to drop the TV or throw it to get past platforms. On each occasion, make sure that you pick it back up before leaving the room, otherwise it will disappear!

4. Once you get to the Blacksmith in Chamber 5, talk to her and give her the TV. And now you will have The Robot in the game! Here’s the little fella:

enter the gungeon robot icon

So you now have managed to unlock one of the secrets in the game, but there are more so make sure you come back soon to Vgamerz to find out everything about them all!

Roller Coaster Tycoon World Stops at 57% Loading Problem: How to Fix?

The early access version of the highly anticipated RollerCoaster Tycoon World game has finally been launched and you probably can’t wait to get the game and jump into building the most amazing amusement park that the world has seen. Don’t hurry, though, as you might be one of us, the people who have a strange problem with running the game.

Here’s what happens: when you launch the game, it starts loading and stops at 57%, then gives the “Program not responding” error and you can’t even get into the game. It’s a problem that the developers are aware of and a problem that is affecting quite some people trying to play the game and in this article we’ll share with you some methods that have been proven to work and fix the RollerCoaster Tycoon World stuck at 57% problem!

1. As strange and non-tech as this might sound or seem, just try launching the game again and again. Some users have had better luck after trying on and on to launch the game – even though it might take a couple or a few minutes. Just try this because it might just work.

2. A solution that has been found by Steam user Seifer seems to work great right now. Here is what you should do:

– launch Steam and right click Roller Tycoon World in your Games Library
– select “Properties” and go to the General tab and click “Set Launch Options”
– In the box provided type “-force-d3d9” (without the quote symbols), hit OK & Close then launch the game.

If you get pink screen in the game, there’s also an easy fix: just disable HBAO+ in the Graphics section!

This really works and apparently it has something to do with computers and especially laptops that are a bit on the lower end. However, even if you have a really powerful gaming laptop or computer and you’re getting this error / problem with the game getting stuck at 57% then not working, you should give it a try. Or just retry launching until it works (if it ever does).

As I said, the developers announced that they are aware of this problem and they’re working hard to provide a fix which will come sooner rather than later.

Until then, did you manage to find any other solution on how to fix the Roller Coaster Tycoon stuck at 57% loading? If you did, let us know by commenting below.

Final Fantasy Type-0 Fast Leveling

This is one of the leveling spots I found in Final Fantasy Type-0 and can be used even when you’re AFK. It’s not super fast by any means but it’s decent. So long as you have access to the MA Demolition mission you can do this any time.

To begin with you’ll need the Avoid defense skill which is obtained from the moogle just outside the entrance of Akademia. Avoid is rewarded for having a total of 50 hours play time. This skill has a chance of automatically dodging an enemy attack so long as you have MP.

Next make sure you have either Deuce or Ace with their Square attack being a regular attack(so for Deuce it’s singing her flute and Ace is throwing cards). Have weapons that increase attack by 8 since you’ll most likely have access to it, equip Avoid to your main(Deuce or Ace), and either Cure or Avoid to the other two you’ll be taking. If you’ve gotten through to chapter 7 and have earned the two growth eggs(one from a quest, the other from the moogle that awards Avoid) you can equip them and earn even more experience.

Now you’ll want to do the MA Demolition mission(the one where you fight Brionac at the end), put the difficulty on Officer and head to the first part of the sewers. If a Marduk spawns then just abort the mission and try again. Note: In order to keep the gained levels you’ll either need to finish the mission or abort the mission; aborting the mission will lose any items gained by you get to keep the levels. I recommend aborting as there is less risk VS going to the end and perhaps getting wiped out.

Refuse SPP help or your other two characters won’t level.

Stand in the corner, hold down the Square button(I used a rubber band to keep the button pressed) and watch as the enemies die. You can keep doing this so long as you’re alive; I left my console on over night and came back to my characters in their level 40s(they started at level 20s).

You can use this mission for SPP points as well. Same area just accept their help and leave the console on while the characters get enough kills. You will need to finish the mission to be awarded the points! I earned 15k points in one run.

Just be sure to keep the controller plugged in so it doesn’t turn off/run out of battery otherwise it pauses and thus no progress.

Another method of leveling is using the Secret Training. Only 1 character can be trained at a time and goes by real life time. 24 hours is the max you can train that will yield rewards; any time after that and there will be no additional experienced gained. You can also do the training, then change the time on you PlayStation 4, go back and the training will be done. Doing this can max your characters in about 30 minutes.

I’ve stuck with the MA Demolition mission as you can also earn SPP rewards(for example get X amount of kills with the character) which is handy for unlocking other more powerful weapons.

Good luck!

Sheltered Game Tips, Tricks & Strategy to Survive Longer

If you are, like myself, a big fan of post-apocalyptic, survival type of games, then you will find Sheltered an amazing title: one that’s insanely difficult, but also incredibly fun to play and extremely addictive. It is a bit like This War of Mine, but with a different approach and more options in my opinion. And we’re here to see how to get better at it by checking out some Sheltered tips, tricks and strategies to survive for as long as possible.

The game has been in early access for a while and its current form is completely different from the early stages of the game and this guide refers to the new version – so if you haven’t played for a long time or you’re just starting to play now, this is the up-to-date guide for Sheltered.

1. Choosing the right stats and traits for your family is extremely important. Remember that these are the only choices you can make when it comes to the survivors – anybody else will already have pre-set numbers and even though you can increase some through training, starting on the right foot is extremely useful and can really make a difference.

My recommendation would be to start the game with specialized survivors. You need at least one that’s good at fighting, so go for one of the parents and make them Courageous and either Troubled, Violent or Bully. I would go as far as selecting both parents as Courageous, with different pre-sets for each one.

The kids will stay inside, so one of them is definitely a Hands-On / Brain Box or Well Educated combination (extremely useful when it comes to crafting), while the other one should be either a Proactive with Street Smart or Alert or a Resourceful with Bully/Street Smart combination, the later being better for mid and late game stages.

Finally, there’s the pet and I personally consider them an extra challenge. I would either go for the Cat (easy to maintain, even though pretty much useless) or the Horse (very useful when it comes to gathering loot, but requires Stables AND 3 food per day). I would choose the Horse most of the times, but if you’re just starting out, it’s best to go for the Cat.

2. Your first week or 10 days are extremely important in the game and they should lay the foundation of an easy or extremely difficult game. During this time, you should always focus on getting the basic stuff done. This means that you must set up some Water Butts (water is extremely important so you need to make sure you have a steady supply), a shower and a bucket toilet (IMPORTANT: keep them as far away as possible from the food storage, otherwise you will get a lot of food poisoning), mop, beds and some storage. If you have the horse, you need to get the Stables done and if you have the resources, you should build another room.

Also, make sure that you start putting the kids to work (while the parents explore) and have them repair the water and air filter as they are also extremely important. Finally, you should upgrade the Workbench at least once.

3. Exploring and looting is also extremely important from the beginning to the later stages of the game. Early on you should focus on the closest locations (especially since the possible loot refreshes every few days, so you’ll always get some more) and later on focusing on the more important parts, choosing the most useful places to loot, like Police Stations, Banks, Shacks and so on.

When deciding what items to take with you, always go for their importance/value first. Food is extremely important and have in mind that you need a lot more if you have the horse. Then this is the order in which you should take the items, after food: tools (but if you have more than one, they’re useless – unless you want to use them to trade), fuel, gas masks and all the materials that you need. Based on my own playing experience, the least useful things to bring are Medicine, Metal, Wood and Nails and even Anti-Rads if you have enough masks. If not, Anti-Rads become very important!

It is always good to know what you need, how much of it you need and what the value of the items is. You should always take the items that you need and consider them more important than anything, but also have trade in mind and bring the stuff that you can get some nice trades for. Always think both short term and long term when looting.

4. Try to avoid fights as often as possible. This doesn’t mean that you should flee every time you meet a survivor, but you should never engage them into battle. I found out that the best approach, if you have the option, is to trade: always trade something in order to improve your charisma and get better trades later on in the game. Try some of the ridiculous trades, like giving 1 Fuel for 2 Fuel: sometimes it will work! But even if you trade one for one, you should still do it for increasing your stats.

If it gets to a fight, then you’re hopefully having the right people to do it. If you selected the recommended character builds I mentioned above, then you already have an advantage. But other things matter: the equipment and armor of your enemy, as well as how many people you’re facing. If you are not sure you stand a chance, it’s always better to run away than start a battle you can’t win!

5. You should be extremely picky with the survivors you bring in. You don’t really know what you’re getting until it’s too late and you should never hurry. If you’re low on food or water or if you simply know that you won’t be able to easily sustain a new soul, don’t bring them in! It’s better to be patient than risk it on a crappy survivor that will do more harm than good.

Recruiting survivors in Sheltered is better done (or at least so was my experience) by radioing for survivors instead of getting the ones that you meet outside, as the latter usually have poorer stats.

6. Don’t forget about getting the meat to keep your stomach full: place traps, as many as possible and also send your survivors to fight bears in the woods, as unsafe as that would sound. Focus on getting food and leveling up your characters, because you need to keep them well fed and growing their stats in order to remain useful throughout the game.

7. Upgrade everything! After the first few weeks in the game, you will probably have a solid grip on the game’s mechanics and, most important, the stuff that you have to do. Always keep your survivors working/doing something useful (while making sure that all their stats are safe, of course). Looting is extremely important, but so is getting all the items that you need in your shelter, so always upgrade and build new stuff to make sure that you have everything. Build the planters as soon as you get the chance and, combined with the traps and your looting runs, food will no longer be a problem for you, even if you have the Horse.

Sheltered is a game that requires a few playthroughs for you to get better, no matter how much you get to read about it before or after trying it once or twice. It does help to know the mechanics and how things are working, so I really hope that you found our Sheltered game tips and tricks useful.

If you have some additional tips to share with fellow players, stuff that will make their game better, don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comment section below.

Stardew Valley Guide: How to Get Married & Gifts Guide

There are 10 characters that you can eventually marry in Stardew Valley – and a lot more NPCs that you can offer gifts to in order to increase your relationship/friendship with them – but in today’s guide we will focus on the love aspect and share with you all the details you need to know on how to get married in Stardew Valley, including the items that you should offer as gifts to all potential marriage options in order to increase the hearts number.

We’ll start with the generic thing, since it’s the same for every character you choose to be your wife or husband. Here is how to get married in Stardew Valley:

1. Make sure you have the Mermaid Pendant. You can buy it for 5,000 coins from a Mysterious Man which will randomly appear at the East Pier Beach on a rainy day, AFTER you have upgraded your house.
2. Increase your relationship with your chosen character to 8 hearts.
3. Afterwards, gift your chosen soulmate a Bouquet, and this will raise their hearts level to 10, and will trigger the Wedding event in three days.

So basically, this is what you have to do – and it’s easy in theory. It takes some time to build the relationship, but the good news is that once you are married, you can still increase your relationship with other characters, you can still visit Penny and you will always have your spouse help you around. Plus, you can get two children! It’s fun and it’s totally worth it.

Now let’s check out what gifts you have to offer the characters you can marry in order to increase their heart numbers and marry them ASAP. I will start with the girls, then the boys, listing both gifts they love (first) and like (at the end of the list):

1. Abigail: Amethyst, Pufferfish, Chocolate Cake, Pumpkin, Quartz, Crocus, Tulip
2. Haley: Sunflower, Pink Cake, Coconut, Fruit Salad, Daffodil, Crocus
3. Leah: Wine, Stir fry, Salad, Vegetable Stew, Blackberry, Milk, Egg
4. Maru: Strawberry, Rhubarb Pie, Cauliflower, Diamond, Gold Bar, Quartz, Iron Bar, Copper Bar, Crocus.
5. Penny: Melon, Poppy, Diamond, Emerlad, Melon, Dandelion, Tulip, Corn, Crocus

1. Alex: Complete Breakfast, Salmon Dinner, Rabbit’s Foot, Eggs
2. Elliot: Lobster, Crab Cakes, Tom Kha Soup, Beer, Wine, Blackberry
3. Harvey: Pickles, Coffee, Wine, Super Meal, Mayonnaise, Potato, Grape
4. Sam: Cactus Fruit, Pizza, Rabbit’s Foot, Egg
5. Sebastian: Sashimi, Frozen Tear, Fire Quartz, Pumpkin, Corn

Note: they might like and/or love other items, but the ones listed above are guaranteed loves or likes!

This would be it. Don’t hesitate to let us know which character have you chosen to be the one you’ll spend the rest of you in-game like with!

The Culling: Best Perks to Choose (Best Loadouts & Builds)

Now that we’ve gone through some tips & strategies for The Culling, things that help you win your battles or at least stay alive for a lot longer, it’s time to focus on something equally important: the Culling perks and loadouts. There are a gazillion combinations you can go for since there are a ton of perks in the game, combined with a lot of possible Air Drops, so things might seem a bit overwhelming, complicated and you might end up choosing perks more or less randomly which will not help you in the long run.

But in this article, we’ll discuss the best perks to choose in The Culling for your character, as well as some of my favorite loadouts and builds that will make the game a lot easier and victories easier to get. So let’s get this started!

When choosing the perks and Air Drops (but perks are the most important!) in The Culling, the most important thing before even selecting them is how you want to play. Will you be a melee player that will rush in to attack everybody, or you’ll play the Sniper/archer who takes them out from afar? There are different playing strategies and everybody has their own, with specific perks being better for specific strategies. I will cover my favorite below, based on the success rates I had with them.

The Spear man

This is one of my favorite loadouts in The Culling and it’s extremely basic. Here’s what perks to choose:

Ol’ Painless (you are causing more damage with your melee weapons)
Crippler (you apply Cripple wounds with Spears and spears are very common)
Poking Deeply (bleeding lasts longer)

Combine this with the Medic Air drop (you get Orange Juice, Health restoration items and a Backpack) and you’re all set to rule the game!

The Archer

If you want to play ranged attackers, here is the recommended loadout for an archer:

Longshot (you get 40% more damage done to your enemies if they are really far)
Stunner (you can cripple opponents with arrows)
Master Crafter (you get even more damage done with your crafted bow)

As an airdrop, I go for Guerilla here because of the crafted weapons and the fact that I get a solid melee weapon (the Machete) in case I don’t have a good one on me already. Something that gives you a Backpack, including the Medic Air Drop can be useful if you know you can craft or get a melee weapon, because you should never try to only be a ranged player in this game and there should always be some sort of melee weapon backup available.

The Tank

If you know that you can win your fights, then going for the Tank is a no brainer: high health, regenerating health and low damage are the way to go. Craft a good weapon or even better loot for one and be the last man standing!

Armorer (a great advantage to start the game with a Body Armor)
Regenerator (you regenerate 1 health every 5 seconds, which is not a ton, but better than nothing and if you fight well, you won’t lose too much anyway!)
Tough Mother (you get 10% less damage)

The airdrop to get here is a bit more complicated. You can either go for the really cheap Self Defense airdrop (you get a satchel and items to stun your opponent and reduce the damage you get even more by having them unable to attack) or go for the slightly more expensive Dwarf for the Iron 4 Skin and Dynamite.

So these would be three recommended The Culling Builds / Perk suggestions and loadouts and I really hope you can put them to good use and start winning more matches.

If you have more suggestions and awesome builds, don’t hesitate to let us know by commenting below!

Top The Culling Tips & Strategies to Start Winning Your Matches

An extremely bloody version of the Hunger Games is now available for us all to experience (virtually, fortunately) in The Culling, a surprisingly good, addictive and challenging first person survival game that has just been released on Steam. I will spare you the details, since you probably already know about this game and instead I will focus on today’s topic: the best tips and strategies for The Culling that will help you win your matches and get the most out of each round.

Because, yes, there is a bit more to this game than what the tutorial teaches you and you can definitely last a lot more than just a few minutes – my record after several games was 3 minutes and I was starting to think that I was just horrible at this game. But then I started to think strategically, to consider all the options in the game, think about crafting, think about stealth and a few hours later I got my first top three finish. Now, after winning some battles and getting past the 10 minutes mark constantly, I am here to share with you some The Culling tips and strategies that will definitely help you win more often (or at least stay alive for a lot longer).

1. First of all, and one of the most important things, know the playground. At the moment of writing this guide, there is just one map where you can play and knowing where everything is helps you a lot. Below you have a map created by reddit user pvtjace here. Study it and be thankful that it exists. Knowing where everything is (and where you are when you start the game) gives you an advantage:

01 the culling map

2. Choose your perks carefully. I will write a more in depth article on The Culling perks and what the best choices/loadouts are, but until then don’t forget that they are extremely important. Different playing strategies require different perks, but I had great success with Stealthy (being silent is an incredible bonus in the game and you should always have this), Bloodbath (if you don’t plan on trying to be an exclusively ranged fighter) and Ol’ Painless (since you will be causing more damage with your melee weapons). Another great combo was Backpacker, Armorer and Tough Mother, but I would consider this better suited for somewhat advanced players who know they will last a lot in the game. Either way, go for the massive boost perks and combine them with your playing strategy to max out your character.

3. What you do as soon as the game starts is extremely important as well. You only have two options: run to the nearest building and loot everything you find there, but there’s usually a risk involved as other players that use option #2 will arrive a bit later and they might be better equipped (so if you use this strategy, it’s all luck based, depending on what loot you find). The second strategy and what I would recommend you to do is to start crafting a spear (you need two rocks to make s knife, then knife and stick will make the spear). Don’t forget that you can actually hit the trees/stones in order to get materials. Even better, try to go for a blowgun too (it takes longer to build, but if you manage to get it, you’re all set!) As soon as you have these items, go to the nearest building and hopefully you’ll find somebody there to destroy and loot for found goodies.

I think that option number two works best because normally you will be fast enough with the crafting to get to the building (especially if it’s a large one) before some player leaves and since you will most likely have the better weapons (use the blowgun first, then charge with the spear), you will kill that player and get all the loot – hopefully some bandages as well. If you can’t do that, you might have a slight disadvantage since there will be no loot left, but it’s still not the end of the world and you will still get some eventually. Go for strategy #2 if you haven’t tried it already and you’ll see that it works way better!

4. Learn how to fight and master the three elements: attacking, blocking and pushing. The most important thing here is to read your opponent and see how they play: some block more (then you should push more) while some push more and hit, when you should block and counterattack. You will rarely have enough time, when sporting a melee weapon, to go for a fully charged shot, so attack using the basic attacks. Ideally, shoot your opponent from afar first, then rush into him and start fighting. Spears and longer weapons are great, but bleeding damage is also amazing.

Another good strategy is to attack and throw your spear at the enemy (if you are sure you can hit), then charge and attack with a bleeding weapon to get the most health out of your opponent without losing too much. Don’t rush things and everything will be OK, as long as you can land your hits – and at first, you won’t, but you will get better with practice.

5. Don’t rush to the Central Area early on: there are goodies there, but it’s the most open area and it’s the place where people gather. It’s never a good idea to fight two people at the same time, or have somebody waiting for you to defeat a player, just to apply the final blow. So stay away from the center for as long as possible and whenever you see two people fighting, wait for one of them to die, then get your easy win!

6. Always close doors behind you and place traps. If you leave doors open you won’t know if an opponent enters the building, so make sure to close the door after you in order to get alerted if somebody comes in. Also, if you could place a trap or a steel snare, place them in front of the door to get an advantage over your enemy. Always try to be one step ahead of your enemy, strategizing more than just running around, trying to find your next target.

7. Activate gas containers and destroy your opponents: you can activate them by throwing your weapon at them or by shooting them with a bow or gun. Make sure you always have a backup weapon, though, and that it’s always a melee weapon (since ranged weapons can easily be knocked out of your hands and you can’t win a melee fight with a ranged weapon).

These would be, for now, my The Culling tips and tricks. If you have other strategies to share with fellow players, or if you want to add anything else, please do so by leaving a comment below.

Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Obtaining Renamon Early

In this guide we’re going to cover how you can obtain Renamon very early in the game. There are two fast methods, both of which will require you to have access to the DigiLab.

If you started the game with Palmon:
This is by far the faster method as you’ll bypass two digivolutions. To get Renamon by starting the game with a Palmon, you need to have access to Digital Network II which is acquired during Chapter 2. You’ll need to fight until you encounter a Tanemon which is common spawn. Now you can head to the DigiLab to de-digivolve Palmon into Tanemon.

Now go fight some enemy digimon. I used the Digital Network II but Digital Network I is fine as well. You will need to level Tanemon up to level 7, head back to the DigiLab to digivolve your Tanemon. Renamon is the 3rd option when digivolving and while it appears as a shadow you can still select it.

Watch as your Tanemon digivolves into Renamon!

If you started the game without Palmon;
You’ll need to find Pabumon which is in the first dungeon of the game, Kowloon lv.1. You’ll need to keep encountering Pabumon in order to get it’s scan to %100 before you can convert it into a digimon. Again you will need access t othe DigiLab before you can do anything with the Pabumon scan.

Once you’ve gotten %100, convert the data to a digimon and then level it. Digivolve Pabumon to Tanemon and then level it to level 7. Much like the first method, you will need to get to level 7 and select the third option. Once again watch as Tanemon digivolves into Renamon!

Yep, that fast and that easy. Enjoy getting Renamon early in game!