The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2 Guide: All the Possible Deaths


The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2 Guide: All the Possible Deaths

A House Divided, the new episode of The Walking Dead Season 2, introduces a series of new characters but as expected from a horror based franchise, what’s alive must end up dead sooner or later. The second episode has four certain deaths and two that depend exclusively on players’ choices. To locate each character’s death moment, I’ll use my walkthrough that contains seven parts. If you’re wondering which characters won’t live up to see the next episode or simply which characters you can kill, then keep reading.

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2 1. Alvin – Cabin’s Group

(Can Be Saved)

Alvin is normally neutral in group discussions; he only seems to care about his wife (Rebecca) and the unborn baby’s welfare. He doesn’t know that Rebecca is involved in an extramarital affair and that his supposed son is actually Carver’s. In the last part of episode two, if Clementine and Kenny keep shooting at Carver, he won’t just kill Walter, he’ll also shoot Alvin in the head.

Cause of Death: Shot in the head by Carver.

Dies at: Part 7: Point of No Return.

How to Kill: Clementine must go out to look for Kenny and Luke -> She must ask Kenny to shoot Carver.

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2 2. Johnny – Carver’s Group

(Can’t Be Saved)

Nothing much is known about Johnny except that he’s part of Carver’s crew and he shares the same goals to capture the seven “lost” members of the cabin group. He helps rescuing them from the massive walker attack before holding them hostage. This character is killed by Kenny during the capture process.

Cause of Death: Shot in the head by Kenny.

Dies at: Part 7: Point of No Return.

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2 3. Matthew – Ski Lodge Group

(Can’t Be Saved)

Matthew was a former member of the Ski Lodge group and a great friend of Walter. He loved to scout the surrounding areas alone. It’s known that Matthew has met innumerous survivor groups heading towards North. He spots Clementine and Luke from a far and decides to come closer and confirm if they’re bad people. After a short friendly talk, Matthew offers them food but a disoriented Nick approaches and shoots Matthew without a second thought. The innocent man falls off the bridge and is presumed death.

Cause of Death: Shot in the neck by Nick.

Dies at: Part 3: On the Run Towards North.

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2 4. Nick – Cabin’s Group

(Can Be Saved)

Nick has just lost his uncle Pete and guilt has been devouring him since then. He loses control when Clem and Luke meet an armed man at the mountain bridge and shoots him. Upon joining Kenny and the Ski Lodge group for temporary shelter, the cabin group discovers the identity of the guy shot by Nick. It was Walter’s great friend, Matthew. Eventually, Walter finds Matthew’s dagger in Clementine’s backpack and realizes that his friend is long gone. If Clem holds the truth from Walter, then he will show complete disdain towards Nick during the walkers’ invasion and he won’t save him.

Cause of Death: Devoured by walkers.

Dies at: Part 6: The Windmill Issue.

How to Kill: Hide Walter and Matthew’s picture from Nick -> Lie to Walter about the incident -> Don’t try to convince Walter that Nick is a good person.

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2 5. Pete – Cabin’s Group

 (Can’t Be Saved)

For many players, Pete is long gone since the ending of episode one, All That Remains. However, if Clementine decided to save him from the walkers, he will return in A House Divided but just for a short period. His bite is a death sentence. The only solution would be to cut off his leg but without any medical supplies nearby, he would simply bleed out. Pete tries to escape with Clem but he falls behind. With so many walkers around, Clem is unable to go back for him. Later on, it’s unveiled that someone shot him in the head and disemboweled his body (most likely a cannibal feast).

Cause of Death: Shot in the head by an unknown individual.

Dies at: Part 1 – Live or Die.

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2 6. Walter – Ski Lodge Group

(Can’t Be Saved)

Walter is a very kind-hearted and positive man who thinks everything should be solved with politics and peace. His kindness towards strange survivors ends up to be the end of him.  Clementine, Kenny and Walter find a suspicious woman looking inside the Ski Lodge but regardless Clem and Kenny’s opinions, Walter believes her starving family story and gives her a full crate of food. Obviously, she was an enemy scout and comes back with Carver and Jonhnny. Walter is then shot in the head by Carver while being held hostage.

Cause of Death: Shot in the head by Carver.

Dies at: Part 7: Point of No Return.

The Walking Dead Season 2: Episode 2 ‘A House Divided’ Walkthrough

House Divided

The second episode of Telltale Games The Walking Dead, A House Divided, has been released on March 4th and Clementine’s story is back for a whole new adventure filled with stunning revelations. Choices made during the first episode, All That Remains, will affect the development of this chapter and consecutively generate different outcomes at certain times.

Episode 2 Walkthrough: ‘A House Divided’

A House Divided catches up with the latest events of episode one, where Clementine had to choose between saving Luke or Pete. The beginning depends exclusively on players’ decision, however Pete’s fate is already defined and he won’t survive the escape. Furthermore, this episode will unveil the future of the cabin group, as well as its enemies.

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2
Pete sacrifices himself to ensure Clementine escapes.

Part 1: Live or Die

Clementine will run and hide with whoever she chose to save at the end of episode one. If she preferred to rescue Nick, then they’ll both find a small cabin and lock themselves there until the walkers calm down. In the meanwhile, Nick will act extremely depressed and get himself drunk with the whiskey stored inside. Players can then try to support him into getting out of there alive or show disdain towards his pain. If Pete was saved, then Clementine will end up in a small truck with a wounded Pete. After realizing that Pete can’t be saved, Clem can choose to be friendly by offering him some water and cigarettes or deny him the goods. Eventually, Clementine is able to escape with the assistance of her chosen companion and reach the main cabin by herself.

Major Decision: Be Friendly or Conflicting with Nick/Pete.

Tip: Try to be supportive with Nick, he’ll remember your words later on.

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2
Carver locates the cabin group and Clem is unable to protect their identity.

Part 2: Who’s that Strange Man?

Carlos and Rebecca go out to look for the rest of the members when Clementine arrives and reveals them what happened back at the river’s stream. Before leaving, Carlos asks Clem to look after Sarah. While the two girls take pictures of each other with an old automatic camera, a strange man approaches the cabin. Sarah recognizes the man and identifies him as dangerous. Clementine has no choice but to handle the talking. Soon enough and due to his persistent questionnaire, she notices that it might be Carver, the man feared by the group. Clementine tries to protect her friends continuously but Carver finds out the truth when he finds Sarah’s photograph lying on the ground. When the group returns home, they realize Carver has discovered their hideout and they must immediately leave. While discussing the matter, Sarah mentions that Carver saw her picture and Carlos gets angry. Players can then back up Sarah or pretend they didn’t know anything.

Major Decision: Back up Sarah about the photograph or remain silent.

Tip: Don’t be too aggressive towards Carver, he knows you’re covering for the cabin group.

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2
The cabin group hits the road to escape Carver and his men.

Part 3: On the Run Towards North

The group hits the road towards north, hoping to reach the mountains, where they can easily lose Carver and his men. If players saved Pete, the group will try to find what’s left of him at the truck location. Five days later, the party finally reaches its destination but first they must cross a damaged bridge crowded with walkers. After taking down several zombies, Clem and Luke meet with a strange armed guy who offers them assistance. In the meanwhile, Nick approaches and he immediately loses control. Despite what his friends tell him, he ends up shooting the friendly guy. The group crosses the bridge and scavengers a nearby small cabin, where Clementine finds some food and a knife.

Major Decision: None.

Tip: Fight your way and save Luke – after dropping your hammer, grab nearby weapons to defeat walkers.

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2
New friends or old friends?

Part 4: Reuniting with Kenny

At the doors of a huge ski lodge, the party looks around for an entrance, while Clem climbs a tower to recon the area. She spots two flash lights around the bridge and immediately comes down. But she’s not really able to tell the news, since she realizes Kenny is alive and among the hostile group. After a short introduction, Kenny vouches for the cabin group and the new survivors offer temporary shelter. While Kenny and his girlfriend, Sarita, guides the guests around the house, Clem helps Walter with the dinner. However, she realizes that something is wrong when she see a peach can that looks exactly as the ones found in the small cabin near the bridge. Besides, Walter mentions another member who’s outside scouting, Matthew. When the dinner is served, Clementine is able to choose sitting near Kenny or Luke. Anyhow, Kenny will end up arguing with Luke and Nick about Clementine’s future.

Major Decision: Sit with Luke (cabin group) or with Kenny (mansion group).

Tip: Try to be coherent and stick with one group, playing two sides at once might not be the best idea.

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2
In this case, the truth will save your skin.

Part 5: The Truth and Only the Truth

Walter speaks with Clementine about values and literature and once again, he mentions his dear friend Matthew. It’s late and he hasn’t returned yet, which makes Clem very nervous. Kenny and Walter go around the lodge to check the windows before the storm hits and they find a suspicious woman, who claims to be Bonnie, a starving mother begging for food. Walters hands a crate full of food and she leaves. Back at the lodge, Luke reveals to Clem that Matthew is actually the guy shot by Nick at the bridge and asks her to hide the knife found at the small cabin. But it’s too late, Walter has already found it and demands an explanation. Players can either lie or tell him the truth about Nick and the shooting at the bridge. Also, if he’s not convinced that it was all an accident, he’ll take revenge later on.

Major Decision: Lie or tell the truth about Matthew’s murder.

Tip: You should tell the truth about Nick’s actions; else Walter will let Nick die later on.

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2
Saving Nick is exclusively on Walter’s hands.

Part 6: The Windmill Issue

As the storm approaches, the windmill gets jammed and starts making loud noises, which soon enough draws walkers’ attention to that specific zone. The two groups grab their weapons and prepare for a huge invasion. Clem shuts down the windmill but as soon as she finishes, walkers are already everywhere. During the fight, everyone look after each other’s back. Even Walker will save Nick, if he was approached correctly during the last part. After a long conflict, the remaining walkers start getting shoot by another party – Carver has successfully tracked the cabin group.

Major Decision (Result): Persuade Walter that Nick is a good man or tell him Nick is just another ordinary guy.

Tip: Always shoot the closer walkers first, else you’ll get overwhelmed.

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2
Apparently, Carver’s team has won this battle but will it win the war?

Part 7: Point of No Return

Carver, Bonnie and his men take most of the group members as hostages inside the mansion. However, Luke and Kenny are able to escape and Clementine joins Alvin and Rebecca who are hidden upstairs. Carver demands to see Rebecca, who’s carrying his child, and since the group doesn’t collaborate, he starts breaking Carlos’ fingers. Clementine must make a crucial decision – surrender in order to save Carlos or go out looking for Luke and Kenny, who’ll be able to help from the outside. If Clem surrenders, she’ll join the hostage party. However, Kenny will start shooting Carver’s men and he will kill Walter. On the other hand, if Clem goes outside and choose to fight until the end, he will also kill Alvin. The episode ends with Luke missing and everyone else being held hostage.

Major Decision: Surrender or keep fighting.

Tip: Heavy retaliation will cause Alvin’s death.

Thief 2014 Unlimited Money Cheat / Glitch


I am sure that for every thief out there the prospect of having unlimited money sounds like a dream come true and this is exactly what we have to share with you in this article: a Thief 2014 unlimited money cheat / glitch that anyone can access (at least until the game is patched – IF the developers decide to remove this), so the faster you are, the better.

So how to get a lot of money and loot in Thief 2014?

You need to get the Ector’s Client Job 1: Hand Tailored side mission in the game (sometime during the 4th and 5th story missions of Thief 2014). In this mission, you need to collect some unique items. But if you don’t do it, you get a chance to restart it but keep all the loot. The mission gives you about 250 gold coins per try and takes about 10 minutes to complete (you should not waste the arrows to take down enemies, instead use the club – that’s why it takes a bit longer, but it’s worth it). Depending on how much time you have on hand or how much money you want to get in the game, you can get more or less gold. We’d go for more to upgrade everything in the shop and have a much easier game.

I really hope that this money cheat / glitch for Thief 2014 helps you!

Titanfall Guide: What’s the Best Pilot/Titan Combination for You?


Titanfall doesn’t feature classes, professions or definitive roles. This upcoming sci-fiction first-shooter game allows players to create a distinctive role by combining up to 27 different loadout paths. It’s currently rumored that further paths will be added upon release but for now, we have three sectors with three roles each. The main characters, known as pilots, can choose between rifleman, assassin or CQB. Therefore, players can choose which titanfall type (strider, atlas or ogre) they want and which titan loadout (artillery, assault or tank) they prefer. Despite the multiple hybrid combinations, there are three solid paths based on damage, range, mobility and defense. If you’re not sure about which loadouts you’re going for, then find out about the current three roles and which one is the most suitable for your gameplay.

Pilot Loadout

Hammond Robotics

Titan Loadout

Combination Attributes




Long Range/High DPS/High Mobility/Low Defense




Medium Range/Medium DPS/ Medium Mobility/Medium Defense




Close Range/Medium DPS/Low Mobility/High Defense

stryder1. Offensive Role (Rifleman-Stryder-Artillery)

The offensive role is the most overwhelming force on the battlefield. This setup is designed to be destructive and intrusive. This specific combination has a great synergy because every loadout contains similar attributes that boosts damage input, mobility and range. The pilot rifleman has a decent battle range and a great capability to deal huge amounts of damage. Choosing the stryder titan will enchant all the core offensive abilities – this robot is the most fragile in terms of resistance but on the other hand, it out matches all the other titans at speed, acceleration, and agility. Finally, picking the artillery titan loadout will allow players to deal large amounts of damage from a long distance. If you enjoy melting your opponents and moving fearlessly across the battlefield, then this is the ideal role for you.

Pros: High DPS; long range; excellent mobility,

Cons: Low defense; fragile at close combat.

titanfall_ogre_header2. Intermediate/Support Role (Assassin-Atlas-Assault)

This chain of combinations doesn’t excel at anything in particularly. It’s an intermediate role with mediocre levels at every attribute. I would call it the supportive class since it can fit a bit in every role – it can deal decent amounts of damage, it can tank a bit and its mobility is not bad either. The pilot assassin loadout is focused on precision and damage, locking down targets and taking them down is quite easy. The atlas titan is the medium type of robot, even though it doesn’t have a light exoskeleton, it’s not heavily armored either, it sits right in the middle. The assault setup is designed to inflict medium damage. This is a role that could suit basically all type of players due to its versatility, dynamism and attribute flexibility.

Pros: Decent defense; medium range.

Cons: Medium DPS.

Titanfall-Atlas-Trailer3. Defensive Role (CQB-Ogre-Tank)

The defensive role is nothing like the other two roles, this setup has the ability to absorb massive amounts of damage from several opponents and still deal decent amounts of damage. The CQB pilot is not exactly a tank but he’s also different from the other two, he’s more focused on close range combat and he’s able to extend his parkour abilities. The ogre titan is simply a beast in combat, it’s the most armored robot and it inflicts more damage on close encounters. Additionally, the tank loadout allows players to move slowly around the battlefield since enemy fire can be absorbed and reflected back. Players who enjoy to tank and protect their allies will rather play this setup for sure.

Pros: Great defense; strong at close range combat.

Cons: Weak mobility; medium DPS.

How to Easily Kill Titans in Titanfall


For a game titled “Titan FALL,” you would expect it to be very easy to kill a titan in the game. However, it’s actually a real challenge to do so and I guess that a guide on how to easily take out a titan in Titanfall would come in handy. So leave the game for a few seconds and check out all the details on how to easily kill titans in Titanfall.

Titan vs. Titan

I guess that it’s pretty obvious that one of the easiest way to take out a Titan in Titanfall is by pitching it against another titan to even things out. When controlling a titan and fighting against one, it’s crucial to try and use the Vortex Shield to its maximum. This shield allows you to block enemy shots, and also fire them back, basically giving a new meaning to “killing a titan with its own weapon”.


Of course, you won’t always get a chance to pilot a Titan and fight one-on-one with another Titan. That’s where teamwork comes into play as the second best way to easily take out a titan. The basic rule here is to stick together and make sure that you’ve got the back of your teammates covered. There’s (almost) nothing big enough to stop a skilled squad that works as a whole.

Pilot vs. Titan

Well, sometimes it’s enough to get your little guy, hide him in the shadows and perform a decisive move on an unsuspecting titan. This strategy usually works when you’re already piloting a Titan – get out and let it fight on its own, drawing in enemy fire and keeping the heat away from you. Quickly sneak at the back of the enemy titan, climb up and go for a Rodeo Kill. It’s not a practice that works every time as the opposing pilot can get out and shoot you or activate the Titan’s counter-measures, but if it does work, it’s an easy and satisfying job.


Yup, you can really pull off some wonders if you time your call right: simply call your titan when there are multiple enemies around – titans included – and when it drops, it will sure send everything around into the bowels of the earth. Give this a try. It’s really fun to watch, especially if you manage to pull it off.

So these would be our tips on how to kill a titan in Titanfall. Do you have other strategies that work like a charm? Let us know by commenting below.

Spec Ops: The Line Tips & Tricks

Spec Ops

Spec Ops: The Line can be quite difficult, especially on the harder difficulties. Running and gunning just won’t seem to work to get through the horde of enemies. If you’re having trouble with the combat and don’t want to tone down the difficulty, check out these Spec Ops: The Line tips and tricks below!

  1. Don’t move unless you need to. If you need a better angle or can’t see an enemy, then move. But if you’re able to take them out from your current position, don’t risk being flanked. Stay put and take them from a distance.
  2. Use your squad. This may seem obvious, but both Lugo and Adams have their respective uses. Lugo has a powerful sniper rifle, and Adams has a machine gun. Use them to your advantage, don’t forget about them!
  3. The shotgun is powerful, but there are only a handful of corridor-like areas. For the rest of the time, stick with an assault rifle with a shotgun as a readily available back up.
  4. The armored enemies are tough, but if you lay down suppressant fire and use Lugo and Adams, you can make short work of them.
  5. The machine pistols are pretty useless, don’t waste your time with them. Focus on an arsenal of an assault rifle and a shotgun. Handguns work, too. But shotguns are preferable.
  6. Finally, don’t forget, if you find yourself in a tough spot, R2/RB has your team flash bang the enemies, giving you precious time to find cover or switch positions. Do not hesitate to use this. It doesn’t use from your flash grenade reserve, and saved me more times than I can count.

Follow these tips, and you’ll no doubt be a better soldier in Spec Ops: The Line! The game can pose a strong challenge, but with these tactics, you’re sure to take it to the enemies!

Haunted Manor: The Secret of the Lost Soul Walkthrough


Haunted Manor: The Secret of the Lost Soul is one really amazing iPhone game that was released in late August and has proven to be a great hit because of its great challenge and story and overall gameplay experience. However, since the game is also very difficult, a walkthrough might come in handy and I am here to kick off the discussion for the Haunted Manor: The Secret of the Lost Soul walkthrough, where we should share hints and tips and help each other complete this wonderful game.

>We’ll start with a few basic steps to follow to complete the Haunted Manor: The Secret of the Lost Soul walkthrough:

– notice the symbols on the wall when the lighting appears (or wait a little bit and the symbols will be placed as clue in your journal)

– tap the door and then select the symbols – the door’s knob will turn blue and you can open the door now.

– after entering the manor, wait a while for the lights to go off. Don’t be scared, but you’ll get injured and wake up a bit later in a room that’s really spooky.

– Take the bear from the electrical chair.

– Go back and tap the photo to the left. Get the coin from there (the skull coin)

– Go back and tap the puzzle on the wall. You have to solve it by tapping the tiles there. When complete, you will reveal the code: 4863

– Go back to the electrical chair and use your coin on it – take the key

– Go to the bookshelf and use the key on the cabinet beneath to get a rod.

– Go back to the electrical chair and use the bear with it to put it there once again. Then, place the rod on the wall with the combination lock to create a lever. Type the code we found earlier (4863) and pull the lever.

– The chair moves and you can exit the room!

And this is it! The trial version is over, but a full, complete game is coming soon. Feel free to comment below to complete it when the full version of Haunted Manor: The Secret of the Lost Soul releases.

Inside of the Mirror Walkthrough (iPhone)


Inside of the Mirror is a new escape the game released by IDAC for iPhone (although an Android version is not out of question and, just like all their games, it will be identical). I am here to share with you a walkthrough for this game to help you complete it because it’s not an easy roll in the park, like most IDAC games.

So without wasting any time, let’s check out the Inside of the Mirror walkthrough below for the iPhone app and I really hope that you will find it extremely useful!

Thanks AppBankMovie for creating this IOFM walkthrough!

Escape From Very Bad Planet Walkthrough

Bad Planet

Escape From Very Bad Planet is a very nice retro sidescrolling space shooter game with pixelated graphics and a really high level of difficulty, which makes this flash game one that is extremely suitable for the veteran gamers who won’t say no to a challenge.

However, no matter how good you are at this type of games, you will probably have a really hard time playing and completing the Escape From Very Bad Planet game, and this is the reason why I have decided to share with you a complete walkthrough – a playthrough of all the stages to show you how to beat the game. You will need skills and patience, but it’s all easier not that you have the walkthrough to check out and help you out.

So check out the Escape From Very Bad Planet walkthrough below and have fun beating the game!

Escape From Very Bad Planet walkthrough – Part 1

Escape From Very Bad Planet walkthrough – Part 2

Thanks FunnyGamesVideo for the walkthrough videos!

Stride Files The Square Murder Walkthrough

Stride Files

Stride Files The Square Murder by Wales Interactive.

Feel free to ask for help for completing the Stride Files The Square Murder Walkthrough in the comment section below!

Game description: “Join Chief Inspector Errol Chadwich and pathologist Elizibeth Stride as you try to solve the mystery of two deaths at the Henson manor, the residence of the most well known family in the whole country. Some foul play is most definitely afoot and we need your detective skills to help to piece together the clues and solve the case!”

Ask for help in the comment section below in case you got stuck playing the game.