How Gamers Can Optimize Gaming Experience Without Compromising Gadget Quality

How Gamers Can Optimize Gaming Experience Without Compromising Gadget Quality

There was a time when gaming was all about joystick and pressing arrow keys to move the character and kill the villains. But since gaming got much attention creators evolved the way gaming is in today’s era making it as virtually real as possible. While many gamers compromising regarding the gaming lags and bugs in their PCs.

It’s not always about buying the latest gaming laptop to enhance your gaming experience. Everyone doesn’t have the financial means to afford Gaming PCs as soon as they hit the store shelf. Let’s see a few tricks you can opt to optimize gaming experience without compromising gadget quality.

Just to give the gamers the best tip for better and enhanced online gaming experience, it is suggested to use a VPN for online MMORPG games. It not only bypass restrictions but it also helps to reduce latency and ping on major hauls.

Clean Up CPU And Memory Space

At times what we fail to recognize is the gadgets memory storage. The memory leads to systems halt as it needs storage space to run necessary functions. Disabling unnecessary startup apps is a fast way to free up CPU and memory space which will slightly improve the performance of your PC and gaming. As your PC loads, it consumes memory disabling these apps of no use enhances your gaming experience. What gamers do is, hard shut down PC from the power button losing the game data which wasn’t saved.

While utilizing Windows PC, it has a built-in tool to stop startup apps in the Task Manager section. If you are wondering which app is hindering the PC performance the you can simply check in the Task Manager system and see if it is enabled. If so, then disable the app and stop the issues causing by it in the PC.

Upgrade Graphics Drivers

If you’re a gamer, it’s beneficial to assume you’ve got either AMD Radeon or NVIDIA GeForce graphics card under the hood. For optimum gaming performance, you cannot rely on Windows pre-installed graphics cards. If you use both the mentioned graphics cards then your PC is in good shape as both offers a wide range of latest drivers for their GPUs.

Its advised not to depend on the disk which came with your graphics card as they provide limited performance and would not handle games which require more juice to run. AMD and NVIDIA are round the clock working on increasing the game compatibility and fixing graphics anomalies, so you don’t have to blame the PC for its slow processor. The website of AMD and NVIDIA is filled with all the customer support providing compatibility with almost every consumer class graphics card based on one of the company’s GPUs. Keep in mind, upgrade to the newest drivers whenever you chose to switch to a new game.

Adjust in-game settings

Apart from focusing on the graphics cards and processors, tweaking in-game settings could possibly enhance gaming performance. At the expense of compromising image quality, you can manually control the driver’s graphics settings if reduced could cater to better performance. For some, the graphics card settings may seem to be a struggle, but the In-game control panel can be browsed easily.

Hypothetically speaking you can set these settings.

  • Setting Texture quality to minimum, medium or high
  • Reducing Initializing
  • Reducing resolution
  • Lowering lighting quality

By doing that you will eventually put less strain on the graphics card, reducing the chance of them heating up leading to better gaming output. How exactly? When the in-game frame rates are reduced, the game does not snatch all the power at once; it reduces the power consumed making the gaming faster.

Tempering Graphics Driver Settings

Downloading the latest drivers does not mean you will end up having top-notch performance. Few settings need tweaking to get optimized results, but one thing needs attention. Moderating with settings will hinder your image quality. That’s how it works, reducing image quality will enhance the gaming performance.

3D gaming settings are provided in the graphics driver’s control panel where you shall find the Manage 3D Settings menu in AMD’s Catalyst driver suite and NVIDIA’s

GeForce drivers. Going through the menu, you will come across texture filtering which cleans up mapped texture working for reducing lags on hard edges, Ambient occlusion, and Vertical-Sync. After lowering the level of texture filtering, it will directly increase the gaming performance. Hypothetically speaking Anti Aliasing should be pre-set to application-controlled, but decreasing the AA level will further enhance performance.

At times screen tearing artifacts can be seen while gaming which distorts the pixels for which it is advised to keep the V-Sync enabled to ultimately optimize the gaming experience.

That’s All Folks for your

Gaming Experience

At times the frustration of lags and hangs of the PC makes one want to throw their PC and ask their parents for a new one. Well, hold your horses and see what is causing the lags. At the least, your game processing can be made better without compromising gadget quality or switching to a new one. How? Well go to our blog, and you’ll be amazed at things that you surf while going through your game settings which if tempered can increase your gaming output.

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All Working Age Of Empires 2 Cheats, PC Cheats and Code.

Age of Empires 2 cheats is what people have been looking for. It is an amazing game which is played by millions around the world. It is the sequel to the most famous and award-winning game Age of Empires.

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Age Of Empires 2 Cheats.

age of empires 2 cheats

We all know after moving on in the game, a certain point or stage comes in the game where we need some assistance. We need to be extra clever to find some short cuts to pass the hurdle.

Rather then making yourself stuck into same situation game lovers tend to go for cheats. This is why cheats are found by people to help the gaming community.

We have listed all Age Of Empires 2 Cheats for you so that if you need some assistance in the game you can have it.

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Age Of Empires 2 HD Edition Cheats.

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After the success of age of empires 2 they launched another version of the game which is named age of empires 2 hd edition.

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Top 10 Apps for IOS about Drone simulators and aviation gadgets

Top 10 Apps for IOS about Drone simulators and aviation gadgets

Drone simulators and aviation gadgets

Being a drone and RC aviation gadgets enthusiast, I know Drone simulators and aviation gadgets are important to know.  makes me want to know all about these devices. I often fly drones and RC helicopters, and I have to tell you, it is an experience like no other. However, drones can be a bit pricey devices, and in order to not risk your investment, it is a good idea to try a few simulators to experience if having a drone or an RC helicopter is what you want.

There is some very advanced software out there, and these as well may represent a big investment. This is why I have compiled a list of ten apps for IOS users so that you can experience the flight of a drone and other aviation gadgets.

You’ll be glad to know that all of these apps have free or Lite versions, and, in most cases, the full experience can be unlocked for less than 5 USD.

As I mentioned, there is nothing like flying a real drone or another aviation gadget, but Drone simulators apps will give you a good idea of what it is like to do so. Also, I’ve included a few ones that will not only help you experience the aerodynamics but also, will give you a few missions with missiles and enemies to turn down.

Let’s go straight to the list

I really hope you enjoy it as much as I did try every app here.

1. Drone simulator: Shadow Strike

Drone simulatorThis is an amazing drone game that will challenge you to locate targets and destroy them. Completing the missions won’t come easy, since multiple targets will move at the same time and you’ll have to avoid these targets to complete their own plans.

The look of the app is very friendly, and you’ll be able to fire bullets and missiles by just tapping your screen. Also, you have an aerial view of the whole area and you’ll be able to explore each section by dragging your finger over.

The goal is to move through the missions and accomplish as many as possible, as you progress in the game. There are in-app purchases available for you to upgrade your defense and attack.

This for sure is one of the apps that I enjoyed the most, and I am sure you’ll do too.

2. RC Drone – Quadcopter

RC Drone simulator- QuadcopterThis is one of the most basic drone simulators that I found. Graphics aren’t fancy at all, and from what I was able to see, there is only one drone model to choose from. However, what really caught my attention are the aerodynamics and the controls of the drone.

There is also a button for switching your camera angle, and you can even practice piloting your drone using FPV (First Person View). Also, before starting the flight simulation, there are a few settings you adjust to determine the controls’ sensitivity.

Once the simulation is launched, you are presented with two sticks, left and right, to control throttle and yaw; and pitch and roll, respectively.

This app does not seem to have any special missions or goals, rather is just an easy-to-use simulator for honing your piloting skills.

Once you feel comfortable with your piloting skills, it is time to go for the real deal, and for that, my best recommendation is to start with a cheap drone for beginners so that you can rapidly escalate your RC aviation gadgets experience.

3. Save Dallas Drone Simulator for flight

Save Dallas Drone Simulator for flightSave Dallas is one of those apps that won’t make you feel in love with it because of its graphics, but the game-play is very entertaining and super addictive.

Here you’ll start piloting a US Air Force Hunter Drone model. Each time you start a mission, you’ll have to defeat enemies which will be marked on your radar.

These enemies will attack you as well, and your goal is to terminate them before they do the same to you. You have several types of ammunition available to accomplish this.

You have to be fast, as you have a limited amount of fuel and shield, so if enough enemies attack you, the mission can be failed.

The music really adds to the game-play, and what I liked the most about this game is that you control the drone by moving your iPhone or iPad to define the direction that the drone should follow.

In-app purchases can be made, and this will help you unlock more drone models and upgrade to the one you started with.

This has become one of my favorite drone games, and I invite you to give it a try and Save Dallas.

4. Drone Simulator

Drone SimulatorThis is another good simulator for the physics and dynamics of drones. Again, a very basic scenario, but very good in terms of the controls you have to move the drone.

The free version comes with three different flight scenarios, a park, a factory, and some hills, and in all of them, the main goal is to score points while passing through some rings.

You’ll be able to control your drone using two sticks, to control throttle and yaw; and pitch and roll.

There are some in-app purchases you can make to unlock different drone models. What is really interesting here is that every drone has its own speed, pitch, yaw, roll, and hover settings, so this really gives you a good training tool for you to hone your skills.

As I said, don’t let the graphics and basic surroundings of this app make you think you are not in front of really great software.

5. Quadcopter Drone Simulator 3D

Quadcopter Drone Simulator 3DThe reason why I selected this simulator is that it involves photography. The game starts with a quadcopter flying, having to photograph certain spots of the city (not your city but the one programmed into the game. You’ll have an aerial view of the zone, and precision is the skill you’ll master here.

At the moment of this review, there are nine different quadcopter models, and like in the others, you start with the one that is free, and the others can be unlocked by earning stars, which can be traded for other drones and upgrades to each model parameters.

Like I mentioned, your goal is to photograph certain spots of the city, which will be evaluated and this will earn you battery charges, and more stars. One piece of advice here is to be careful to not hit your drone while taking photos, or your quad will get damaged, and with enough damage, the drone will crash.

Give it a try and let me know your comments.

6. 3D Infinite Airplane Flight – Free Plane Race

3D Infinite Airplane Flight - Free Plane RaceThis is a very cool title, and the gameplay is very enjoyable as well. 3D Infinite Airplane Flight is an app where you have to move your airplane from left to right on the screen to avoid hitting other planes in the air.

You can’t fire or anything to the other planes, but you have to tilt your phone to avoid the impact. Every time you get farther in a level, your score will be higher and your name will appear listed in the leader boards.

Also, in order to unlock other airplane models and avoid ads (which I think is the downside of this app, too many ads), you can do some in-app purchases and expand your experience.

The more you score, the harder it gets, since more airplanes will appear and speed can be increased as well.

Very fun, entertaining, and addictive gameplay, worth giving it a shot.

7. Defend London– Drone simulators

Defend LondonThis is another great app you can get fun from. Your iPhone will be transformed into a controller to move an airplane and thus avoid and fire enemies.

On your screen, you can see a radar (to locate enemies), your speed, life level, and some arrows that will help you control the airplane.

Also, the aircraft will respond to the movements you do with your iPhone, so again, this game makes use of the gyros integrated into your device and thus enhance your experience as a pilot.

The Lite version comes with just one scenario, but in the full (paid) version you can get up to 36 different levels and defend London from the air or on the ground.

Like I said, very enjoyable game.

8. F18 Iron Aircraft – Drone simulators

F18 Iron AircraftAnother amazing app to have countless fun on your iPhone. This is very similar to the 3D Infinity Airplane Flight one, but in this case, you won’t lose when you crash with another airplane. Instead, what happens is that you have a hard hit and your aircraft is slowed down.

The goal in the game is to get as far as you can, and this is achieved by recharging a timer on the screen that gets restarted every time you get to a checkpoint.

Also, and when you get enough power to do so, you can hit airplanes and actually destroy them, which is a different feature from the app I previously mentioned.

The way you manage your airplane is by tapping the screen on the left or right side depending on where you want to move. You have to dodge these obstacles before the time runs up.

On this app as well you can do some in-app purchases to unlock additional features of the game and cancel ads.

9. Fighter 3D – Drone simulators

Fighter 3DThis is a very similar game to Defend London, but the main change is that you combat using a jet fighter. This as well is a game where you have to accomplish a series of missions.

The main goal is to turn down your enemies according to the specifications given at the start of each mission. You have a radar on the screen where you’ll be able to locate enemies and find them if necessary.

You can switch as well between weapons, and attack enemies with a variety of ammunition. You also have to be careful not to crash the jet and thus fail the mission.

The jet as well is controlled using the gyroscopes incorporated in your iPhone, so depending on how you move your device, the jet will respond likewise.

10. Drone GP 15

This is the last drone app I have for you at this time, and let me tell you something, you won’t regret trying this one.

Drone racing is one of the fascinating things you can do with a quadcopter, and this simulator is all about speed, agility, fast turns, and finishing as the number one.

The gameplay is very entertaining, and you start with a drone that will race against the other three. As you race, a big arrow appears to tell you the direction you have to follow.

Also, there are certain spots of the race track that you have to go through, and if you miss these ones you’ll have to go back and make sure you pass these checkpoints. It is important to say that as you go back, other drones can pass you and end up in the last place.

In order to control the drone, you have two joysticks that are used for the vertical and horizontal moves of the drone. Besides being a great drone racing simulator, it also serves to give you a good idea of how a drone is controlled when using a real remote transmitter.

Definitely worth a check!

OK, so what should I do now?

There are a few things I’d like to recommend to you after reading this list.

First (and kind of obvious), do try these drone simulators about drones and aviation gadgets. I think you’re going to have a blast of fun and enjoy trying each one of these. As I mentioned, each one of these drone simulators apps was handpicked by me from a bigger list of games available for IOS.

Also, I and my friends at would like to know your comments about this list, and hopefully, you can add a line or two in the comments section to enrich the conversation. Don’t forget to push the social buttons on this page to let other people know about these great drone simulators.

Last but not least, pat yourself on the back, you just read a 2000+ word post, the equivalent of 5+ pages of a word document. Good work!

Top VPN for online games


Games are constantly evolving, and today there is a network mode in the vast majority. For this, you just need a stable connection at high speed. However, in multiplayer games, you often have to specify additional information, and this attracts hackers and cybercriminals. That’s why you need a VPN. You will receive a secure and encrypted connection so that your data will not be endangered in the shared network.

5 best VPN for games

The choice of VPN depends on what you need: whether you want to play on the network, download games, or simply access applications that have any restrictions. If you are looking for a VPN for games, you should pay attention to such parameters as the price, the number and location of servers, and the availability of a separate DNS server. VPN providers usually use a dedicated gaming server that prevents DDoS attacks, reduces latency, allows you to bypass some locks, and increases the overall level of security on the network. Below is a list for you to choose the best VPN client in 2017 with a detailed overview of each of the providers:

Nord VPN. $5.75/monthNord VPN -

Express VPN. $8.32 / month

Express VPN -

ExpressVPN allows you to play without any delay. This is one of the best VPN providers in general, the application works great on any system. With the 256-bit encryption and no registration of user actions, you can be sure that your data is securely protected. Another advantage is 24-hour support and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

IPVanish VPN. $6.49 / month

IPVanish VPN - vGamerz.comIPVanish. You will not find any lags or delays when playing online with this service. The company guarantees high speed, suitable for games. At your service, there are more than 500 servers in 60 countries. You are likely to find the server that is right for you. No user actions are recorded; in addition, the data in the network is encrypted.

Vypr VPN. $9.95 / month

Vypr VPN

VyprVPN is probably the fastest provider for games. Servers in the key zones mean that the provider will be able to redirect traffic and ensure a high connection speed. Also, the security and encryption are at your service, which protects against DDoS attacks. Just for 9.95 dollars a month you will have at your disposal about 200,000 IPs on 700 servers in 38 countries!

Trust.Zone. VPN $2.99 / monthTrust.Zone VPN

Other VPN providers are:

BolehVPN. Perhaps this is not the most famous service, but it is also reliable, like the others on our list. The channel is not limited, secure data encryption is at your service. Unfortunately, there is no iPhone application, and the installation is quite complicated. However, the company offers a dedicated server for games like Team Fortress, CS 1.6, Call of Duty, and Minecraft.

Iron Socket is one of the most secure VPN providers. 2048- and 4096-bit encryption is available. The provider guarantees high speed and lacks a data log, and that’s what’s important for gamers. There are more than 50 servers in 36 countries at your service.

How to Get PS4 Games for Half Price: A Cheapskate’s Guide to Game Sharing

Game Sharing PS4

Here’s a nifty way to share PS4 game libraries with a friend without needing to swap discs. If you’ve got a friend who you trust (I know they say trust no one, but sometimes you need to let someone in), and you’re a starving games journalist (not required), PS4 game sharing is the way to go.

Game Sharing

Game Sharing

Game sharing isn’t a secret by any means, but it’s so rarely talked about that I feel like many gamers aren’t aware of it. Other than the trust thing, the only drawback is that you and your friend have to be cool with only buying games digitally. You also need to have an online connection when playing in order for PSN to verify your games.

You probably remember activating your PS4 as your “primary PS4”. This allows profiles other than yours can play the games you have downloaded, as long as the player is on your system. This is one method of game sharing. However, you can also play your digitally owned games by logging into your profile on a separate PS4 and downloading the games you own.

Setting your PS4 as your friend’s primary PS4

Destiny Game Sharing PS4
A great game to share. Image Credit:

To recap: Anyone can play your digital games on your primary PS4. You can play your digital games on anyone’s PS4 as long as you’re logged into your PSN profile.

Which means you can set your PS4 as your friend’s primary PS4, and set his PS4 as your primary. You’ll be able to play your friend’s games on your system (since it’s activated as “their” primary), and if you stay logged into your PSN profile, you can play any games you own as well. Same goes for your friend on their system. Voila. Game sharing.

Let’s say your friend owns a digital copy of Call of Duty: Fill-in-the-Blank Warfare. Using this trick, you can both play that one copy of CoD:FitBW at the same time. Heck, you can even play multiplayer together, even though you’re a freeloader who doesn’t actually own the game.

This is how my friend and I work things out. When a new game comes out that we both want to share, one of us buys the digital copy and the other sends half the game’s cost via e-transfer to whoever paid the full price. Now we both have access to the game.

Here’s a step-by-step process of how to go about game sharing:

Call of Duty Game Sharing PS4
Play CoD multiplayer together with just one copy. Image Credit:

  1. Log into your PS4 and go to the Settings tab.

  2. Select PlayStation Network/Account Management.

  3. Select Activate as Your Primary PS4.

  4. Select Deactivate.

  5. Get your friend to follow steps 1-4 on their PS4.

  6. Log into your PSN account on your friend’s PS4 and follow the same steps, except this time select Activate.

  7. Get your friend to log into their PSN account on your PS4 and do the same.

Activate as your primary PS4

This is what it looks like.

You can find your friend’s games by logging into their account on your PS4 and checking out their library (the games they own won’t show up in your account’s library unless you already have them downloaded). Then you download the ones you want to share. Again, this only works for digitally-owned games. You still need to swap your discs, pesky physical media that they are.

There you go! You’ve taken the next step in your relationship, and you can finally learn to trust again. Or, you know, you ignore your trust issues and just save money by splitting the cost of the games you share. You do you.

Best Possession Tactic in Football Manager 2017: Download Here


I’ve recently shared with you my best attacking tactic for FM 2017 and I still love it and consider it great, but the truth is that sometimes I want to see my players play possession football a bit more and when I play top teams like Barcelona, for example, the tactic doesn’t work. I need possession combined with attacking power and I need it badly.

But no matter how much I tried to tweak my existing tactic to improve my possession without losing the offensive edge, I wasn’t able to. There was always something that didn’t quite tick there and it was driving me crazy. I actually started thinking that it’s impossible to get a solid possession tactic in Football Manager 2017.

And then I headed to the community which proved to be insanely helpful at all times and my prayers was finally answered: I found an amazing possession tactic for FM 2017. The bonus: it also uses a 4-3-3 formation, so switching from my attacking tactic to it and having players adapt to it is really fast!

The tactic, created by The Reckonist is available for download here and you should download it right away. All you have to do is to hit the Subscribe button and the tactic will be automatically downloaded by Steam. Launch FM 2017 again and you will be able to load it into your game – it’s that easy!

You have all the details for the tactic on Steam and it works just great with those defaults selected. However, in my case, since my team was playing a very narrow passing game, I tweaked down the passing a notch and made it shorter. I have no complaints about this tactic with the small change I made and I am happy that I finally have a solid possession tactic to face the more difficult opponents with.

Let me know if you download this tactic and manage to put it to good use as I did. And for scoring goals, don’t forget to create my Scoring Machine tactic and enjoy using it as well. These two work well in combination as they have many common grounds, so you can easily switch from one to another when the situation requires it!

This Is the Best Attacking Tactic for FM 2017: 4-3-3 Scoring Machine

Everybody loves playing an exciting game where your team scores a ton of goals and you have a lot of things to be proud of. And even though getting a great attacking tactic in Football Manager 2017 isn’t as easy as it was several years ago with the cheat tactics (anybody remembers the Diablo tactic from back in the days?) you can still get some amazing results with what you have.

And I believe that I have managed, after testing and tweaking for a little bit, to find the best attacking tactic for FM 2017: a 4-3-3 tactic that will see your team score a ton of goals. It works great for big teams as well as mediocre teams, but you will need a few great players in a few positions in order to make it work as it should. But I have all the details here and we’ll make it work together!

Best attacking tactic for Football Manager 2017

One thing you must note before trying this tactic is that your players have to get used to it, as it might not work as soon as you implement it. But work on it and get your players familiar with it and it will work like a charm!

So, here are all the details for my 4-3-3 scoring machine tactic:

First of all, we’ll start with the team instructions. We will want to play an extremely aggressive game where we’ll try to dominate the opponent from start to end. This works both on home and away matches, so don’t worry about the high offensive settings! You can’t score goals if you don’t try to. So here are the team instructions:


If there is something that you’d like to tweak a little bit, you are free to try, but the only things that might not change this tactic from a very offensive, goal machine type of tactic, would be: reduce the tempo down a notch (also useful later in the game when you are leading comfortably) and reduce closing down a bit as well. Anything else will just reduce the offensive flow of the team!

Now regarding the player position and roles, here they are:


I think it’s pretty obvious so far to see which are the most important players in your team: the wingbacks have to be extremely solid and with great passing/crossing in order to make the tactic work. They are, in my opinion, the most important piece of the puzzle. The central striker is also very important as it will be your main source of goals. You can even switch him from Deep Lying forward to something even more offensive and the tactic will still work. Most of the game will be pretty fun to watch: the wing backs will pass into space for your deep lying forwards, who will then work the ball into the box for your central striker and goals will keep coming! This is an amazing tactic!

I didn’t even go for specific player instructions (because I am that lazy and the tactic works without them) but you can do some extra tweaking if you want and make it an even better offensive tactic for the game.

One thing must be repeated though: don’t touch and don’t change anything until your players are fully accustomed to playing this 4-3-3 Scoring Machine tactic for FM 2017!

Football Manager 2017 Wonderkids & Best Young Players Shortlist Downloads


Ever since I started playing Football Manager, a lot of years ago, when it was called Championship Manager, one of the best things that I loved about the game was finding amazing youngsters, signing them for my team, and turning them into the next football superstars in the world. Of course, back then, getting the Football Manager wonderkids involved a ton of personal research, hours lost scouting and browsing through the teams as well as direct talks with friends playing the game.

Although those days had their charm, today it’s a lot easier to find the best players in the game and I am here to share with you the best of the best: the best Football Manager 2017 wonderkids, amazing youngsters that you will love signing for your team and turning into superstars of the future.

And unlike a few years ago, when you had to read through lists and manually search for players, things are pretty straightforward today: all that you have to do is to download the wonderkids shortlists for Football Manager 2017, load them into your game and check out all the players there and sign the ones you love.

It’s extremely simple, but you still need the shortlists to start with. And I have them for you: two different shortlists with great sets of youngsters that you can sign for your team (for more or less money) and get the most out of them. So, without further ado, here are the FM 2017 wonderkids and where to download the shortlists to get them closer to your club!

Passion 4 FM’s FM17 Wonderkids & Talents Shortlist

This shortlist is extremely documented and you will find some amazing players listed there. Plus, if you like to do it as you did it a few years ago, most of the players included are talked about in the article. So head over to their website and download the shortlist for the best FM 2017 wonderkids and young players (scroll all the way to the bottom of their page to download)!

FMScout’s shortlist

Although the list only has 22 players at the moment of writing this, they are all top quality players and I am sure that the list will be updated in the future with new findings, so make sure to check it out. FM Scout is always doing a great job in sharing with us the game’s young talents, so make sure to download their shortlist here.

Note: Don’t hesitate to also download & install the FM 2017 face megapack, badges, logos & kits!

These shortlists should be enough to get you started quite nicely in the game with some high-quality players. Of course, if you manage to find a bunch of amazing youngsters and rising talents, don’t hesitate to let us know by sharing their names in the comment section below!

Tyranny Cheats: Codes and Console Commands

Tyranny is that RPG that fans of the genre have been eagerly anticipating (maybe without even knowing it) for a long while now. The game brings back all the great stuff of classic top down RPGs, feeding our hack & slashing hunger with excellent food. And we’re here to help make that experience a lot easier for you by sharing a bunch of Tyranny cheats: console commands that you can use at any given time in the game to gain advantages.

It seems that modern games have also forgotten about this great method of making the game better (for some) and easier for most: cheat codes. But fortunately Obsidian did everything they could in order to deliver the full experience and this includes the welcome console commands that help you cheat in the game.

So without further ado, here are the Tyranny console commands you can use to cheat your way through the game:

(please note that many console commands listed by other players don’t actually work, which is a shame, but the ones below are guaranteed to work)

First, activate the cheats console by pressing the tilde (~) key, which is usually the key to the left of the 1 key on most keyboards.

Then, write iRoll20s and press Enter. This basically activates the cheats console (and if you want to deactivate it at a future time, simply type iRoll20s again and press Enter).

Now type the console commands as instructed below to get the indicated advantage or effect:

additem money_01_ir XX – adds XX iron rings (just write any number you wish)
additem money_01_cr XX – adds XX copper rings
additem money_01_br XX – adds XX bronze rings
addexperience XX – gives all party members XX additional experience points
god – party becomes unkillable (type again and press enter to disable)
healparty – completely heals all party members and restores stamina
unlockall – opens all containers on the map
rest – restore all encounter abilities without using camping supplies
nofog – turn off fog of war

These are the console commands that we have tested and found to be working in Tyranny. If you manage to find others that work, please share them with us in the comment section below (and don’t forget to let us know what each one actually does!)

How to Fix Civilization 6 Crashes, Loading Screen Freezing and Other Problems


Civilization 6 has been out for a while now, but unfortunately some gamers are still having some trouble with the game. There are reports about game crashes, freezes, loading related issues and more bugs and errors but fortunately for most cases there are fixes and tweaks you can try to make things better. And in this article, we’re here to share with you a complete list of Civilization 6 fixes for crashes, loading screen problems, freezing and so on.

So let’s not waste any time! If you have any problem running the game, check out our guide on how to fix common and less common Civilization VI problems below!

Fixing the Windows Defender Game Freezing bug

For some reason, at the moment of writing this, it appears that Windows Defender considers Civilization 6 malware or at least a threat for some users and it doesn’t allow the game to work properly. The game will surely get whitelisted sooner rather than later, but if you still have Windows Defender related problems when trying to load the game, you can easily add an exception manually.

All you have to do is to click the windows button in the lower left corner of your screen, then type Defender. Open the program and click Settings in the new window. Scroll all the way down in the window that opens and under the Exclusions tab, click the “Add exclusion”. You can add the executable found in your game’s install folder, or add the entire folder and never have to worry about it again!

This is the fix for almost all reported problems where the game freezes during the loading screen or crashes during the loading screen.

General fixes for errors & crashes

If the solution above doesn’t work or you have other problems with the game, you should always go through what I call the regular checklist: make sure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements to run the game, try to tune down the visuals a little bit (or more), verify the game’s integrity in Steam (Right Click Civilization 6 in your Steam library, select Properties, go to the “Local files” tab and select “Verify game’s integrity). Also, make sure that your drivers are up to date.

Run the game on Windows 8

It seems that Windows 8 users must have two critical Windows updates installed in order to be able to run the game properly. You can download and install the required Windows 8 updates here and here. These updates are reported to fix most problems for Windows 8 owners.

How to fix sound problems in Civilization 6

A few users are reporting sound-related issues, like crackling noises, sound that is not synced and things like that. The only problem that we found so far is to lower the sound quality in the Game’s settings: switching it to 16 bit usually fixes the problems for most users. We’re looking into this and will report if we find any other new potential fixes.

These would be our tips and tricks to fix Civilization 6 / VI crashes, freezes and other problems. If you still have a problem that isn’t listed here, let us know and maybe we’ll be able to help – or the community will. Also, if you have other solutions to potential game-related problems, don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comment section below.