NBA 2K17: How to Get A and A+ Teammate Grade Easily

Taking My Player through My Career is the main reason why I buy games in the NBA 2K series and every year I am extremely happy to see that things change a bit, offering us a new challenge as well as new ways to get there to the top and become one of the best players that ever existed. Of course, nothing is possible without getting constant flawless performances in the game and a good indicator of that is the teammate grade that you get after each game. And I am here to share with you all the details on how to get Teammate grade of A and A+ in NBA 2K17 easily – because you can’t be a superstar if you keep getting those B ratings!

If you want to be a true legend, it’s not all about becoming the best scorer in your team or the league – it’s a more complex process and we’re here to help. So if you want to improve your game or you’re actually struggling to get better grades, check out Vgamerz’ guide on how to easily get A+ teammate grade in NBA 2K17!

1. Play for the team
Just as we said already in our NBA 2K17 My Career tips article, being a team player is extremely important in the game. Holding the ball, not passing around, requesting passes at all times and trying to shoot at all costs – these are all things that will bring your teammate grade down. Especially early on in the game, your stats will be pretty low so don’t have higher expectations from your player than what he can actually deliver. Play the team game, play a smart game and move around, ask for plays (screens are the easiest of them all and still extremely productive) and try to constantly remind yourself: scoring a ton of shots is not your only duty in the team!

2. Set screens
A few years ago, setting screens alone was enough to get you a guaranteed teammate grade of at least an A. This year, things have changed a little bit and your teammate grade meter doesn’t increase as much from setting a good screen, but it does help a lot. So set as many screens as you can: simply go towards the player who defends your teammate and set the screen. You’ll get at least a “Good screen” bonus, but if that leads to a score, your rating will increase even more with the “Screen assist” bonus.

3. Box out
Unless you’re playing the so popular PG, chances are that you can master boxing out and increase your teammate grade a lot. Learn to position yourself quickly when on the defense so that you box out your opponent and you’ll get a nice boost to your grade. Grab the rebound too and it’ll increase even more. This is the easiest way to increase your grade quickly during defense.

4. Learn to take good shots
I know you at least think that you’re the next Michael Jordan and you can score from anywhere on the court, but the truth is that the game doesn’t think so. Play and especially take shots based on your position: for example, if you are an expert sharpshooting point guard, seize the moment when you are alone behind the three point line and take your shot. Even if you miss, you’ll still get a rating increase (even though chances are that you will score too!). So the key is to get shots when you’re open and try to stick to your position as much as possible.

5. Go for combos
Combos – or double moves – are always a good option to quickly feel your rating bar and are extremely easy to do. Basically, all you have to do is to keep performing dribbles, ankle breakers and such before scoring. This will give you the “Double move leading to a score” message and your meter will fill a lot faster. Plus it isn’t difficult at all to perform these, especially after unlocking the corresponding badges for the ankle breaker, for example.

6. Play solid offense and defense
Try to do everything right and nothing wrong. Don’t rush things in defense or offense (leading to turnovers or reach-in fouls which give you a massive penalty) and instead take your time and play for the team, as I already told you. Stick to your man and even if he scores, you get a good defense rating, but you can get even better and grab a block or a rebound. In offense, pass the ball around and make yourself useful when you don’t have the ball, try to always find the open spaces and don’t ask for the ball unless you really are open and your teammate has a clear line for a pass. Try not to call for the ball at all – the AI is getting better and better at reading the game situations and actually manages to throw some amazing passes. Take advantage of the Orange Juice / Dual Player Control mechanic as well will help a lot and improve your chances at scoring those good messages for your teammate grade.

Basically, all you have to do is to play a constantly solid game and try to make as few mistakes as possible. And always remember that it’s not just scoring that increases your teammate grade – on the contrary! Ending the game with 50 points doesn’t automatically guarantee an A+. So be a team player, play smart and the rewards will keep on coming!

Do you have other tips and tricks for fellow players looking to improve their My Player teammate grade in NBA 2K17? Let us know by sharing a comment below!

NBA 2K17 Custom Jumpshots Guide: How to Create the Best Jump Shots

This year, the folks at 2K Games have some nice surprises for those who purchase NBA 2K17, one of them being the Jump Shot Creator – a brand new and totally awesome feature that allows you just what the name suggests: to create your own, custom jumphots. And I am here to share with you a complete guide to the Create a Jump Shot feature in NBA 2K17, as well as some quick tips on the type of jumpshot that you create.

First of all, if you just started playing the game, you might be wondering how to unlock the Custom Jump Shot creator in the game!

In order to access this feature, you need to get a text message from Coach K, an invitation to meet up with him and some other players. You have to accept this and soon afterwards your manager will have a text for you, saying that you’ve unlocked the Jump Shot Creator. Although many people claim that getting the message from Coach K is absolutely random, I think that you have better chances of triggering it after playing a few season games and doing as much Doing Work events in your free time as possible.

OK… so now that you have unlocked the Custom Jumpshot creator in NBA 2K17, it’s time to actually put it to work and create the best shot animation for your player.

If you’ve read our NBA 2K17 My Career tips, you know already that animations are extremely important in the game and some are better than others when it comes to the overall performance of your player. Therefore, creating the perfect jump shot is a huge advantage that you have in a game – or something that can turn in a big disadvantage if you make the wrong choices.

Basically, you have to select three animation types: the base, upper release 1 and upper release 2. You also have the choice – which is really important – to set the blending and release speed.

How does this work? You have shot animations from all the players in the game and you can mix them as you feel it’s right. You can get a base jump shot from Carmelo Anthony, the Upper Release 1 from K. Duckworth and the Upper Release 2 from another player. It’s your choice here and there are so many possible options that there’s no single right one.

There’s two things that you should keep in mind though when doing this: make sure that the throws are good and easy to control (so that you can easily release at the right time) and adjust the blending and release speed bars in order to get a throw that’s difficult to block. With a bit of practice, you can create an extremely good shot that is all yours and helps you score more baskets than usual.

Here is a short video of the Jump Shot Creator in action:

So this would be our guide to the Jump Shot Creator in NBA 2K17. Make sure to use it to your own advantage!

NBA 2K17 My Career Guide: Tips to Turn My Player into an All Star

NBA 2K17

The My Career mode in NBA 2K17 comes with some really nice additions and improvements over the previous years’ games, including the Dual Player controls and new training/life sim features like the Doing Work feature. But even so, the core game is the same and the challenge rests on your shoulders to turn My Player (Your Player, actually) into an All Star. As always, you have to start small in NBA 2k17 and work your way up to the Hall of Fame. And we’re here to help you achieve that faster than others with a complete guide to the NBA 2K17 My Career: tips & tricks!

So let’s not waste a single second and let’s see what can be done to score those constant A and A+ grades after each game and get MyPlayer to the top!

It all starts with creating your player
This year sees an even better improvement on the game’s player creating mechanics and the choices you make early on in the game, when creating My Player, will basically decide the path you’ll follow. That’s happening mostly thanks to the new Badges the game has and the fact that you choose an Archetype when you create your player, having the options to turn those badges into Hall of Fame ones.

In other words, player specialization is the key and knowing exactly what you want to do (score a ton of threes, be a great playmaker, rule like a king near the hoop) matters a lot. So create a player that fits your playing style and make sure to pay attention to height reported to your player’s position: a player that’s too tall might not be as good, just as one that’s too short won’t do much either. Find the perfect balance and focus on developing your player!

Orange Juice
Although many people don’t really care about the Dual Player controls in the game and they decide to completely ignore the new feature, don’t be one of them! You can increase your team’s and player’s performance greatly by taking the time to master the dual player controls. This is basically an assist-making machine, so it’s not something that you should ignore. Master the Dual Player Controls and your path to glory will be a lot easier!


Your Player’s moves
This year, there’s an interesting feature in the NBA 2K17 that allows you to create your own custom jumpshots and many people are doing that, with many people doing that wrong. Although it’s true that getting those flashy moves and styles that you like seeing on the court is important, what matters more is getting the moves that make it easier for you to play, score and basically perform better. Choose the clear moves, the fast moves that have little animation because they make everything easier. When it comes to shooting, go for shots that are easy to control, like Kobe’s three point throw which is basically a two-step shot, which makes it even easier for you to release the ball at the perfect time. Few people realize how important the moves of your player are in the game – but once you get the hang of this and see that some animations are actually better than others, you will bring your player to a whole new level!

Upgrade your attributes smartly
If you’re playing a PG just like most of the people playing the game, it makes little sense to focus improving your standing dunk and rebound attributes. Just following in the footsteps of tip #1, you should pay close attention to the attributes you upgrade early on and focus on those that are required for the position you’re playing and your style of play. I personally recommend focusing first on physical stats and scoring stats, upgrading them in turns until you are satisfied with this, and only afterwards go for other attributes to upgrade.

Also, you should pay close attention to the badges this year and, knowing the requirements for each, try to get them as soon as possible in order to improve your game even more. Check out our badges guide and focus on getting those – even though in most cases, it won’t be easy. Tip: playing on Rookie makes it a lot easier to grab the Badges, even though the game will be unbearably easy.

Play for the team
2K Sports is trying to make the game a real basketball simulation and every year they bring in new features and mechanics to force you to do so. Being the one who holds the ball forever and tries to score off every attack won’t do you any good: instead, try to play for the team and pass the ball around, help your fellow teammates in both offense and defense and don’t ask for the pass back as soon as you pass it. Things are even easier this year with the Orange Juice feature, since you can quickly and easily increase your teammate rating while still feeling that you’re an active part of the game.

In the end, remember that it’s your rating at the end of the game that matters the most and it’s usually better to end a game with 15 points and an A+ teammate grade rather than 30 points and a B-.

What other tips and tricks would you have for fellow NBA 2K17 players who want to get the most out of MyCareer and My Player? Let us know by commenting below!

NBA 2K17 Doing Work Guide: How to Quickly Fill the Doing Work Meter

NBA 2K17

There are a few new things that got introduced to us in NBA 2K17 and we have all the reasons to be happy about. Apart from the Dual Player Controls that we’ve already talked about, 2K Sports also introduced a new training option: the “Doing Work”. I am here to share with you a complete guide to the new NBA 2K17 Doing Work feature, as well as share with you some quick and extremely simple to follow tips to fill the Doing Work meter quickly in the game without wasting any time!

Doing Work is a new feature in the game that you will have to unlock in the game. Chances are you have already unlocked it by pure chance so far – if you didn’t, here’s how to: first, you will have to get drafted to the NBA and then start getting the days off. That’s when you can start “Doing Work”.

But if you did that already and you went through drills with your teammates, you certainly found out that the meter bar fills really slow. However, there’s a way to quickly fill it and get those attribute upgrades very fast, without even getting through the drills!

All you have to do is to start the Doing Work event by choosing to go to practice at the team’s facility when you have a day off. The key here is getting into the gym and doing some drills there. However, if you’re not allowed to enter the gym/weight room yet, just wait for a little bit until one of your teammates asks you to practice and choose NO. Now you will be able to enter the gym where you can quickly fill the doing work meter.

Basically, everything you do in that room will fill the meter very fast. For example, there’s the drill where you have to jump on that barrel: it doesn’t really matter how many jumps you succeed, you still fill the bar a lot each time you finish the drill and you finish even faster if you get gold. Also, you can try the Vertical Jump which is just as easy: go to the far right to start the exercise and again, no matter if you get gold or not, you will fill it very fast.

This is the key to actually filling the Doing Work meter faster than going through the time consuming drills. And remember to do this as often as possible because the attribute upgrades you get by following this method will help you improve your player in My Career and apparently you can’t really max out your skills without going through this type of practice!

Did you find other even faster ways to fill up the Doing Work meter in NBA 2K17? Let us know by sharing a comment below!

NBA 2K17 Orange Juice: Dual Player Controls (Guide)

2K Sports are slowly turning the NBA 2K franchise into a real RPG and we have no reasons to complain! This year, they have introduced a buddy system with Justice Young and you can actually control him in the game thanks to the Dual Player Controls in NBA 2K17. The feature is called Orange Juice and I am here to share with you a complete guide to that!

So… how to activate Orange Juice and Dual Player Controls in My Career? It’s pretty simple: keep working on your relationship with Justice and eventually you’ll unlock it. Orange Juice activates when you play together with Jus, allowing you to control him as well! You can also send commands to the player that you don’t control, basically giving you a lot of extra options in the game. And story-wise, things look really nice as it is for the first time in a basketball simulation game that you get to control 2 players instead of just one (or an entire team). But you are not forced to, so if you don’t care about this feature, you simply don’t have to use it!

But let’s check out the NBA 2K17 Orange Juice controls below and see what instructions can we yell to Justice thanks to the Dual Player Controls to make our My Career better!

When you have the ball, you have 4 commands:

– Alley-oop: D-pad up

– Pass & shoot: D-pad Right
– Pass & hold: D-pad Left
– Swap Players: D-pad Down

When he has the ball, you also have 4 commands:

– Attack basket: D-pad up
– Isolate: D-pad Right
– Protect ball: D-pad Left
– Swap players: D-pad Down

Here is an in-game screenshot taken at the moment you unlock Orange Juice / Dual Player Controls in NBA 2K17:

nba-2k17-orange-juice-controlsWhat do you think about this feature? Does it help with the story and making you feel even more into the game or you couldn’t care less about it? Let us know by sharing a comment below!

How to Reset or Restart My Career in NBA 2K17 (and How to Delete My Player)

NBA 2K17

2K Sports had a really nice treat for NBA 2K17 players this year, offering Prelude before the game’s launch, basically offering us a chance to start MyPlayer and MyCareer before the full game was released. However, things might have not gone as you wanted them to and even if you haven’t played through Prelude yet, you might still want to start over. Whatever your reasons are, we are here to share with you a very simple and quick tutorial on how to reset and restart My Career in NBA 2K17 and delete My Player in order to start over.

Remember that once you do this, there is no going back: after you have deleted MyCareer in the game, there’s no way to get your data back and you have to start over from scratch and any unlocked badges as well as all progress will be lost! If that’s what you want, here is what to do:

You will have to go to your system storage, where the data for the game is stored, select all the data there and delete it. Ideally, you should make a back-up before just to make sure that you can quickly bring it back if you decide that’s the best option later on. Remember: after doing this, you will have to start over My Career!

If you just don’t like the team that drafted you, there’s an easier method to change things around without starting the whole game mode, and also keeping MyPlayer and all your stats and things you bought: either go meet your GM and request a transfer and keep upsetting him about that or just wait for your contract to expire and then sign out with a different team.

No matter what method you choose, you know now how to restart or reset My Career and give your player a new chance of becoming the best in the world at a team you really like!

NBA 2K17 Badges Guide: How to Get All Badges in My Career / My Player

NBA 2K17

NBA 2K17 has been launched and one of the things that most players are curious about are the badges. There are currently 55 badges that you can get in the game, divided into categories (personality and skill badges) and which can influence your play style and player reactions. These are, of course, only unlocked for My Player and I am here to share with you a complete guide to the NBA 2K17 badges: how to get them all in My Career!

One interesting thing to know about badges is that Personality Badges have one single tier, basically meaning that once you have unlocked them, they’re all yours and can’t be improved. However, skill badges have three tiers: Bronze, Silver and Gold and you can unlock the Bronze badge by completing the requirements, but you need VC in order to upgrade them to Silver and Gold, generally meaning that you have to pick and choose the best ones for your player and play style.

It also appears that there’s an extra level for your Archetype badges, after getting the Gold badge: the Hall of Fame Badges. In order to unlock these, after unlocking the Gold badge, you have to complete the requirements once more as you did for unlocking the Bronze badge.

These being said, let’s check out below our complete guide to NBA 2K17 Badges and how to get them for My Player in My Career!

NBA 2K17 Skill badges

These are probably the most important badges in the game as they greatly influence the type of player you are. Based on your chosen position and archetype when creating your player, you will already have 5 of these badges unlocked. Below are all of them:

Inside scoring badges

Acrobat: Changing the shot in air or trying trickier shots yields better results
How to get: Attempt at least 15 reverse layups during a season

Tear Dropper: Become the next Chris Paul by shooting great floaters.
How to get: Attempt 75 floaters during a season

Putback King: Scoring a basket after an offensive rebound is made close to the hoop is easier.
How to get: unknown

Pick & Roller: when playing pick & roll moves, you get better results (as the roller)
How to get: Call for a screen at least 100 times throughout an entire season.

Relentless Finisher: Contact shots near the hoop don’t affect energy as much.
How to get: Score 75 contact layups during a season. Your strength stat must be above an unknown level in order to get this badge.

Post Spin Technician: You are better at performing spin and/or drive moves
How to get: Spin or drive out of the post 100 times throughout an entire season.

Drop-Stepper: You are better at performing the drop step near the rim
How to get: unknown

Dream-Like Up & Under: Better performance from up & under moves
How to get: Attempt 50 up & under shots out of the post throughout an entire season.

Outside Scoring badges

Corner Specialist: You shoot better three pointers from the corners of the court.
How to get: Score 25 three point shots from the corner during a season

Mid-Range Deadeye: Improved performance when taking mid-range shots.
How to get: details not fully known, but you need a number of mid-range highly contested shots to get it.

Deep Range Deadeye: Improved performance when taking shots from deep range
How to get: details not fully known, but you need a number of deep range highly contested shots to get it.

Limitless Range: You get better results when shooting deep threes.
How to get: details not fully known, but you need a number of deep three highly contested shots to get it.

Difficult Shots: You score more when trying difficult shots off dribbles
How to get: details not fully known, but you have to score many forced/contested shots.

Pick & Popper: You are better as the popper when playing this move
How to get: unknown

Tireless Scorer: When shooting the ball, you can spend a lot of energy without losing effectiveness.
How to get: Score a basket when your stamina is blinking red.

Catch & Shoot: You are better at scoring still-standing shots.
How to get: coming soon.

Playmaking badges

Ankle Breaker: When performing a dribble move, your opponent can stumble or even fall
How to get: Get 200 ISO crossovers during your career.

Flashy Passer: You throw better flashy passes
How to get: Make 50 flashy passes during a season (they don’t have to result in assists).

Break Starter: You can throw better passes when trying to go on the break
How to get: Get 250 total defensive rebounds during a season

Pick & Roll Maestro: You throw better passes in pick & roll moves
How to get: Perform 100 successful pick & roll moves

Lob City Passer: You get more accurate passes for alley-oops
How to get: Get 50 alley-oop assists during a season.

Dimer: Amazing passer, gets you a ton of assists
How to get: Get 300 assists in 20 consecutive matches. Probably the easiest way to get it is by playing rookie.

Athletic badges

Lob City Finisher: Better at scoring from alley-oops
How to get: Score 15 alley-oops

Posterizer: Better at scoring over defenders
How to get: Score 15 contact dunks during a season

Bruiser: The player who defends you loses more energy.
How to get: Unknown

Brick Wall: Your screens are more effective.
How to get: Set 200 screens during a season

One Man Fast Break: You get better at going on and scoring from a fast break.
How to get: Score 100 times on fastbreak during a season.

Rebounding badges

Hustle Rebounder: You get better at rebounding when on defense.
How to get: coming soon.

Defensive Badges

Defensive Stopper: When defending a player, he loses a random offensive skill he might have
How to get: unknonwn.

Charge Card: Your player gets better at winning charge calls.
How to get: During a season, win 7 charge calls.

Pick Dodger: You’re able to ignore or get around screens easier
How to get: Unknown.

Pick Pocket: You get better at stealing the ball from your opponent.
How to get: Steal the ball 50 times during an entire season.

Rim Protector: Not only that you get higher chances at blocking shots, but the player you defend also has lower chances of scoring when he’s your match up
How to get: coming soon!

Chase Down Artist: Improved blocking shots
How to get: Block a minimum of 25 shots during a season.

NBA 2K17 Personality Badges

Alpha Dog: Team leader. You can single-handedly drive your team to victory.
How to get: For any period of 20 games, play 60% of team minutes per game and be the best rated offensive player in the team.

Clutch Performer: You perform better in important games and game moments
How to get: coming soon.

Wildcard: A highly inconsistent player. Not the best badge to have!
How to get: Coming soon.

Spark Plug: You can make big, important plays when coming off the bench or after a timeout. This also energizes teammates.
How to get: For any period of 6 games, average a minimum of 7 points per game when coming off the bench.

Enforcer: Your tough physical play allows you to wreak havoc on the floor.
How to get: During a season, commit 10 hard fouls.

Floor General: When you’re on the court, your teammates perform better in offense.
How to get: You need to have played at least 30 games and have your Playmaker discipline at level 18. You also need an average of at least 5 assists per game.

Hardened: When you are playing injured or very tired, your skills won’t drop as much.
How to get: For any 20 consecutive games, play 80% of team minutes. You also must meet the attributes listed below based on your position:
– PG, SG & SF: Stamina & Durability 90
– PF & C: Stamina 85, Durability 90

Defensive Anchor: When you’re on the court, your teammates perform better in defense.
How to get: You need to have played at least 30 games and have your Defender discipline at level 18. You also need an unknown average of steals/blocks per game.

Championship DNA: You can see incoming double teams & you perform better during the playoffs.
How to get: Get the Finals MVP award or be the highest rated player when a season ends.

Microwave: You increase the Hot meter faster
How to get: You must get your player to “hot” status during 5 consecutive games.

Friendly: You are generally liked by teammates and everybody else. (Does not affect gameplay)
How to get: Make a connection with either Giannis Antetokounmpo, Chris Bosh, Tony Parker or Andre Drummond. If you get this, you can’t get the Reserved badge.

Reserved: A quiet, introverted type of player. (Does not affect gameplay)
How to get: Make a connection with either Chris Paul or James Harden. Can’t get the Friendly badge if you get this.

Legendary Work Ethic: Very hard working type of player. (Does not affect gameplay)
How to get: coming soon

High Work Ethic: Works harder than most other players. (Does not affect gameplay)
How to get: coming soon.

All-Time Great: An amazing offensive player that strives to do the most on the field. (Does not affect gameplay)
How to get: During a series of 15 consecutive games, your Field Goal attempts by Assists ratio must be at least as indicated below, based on your position:

PG: 4 to 1 (meaning that for every 4 shooting attempts – free throws don’t count – you have at least 1 assist)
SG: 4.5 to 1
SF: 5 to 1
PF: 8 to 1
C: 8 to 1

Low Ego – A player for whom the team matters more than personal performance. He’s the real MVP. (Does not affect gameplay)
How to get: During a series of 15 consecutive games, your Field Goal attempts by Assists ratio must be at least as indicated below, based on your position:

PG: 2 to 1 (meaning that for every 2 shooting attempts – free throws don’t count – you have at least 1 assist)
SG: 2.5 to 1
SF: 3 to 1
PF: 6 to 1
C: 6 to 1

Keep It Real: Responds best to more aggressive approach. (Does not affect gameplay)
How to get: coming soon!

Pat My Back: Responds best to friendlier approach. (Does not affect gameplay)
How to get: coming soon!

Expressive: A very outgoing type of player. (Does not affect gameplay)
How to get: Choose to celebrate every time you have the option to do so.

Unpredictable: A player’s whose behavior can go from one extreme to the other (Does not affect gameplay)
How to get: Coming soon!

Laid Back: A very calm, chill player (Does not affect gameplay)
How to get: coming soon.

So these are all the badges you can get in NBA 2K17. If you have information about the badges that we don’t know how to unlock yet, please share it in the comment section below. And don’t forget to share this article with your friends – they’ll surely want to know everything about badges too!

The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone Console Commands for All New Items

Hearts of Stone brought a lot of brand new and extremely interesting items to The Witcher 3, but it’s really difficult to get them all, especially since most of them come from various player choice made during the gameplay. But we’re here to help you get your hand on your favorite items – or all of them if you want to – by sharing with you some The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone cheats: the console commands for getting all the new items in the game.

All you have to do in order to get the indicated weapon or item in your game is to open up the console and enter up the commands below. We have all the The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone console item ids below, so enjoy them and don’t forget to share this article so your friends can get them too!

In order to type the codes below in the console, you have to download the Witcher 3 mod that enables the debug mode in the game. You can get the mod here (or Google it). After installing the mod, you can open up the console in Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone by pressing the tilde key (~). Then type the codes and item ids below exactly as written, as they are case sensitive. They will reward you with the indicated item.

Viper Set Item Ids
Viper Armor: additem(‘EP1 Witcher Armor’)
Viper Gloves: additem(‘EP1 Witcher Gloves’)
Viper Pants: additem(‘EP1 Witcher Pants’)
Viper Boots: additem(‘EP1 Witcher Boots’)

Weapon Ids
Viper Venomous Silver Sword: additem(‘EP1 Viper School silver sword’)
Caretaker’s Shovel: additem(‘PC Caretaker Shovel’)
Plank: additem(‘Plank’)
Viper Steel Sword: additem(‘EP1 Viper School steel sword’)
Olgierd Sword: additem(‘Olgierd Sabre’)

All Ofir Items

Ofieri Saddlebags: additem(‘Ofir Horse Bag’)
Ofieri Saddle: additem(‘Horse Saddle 6’)
Ofieri Blinders: additem(‘Ofir Horse Blinders’)
Ofieri Pants: additem(‘Ofir Pants’)
Ofieri Armor: additem(‘Ofir Armor’)
Ofieri Boots: additem(‘Ofir Boots’)

Gwent Cards
Olgierd card: additem(‘gwint_card_olgierd’)
Schirru Card: additem(‘gwint_card_schirru’)
Cow Gwent card: additem(‘gwint_card_cow’)
Toad Card: additem(‘gwint_card_toad’)
Gaunter O’dimm: additem(‘gwint_card_mrmirror’)
Horn card: additem(‘gwint_card_horn’)

Gwent Leader Cards
Francesca: additem(‘gwint_card_francesca_platinum’)
Eredin: additem(‘gwint_card_eredin_platinum’)
Emhyr: additem(‘gwint_card_emhyr_platinum’)
Foltest: additem(‘gwint_card_foltest_platinum’)

Mask Ids

Foltest’s Mask: additem(‘q603_foltest_mask’)
A-hole Mask: additem(‘q603_radovid_mask’)
Henselt Mask: additem(‘q603_henselt_mask’)
Emhyr’s Mask: additem(‘q603_emhyr_mask’)

These are all the item ids for the new items in Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone. If you happen to find new ones, let us know by commenting below.

Duelyst Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide to Start Winning those Battles


Duelyst has been recently launched on Steam and it’s an absolutely spectacular and one of a kind CCG. It’s even more than that, actually, so you really have to play the game in order to be completely amazed by its beauty and complexity and become an instant fan. It’s not a Hearthstone clone, it’s not a strategy game, it’s a bit of chess too, it has card collecting elements and tons of mechanics to consider when playing… it’s awesome! And I am here to help you out a bit by sharing some Duelyst cheats and tips: a complete strategy guide that is mostly aimed at beginners, but from which more advanced players might have a thing or two to learn as well.

The truth is that you can write books about Duelyst and potential strategies based on the situation you’re in, but I will try to keep it as simple and as short as possible. Therefore, let’s not waste any time and let’s check out below some Duelyst tips and tricks!

1. It’s all about the placement of your units, but things are not as easy as they might seem at first: you are allowed to place your unit only in a square next to a friendly unit (special rules sometimes apply as a few cards don’t have to follow this rule). Units can only attack (again, generally) units that are in a nearby square, so this automatically brings up a ton of potential strategies.

From dropping low cost cards first, just to gain enough distance to drop a monster card in a key area to Airdropping a card near an enemy, then dropping near it one with Provoke – there are multiple strategies to consider, but one thing is extremely important: location matters a lot, so always pay attention not only to where you drop your cards and where you move them, but also what your opponent does.

2. Level up those factions by playing practice matches. I would personally suggest to not even try your hand against other players (or at least don’t overdo it) until you have leveled up all your factions – or at least your favorite ones to level 11 via practice matches. This gives you a better understanding of the game but also unlocks a new general for that faction, giving you more options to juggle with.

3. Practice for effects and counter-effects aka know everything. Being prepared doesn’t only mean stocking up food when the apocalypse hits: it also means knowing what the opponent might throw at you and playing in anticipation of that move. A good example is the Holy Immolation spell which can be countered by placing your units in a diagonal line. Know what each general can do when they unlock their spell, know what your general can do and try to anticipate moves as well as know exactly what each card in your hand does – and how to play it in order to get the most of its potential bonuses. Knowledge is power!

4. Duelyst rewards its players with a lot of free money and free money means free cards for you! Make sure to complete the daily missions each day, every day and don’t forget that you are allowed to replace one for free. Get as many wins as possible during the day as well in order to get even more money. You can easily get 1 card pack per day simply by playing, winning and completing missions.

5. Replace and win the center: Planning your moves as if you were playing chess is the key to victory, but don’t be afraid about changing the game and replacing a card you’re not going to use. Even though sometimes it makes sense to hold onto a card that you’re planning on using later in the game, in many occasions it’s a good idea to just replace it and maybe get something that you can use right now. However, no matter what you do, you should focus on dominating the center of the board: this way, it’s a lot easier for you to counter most cards played anywhere, even on the sides.

6. Make sure that your decks is evened out and that you always have a hand that allows you to use up all your mana. It’s usually the player who manages their mana the best (as in uses it all every turn) that wins the game. Make sure that you have cards to play at all times, especially when you’re starting a new game. Make sure that you have both low value and high value cards in your deck and there’s always a balance between spells and actual unit cards that you can play in the battle. Playing the game on practice mode should give you a good idea of what’s extra in your deck and what needs replacing, but always be on the lookout for dead weight cards and improvements you can make and don’t be afraid to do them!

7. What to do about mana titles? These are extremely important and they can help you a lot, but it doesn’t always help to rush and get them. Depending on the faction you’re playing and the opponent you’re playing against, you might want to rush and get them or not. In the case of mana titles, the tip I shared above regarding using up all mana doesn’t really count: it’s usually better to get that mana title and end the turn with extra mana than allowing your opponent to get it.

8. Play The Gauntlet only when you really know the game. It’s extremely fun to play with any and all cards, but it’s also expensive and if you don’t play it right, you might lose more than you actually win. So make sure that you have a good understanding of the game’s mechanics and cards before dipping your toes in this hot sauce!

This guide just managed to scratch the surface because Duelyst is such a complex game with so many mechanics, potential strategies and cards in play that it’s impossible to cover everything in a blog article. But hopefully this helps at least a little bit – especially if you’re just starting to play this awesome game.

Also, if you have tips and tricks that you think might be useful for fellow players, don’t hesitate to share them in the comment section below.

Hearthstone Guide: Defeating The Crone

The opera house has plenty of unique new challenges for the One Night in Karazhan adventure with its grand finale being a battle with the Wizard of Oz homage, The Crone.  Much like the fight with Emperor Thaurissan in Blackrock Mountain, The Crone’s hero power can kill you in one shot and the only thing stopping it is the survival of a specific minion.  In this case, it’s Dorothee who will stand on your side of the board and offer buffs to your minions.  All minions to the left of Dorothee will gain charge and all to her right will gain taunt.  These effects will immediately make almost any deck incredibly powerful and this will be one of the easier bosses on normal difficulty.

One quick route to victory is to simply build a deck of all your best taunt minions, place them all to the left of Dorothee, and just go for the face.  Only trade when it’s absolutely necessary to protect Dorothee and be sure to have a range of minions rather than simply going for a zoo deck as that can leave you vulnerable to the Abominations that The Crone has.  Keep in mind that The Crone has plenty of buffs like Blessing of Kings and Power of the Wild, so be prepared for those types of bursts.  Also, remember to change your deck for the encounter to Wild as all cards are legal against the bosses.

On heroic difficulty, things get a lot trickier as The Crone not only has 50 health, but is also putting you on an eight-turn timer.  On turn eight, The Crone is guaranteed to draw Twisting Nether and will use it for a  guaranteed kill on Dorothee and, by extension, you.  I played several matches to test it and she topdecked the card every time without fail.  It’s possible to buy yourself an extra turn with Loatheb or Counterspell, but the fact remains that you need to be able to bring The Crone down fast.

One of your best bets for bringing down the wicked witch is to build a Warlock deck with a focus on strong stat lines for low costs.  Cards like Duskboar and Ancient Watcher are generally what you’re going to want to focus on.  What makes Warlock particularly potent is that it has minions like Flame Imp, Wrathguard, and Pit Lord that trade your health for powerful stats.  Since the crone is going to focus exclusively on attacking Dorothee, so your own health is irrelevant.  Warlock also has plenty of sticky minions like Imp Master and Possessed Villager that provide plenty of protection.

Another potent tactic is to play Priest and cast Inner Fire on Dorothee.  You’ll still need plenty of minions with strong stats to keep her safe, such as the neutral ones mentioned earlier.  You’ll also want card draw as your strategy will be built entirely around this one spell and you’ll struggle without it.  However, you do have unlimited attempts at the boss, so just keep trying until you get lucky.

Hearthstone Screenshot 08-18-16 20.49.29

There are all the tactics you’ll need to turn The Crone into a green puddle.  Maybe you’ll catch her in a charitable mood and she’ll spend her buffs on your minions.  Seriously, the above image is just one of three separate occasions where she just gave me the match for no real reason.  Hearthstone A.I. is just the best.