Dark Souls 2: How to Beat Throne Watcher and Throne Defender (Boss Fight Guide)

We continue our trip through the Dark Souls 2 bosses with a brand new one today: the Throne Watcher / Throne Defender bosses, one of the most challenging fights in Dark Souls 2 and clearly one of the most dangerous duos in the game. So if you’re having trouble getting past them, this Dark Souls 2 guide on how to beat Throne Watcher and Throne Defender will hopefully help you progress without a problem!

The most challenging part of this fight is that you have to kill both bosses pretty soon one after another, otherwise the one that lives will resurrect the other one, with the result being an endless fight that you can’t really win. So here is what to do: bring down both the Throne Watcher and Throne Defender to about one third of life then destroy the Throne Defender first (since he’s more heavily armored) and then quickly go for the remaining boss.

In order to make the fight easier, you should summon one AI character to help you with the fight – Benhart of Jugo for example, who deals tremendous amounts of damage with his sword. Also, paying attention not to close to the pits surrounding the battle arena is a good idea, otherwise the fight might end prematurely.

Regarding the attack strategy, there’s not much to say: keep the distance at first and let Benhart draw in the heat, then attack from the sides and back making sure that you don’t focus on a single boss from this duo. The Throne Watcher is easier to kill but has a slightly more powerful attack and is more agile so he will be the one to look out for. But if you apply this strategy, you won’t have too much trouble bringing them both down in time and continuing to the final boss in Dark Souls 2.

Dark Souls 2 Cheats: How to Earn Souls Faster and Level Up Faster

Dark Souls

Leveling up in Dark Souls 2, as you probably know, is not the fastest process in video games history and I know a lot of people who want to earn more souls in the game and level up faster. If you’re one of them, I have some great news for you: we’re here to share with you a Dark Soul cheat on how to earn souls faster and, automatically, level up faster.

Actually, it’s not really a cheat per-se, but it is something you might not be doing unless you know about it, so let’s not get lost in technicalities and let’s see what we have to do:

The trick to increase your souls gained in Dark Souls 2 by 49% (so instead of 90 souls per enemy, you will get 134) is to kill a couple Merchants in the game. Here they are:

– The Traveling Merchant Hag Melentia by the Cardinal Tower bonfire – drops the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring which gives you 10% extra Souls in the game. A good idea would be to purchase all the Human Effigy items, Pharros’ Lockstone & Miracles before sending this merchant to better places.

– The Armor Merchant in Manjula – drops Tseldora Cap, Robe, Manchettes & Trousers. This equipment set increases the number of souls you earn up to 49% extra combined with the previous ring so from now on you will earn 134 souls per each kill and level up faster.

Have in mind that killing these NPCs might have consequences in the game (like not being able to get better items from them from that moment on) but the boost of souls is really worth it early on in the game so you might want to go for it.

Will you apply this trick to get more souls in Dark Souls 2 or you’ll remain old school and let the game and your levels progress naturally?

The Elder Scrolls Online: How to Fix the Load Screen Freeze Bug


One of the most bothersome bugs found during The Elder Scrolls Online beta is the load screen freeze. Despite Bethesda’s efforts to fix the issue, the bug is still live and affecting many players in the last beta event. However, there are a few steps that you can do to temporarily resolve this issue.

If your loading screen is taking longer than usual, then it’s a strong indicator that the bug has randomly chosen you. To fix this you just have to close the game completely. Don’t forget to check your windows process list and terminate ESO. Then, just restart the game and your loading screen should finish smoothly. If the bug persists, try to close any other programs and activities that you might be running to clean up your RAM. This bug seems to be frequently affecting players with weaker machines, so making extra memory for ESO is crucial to avoid getting a load screen freeze.

Thief: How to Defeat Primal Erin (Final Boss)


Square Enix’s Thief features only two bosses during the whole game but they can be tricky, in many ways. The final boss is Erin in a primal state, she is possessed by the primal essence and she will do anything to stop you from recovering the primal fragments in the last chapter, The Dawn’s Light. This boss is easier than it seems, all you have to do is recover the three crystals and dodge Erin’s attacks. Learn the main tactics and strategy to defeat Primal Erin.

thief prima2
The second fragment is just a bit forward from t he first one.

1. Recover the Primal Fragments

To accomplish this boss fight you don’t need to use any skills or weapons. On the other hand, you’ll need to adopt a strict stealth posture. The three fragments are dispersed across the room and you’ll need to move a lot in order to get them all. If you move clockwise, you can recover one by one without any confusion or mistake. Start by going left when the mission starts and you’ll immediately see the first fragment floating int he air. Move a bit towards northeast and the crystal is yours. To get the second crystal, you’ll need to keep heading northeast -run straight forward from the first fragment’s location, then a bit to the right and you can’t possibly miss it. The third fragment is in the lower level, from your current position you just have to move forward a bit and drop down. When you reach the lower level rotate your camera and you’ll find the last fragment floating just behind you.

2. Dodge Erin’s Blasts

Finding the three fragments is not the hardest task during this boss fight for sure. Primal Erin will systematically cast primal blasts of energy that will damage or even kill you if you don’t take cover. Whenever she prepares an attack you should immediately hide behind any environmental object such as crates and pillars. Note that a direct impact will inflict huge amounts of damage upon Garrett.

thief prima1
Don’t approach Erin’s clones, they’ll damage you.

3. Avoid Primal Erin’s Clones

When you pick up the second fragment, Erin will get in a furious state and she’ll summon numerous clones. These mini Erins aren’t as strong as the original one but you surely want to avoid them.

4. Watch Your Health

If your health gets below half, then you should eat food and restore it as soon as possible. If by any chance Erin manages to directly hit you, the most probable result is that Garrett won’t survive.

This mission is not timed and you can take any other pick order you wish, however this is probably the most simple and efficient tactic to defeat Primal Erin.

How to Beat Flexile Sentry in Dark Souls 2

Dark Souls

Uh, this Flexile Sentry guy is really an interesting boss fight in Dark Souls 2 – a double fight in one, with few possibilities to attack and with a room that gets filled with water as you fight, making fast movement more difficult. We are here to share with you how to beat Flexile Sentry in Dark Souls 2, a really challenging boss that it’s best to deal with from afar.

This being said, our suggested approach is by the use of magic: stay away from all the action, running and jumping to the sides, waiting for the boss to attack, then sending a soul arrow his way. You risk losing the least health by going with this method and you will easily beat the boss, avoiding all direct contact which can prove lethal.

But if you are a warrior by heart, you will want to go close with melee attacks against this two headed monster and here is where the most fun will be, but also the biggest challenge. In order to beat Flexile Sentry, you should pay close attention to his moves and especially rest habits. The trick is, since he’s a two sided fighting machine, to attack from the side after an attack. So always be on the move, trying to create a circle around this boss, and when he’s resting after an attack, rush in and start hitting. It will take you a bit longer than the magic approach, but you will probably have more fun too.

Here is a video showing the head to heads approach to beat Flexile Sentry in Dark Souls 2:


I hope that you found this guide useful and managed to beat this boss easily after reading it!

How to Beat Old Dragonslayer Boss in Dark Souls 2

Dark Souls

I believe that Old Dragonslayer is the first challenging boss fight in Dark Souls 2, and a welcome change after The Last Giant and the Dragonrider we’ve talked about earlier. I am here to share with you the easiest way to beat Old Dragonslayer in Dark Souls 2, in our growing Boss Fight guide for this great title. So let’s get this started!

As I said, beating Old Dragonslayer is a bit more difficult than the other two bosses because he does have a bigger number of attacks, he’s slightly faster and moves a lot. Which is exactly what you should do: always be on the move and stay away from his frontal attacks, trying to get at him from behind and strike him with your sword. Be extremely aware of his special attacks, like the lightning jump and those quick forward attacks, they can drain some life power from you! And always when you enter the area for the fight, he will swipe at you with a powerful attack, make sure you get out of the way!

Take advantage of his attacks and the fact that he stands still after performing the heavy ones. That’s the moment to rush at Old Dragonslayer and show him your blade. Combine this with permanent movement from your side, blocking all the attacks that you can’t run away from and you will eventually defeat this boss – the first true challenge of the game!

Here is a video on how to beat Old Dragonslayer if you prefer watching it, coming from TheNinjaBlade77:


Did you like the Old Dragonslayer boss fight? Let us know by commenting below!

How to Beat Dragonrider in Dark Souls 2

One of the easiest boss fights in Dark Souls 2 is the Dragonrider boss fight, but we are planning on writing a guide for each and every boss in the game, so here we are with a short guide on how to beat Dragonrider in Dark Souls 2. Basically, it’s as easy as pulling out your sword and hitting, but we’ll go a bit more in depth and detail the scene.

The Dragonrider boss, despite his terrifying name, rides no dragon into battle and only uses the long pike to strike at the opponents. A perfect strategy would be the one used in the video below: just stay behind the big fellow and keep hitting, making sure that he never turns to you to help you meet his weapon. He’s a slow boss with no combos and practically no difficulty level, you should have no problem bringing him down.

Here’s a video on how to beat Dragonrider in Dark Souls 2, if you somehow need some extra help with it:


Stay tuned with Vgamerz, we’re working on guides for the more difficult bosses too, where you will really need our help!

Dark Souls 2 Boss Fight Guide: How to Beat The Last Giant

Dark Souls

The Last Giant is the first boss fight you will encounter in Dark Souls 2 and even though it’s not a terribly difficult boss to beat, if you have any problems defeating it, we are here to help you with our guide on how to beat this Dark Souls 2 boss, The Last Giant.

The Last Giant boss fight should go in one direction: you hitting at the legs constantly, while making sure that when the giant is ready to perform the foot stomp you move away. It’s best to approach the boss from the back and keep slashing and hitting – don’t let it hit you though, as one blow from him drains a lot of your health. And this is basically everything you have to do with your warm-up boss.

You can also check out a walkthrough video if you prefer to see exactly how to beat The Last Giant in DS2:


Stay tuned with Vgamerz, more Boss Fight guides for DS2 are coming!

Thief: How to Make Money


Thief is revolutionizing the stealth genre with a mysterious and thrilling adventure. But as every thief, Garrett can’t resist a good catch or in this case, a good robbery. Even if he doesn’t need it, he wants it for himself simply because it’s delightful. Making money in Thief is not a hard task, however there are several methods that can generate huge amounts of cash and turn you into one of the richest thieves in game. Find out about all the profitable ways to make money without tricks or complications.

  1. Main/Story Missions

Completing main missions is the standard way to get decent amounts of money at once. While going through your storyline, there’s no other way around but to work on the main missions. The good side is that you get paid for doing them.

2. Side Jobs

Side jobs are secondary quests that offer challenging missions with exceptional rewards. You can sign up for side jobs with Basso, located at the Stonemarket. This kind of missions can be done at any point in the game.

Thief 20143. Looting Bodies

In Thief, you generally don’t have to kill your enemies but that doesn’t mean you can’t loot their unconscious bodies. Picking up the few coins from each opponent might seem meaningless but at a medium-long period, it turns out to be more than worthwhile.

4. Collecting Expensive Objects

If you don’t want to look out for hidden objects, at least keep an eye on the shiny ones, since they’re worth a lot. Finding an expensive object is sometimes better than finding 10 normal ones.

5. Finding Lost Coins and Wallets

Coins and wallets are normally small and unnoticeable, thus harder to see in the shadows of the night. For some reason they are quite common and you can make a lot of money by collecting all the lost money around the streets.

Thief 20146. Pick-up Chest Lockets and Safes

Picking-up locks starts by being easy but as you progress, it becomes harder and harder but despite this fact, you should never ignore them. The difficulty might increase but so does the reward value. You never know what might be behind that tricky lock.

7. Exploring The City

Exploration plays a big importance in making money. While going between main or side quests, Garrett will have the chance to explore The City and infiltrate random buildings. Inside you can usually find valuable items, either visible or hiding somewhere.

thief_screenshot_the_bank_heist_018. Stealing Enemy Supplies

During all type of quests, you can always sneak out and steal enemy’s supplies that are generally placed nearby. Furthermore, you can either use or sell them for some cash.

9. Selling Extra Resources

Another minor way to make money is by selling resources that you don’t need. Garrett has many weapons and ammunitions and some players don’t use all of them, so selling unwanted goods is never a bad option.

10. Exploiting Bugs and Glitches

If playing righteous is not enough for you, then you can always exploit bugs and glitches in order to get rich in a blink of an eye. The most famous known glitch is the story mission repeatability, where you can receive the final cash reward unlimited times. Read about it here.

And these are 10 easy ways to make money in Thief. Do you have other suggestions?

Titanfall Guide, Tips and Tricks: How to Dominate in Every Map


Titanfall features multiple classes, weapons, maps and game modes. As obvious, each class displays a different set of weapons/abilities and each specific battlefield has its own tactics. However, there are numerous general strategies that warranty players’ dominance independently of the class and map chosen. In fact, it’s all about tactical positioning, approaching and movement. The game has a quite balanced combat system and every pilot-titan combination has its own strong and weak points.

If you’re wondering how to dominate everywhere without having to make a strategy plan for each map, then you probably should follow the tips and tricks stated below.

TF21. Follow the Objectives [General]

I know most players can’t resist the temptations of open-fire encounters. But each match has its own specific objectives and if you don’t follow them, you’ll most likely fall behind. Apart from the Attrition deathmatch mode, you should look forward to accomplish the main goal before the enemy team does. Even if your score is not the best, at least you won’t end up in the losing side.

2. Use and Abuse the Minimap [General]

Titanfall’s minimap is a precious relic that should get all your attention. This tool will provide the most crucial information about the battlefield. It will display nearby IA (small orange and red dots) and player enemies (big red dots and triangles). And it will also inform you about the game mode’s objectives and your team’s performance.

3. Seek Higher Ground [Pilot]

Tactical positioning can be quite tedious sometimes but it really pays off at medium-long periods of exposure. It’s true that you’ll get vulnerable at higher grounds, since you won’t be able to move a lot or take proper cover, but on the other hand, you can easily spot enemy pilots and take them down from afar. Besides, you’ll have a general view of the match and the possibility to decide where to go next.

Titanfall Screenshot4. Adopt a Dynamic Posture with Parkour Movements [Pilot]

The more you move, the harder it is for enemies to hit you or fatally wound you. As in every FPS game, moving is one of the main keys to survive and in Titanfall this element’s value has been intensified. Running and jumping are not the only options towards a dynamic posture anymore. Players can now use a set of pilot maneuvers, such as wall running, double jumping and mantling.

5. Permanently Look for Cover [General]

Covering yourself is probably the most efficient way to survive deadly blows and constant fire. Some maps don’t provide huge amounts of cover places, however you should always keep in mind that open spaces are your worst enemy. If you remain covered while in combat, you’ll at least have a chance to react and fight back.

6. Take Advantage of Environmental Elements [General]

Apart from the innumerous objects that can work as cover places, Titanfall displays an interactive environment that can help you survive or reach certain places faster. For example, the zip lines spread over several maps will certainly help you travel between points in a much faster way.

Titanfall Screenshot7. Engage from Long Distances [General]

If you shoot your enemies from long distances, there’s a huge chance that they won’t know where you’re shooting from at a first glance. Furthermore, you’ll have the surprise element with you – with the proper gear and a fierce aim, picking kills this way will be a piece of cake!

8. Exploit Your Enemy’s Weaknesses [General]

Dissimilarity doesn’t just bring superior points, it also brings inferior ones and in Titanfall every strong trait is followed by a weak one. You should always identify your opponent’s class and build and immediately counter him. For example, CQB pilots are extremely powerful at close encounters; try to take them down from afar.

9. Apply Pilot’s Reverse Psychology When You Engage in Titan Mode [Titan]

When commanding a titan, instead of having a dynamic posture and a cover instinct, you should focus on getting the most kills possible while absorbing damage and dodging deadly blows. It’s a question of taking the most profit from your titan before it goes down.

Titanfall Screenshot10. Avoid Facing Several Enemies at Once [General]

If you realize that several enemies are approaching you, then the best thing to do is to run towards your allies or seek cover and try to take them down one by one. The second option is rather risky but very rewarding if successfully done. Note that you can use specific tactics to counter massive numbers; one of them is the frag grenade.

11. Rodeo Titans [Pilot]

Titans are quite hard to kill, especially if you’re using your pilot but there’s a simple trick that can take down titans in a blink of an eye – the rodeo maneuver. This tactic is generally deadly for enemy titans, since your pilot will climb into the titan’s back and inflict a lethal attack that will either disable or kill the machine.

12. Dodge Incoming Fire [Titan]

Surprisingly, pilots can’t dodge enemy attacks but titans can. Titans have the ability to instantly perform a sideways slide that is particularly helpful against rocket and gunfire.

Titanfall Screenshot13. Detonate Grenades in Midair [Pilot]

In Titanfall grenades don’t have a detonator but you can manually blow them off. This trick is particularly deadly against ejected pilots. To trigger this event, you must launch a grenade and shoot it using a Smart Pistol Mk5.

14. Cloak When in Trouble [Pilot]

Cloaking is a general skill for all pilots and it’s mostly effective against titans. If you enable this ability in front of enemy pilots, they’ll still be able to spot you, however enemy titans have no way to detect invisible targets, so if you’re in trouble don’t hesitate.