How to Get Infinite Money in The Sims 4


For most of us, the biggest problem in The Sims 4 is the lack of Simoleons. Well, that goes with real money in real life as well, but today we’ll focus on the game. And fortunately for it, unlike real life, in The Sims 4 you can easily get infinite money and we are here to share with you all the secrets to infinite riches in the game so that you can afford everything and build that dream home you always wanted to have.

Have in mind that this involves cheating – but I guess you already figured that out. So here is the Sims 4 infinite money cheat:

First of all, you must press Ctrl+Shift+C on PC or Cmnd+Shift+C on Mac. This brings up the cheats console and you can type in the following Sims 4 cheat codes to get your money:

KACHING – will give you 1,000 Simoleons instantly. You can use it as often as you wish.

MOTHERLODE – this will give you 50,000 Simoleons instantly. Again, this cheat can be used as often as you want to.

And if this is not enough for you, there is also one cheat that allows you to get any real estate property in the game for free. Just type the following code:

FreeRealEstate on – and if you want to turn this “feature” off, simply type FreeRealEstate off.

And this is it! Now you know how to have infinite money in The Sims 4 and build up the house of your dreams. And keep your Sims happy, of course!

The Sims 4 Cheats & Codes


The launch of The Sims 4 is finally upon us and it’s once again the right time to move our real life into the virtual streets of the game and experience greatness as we always did in a Sims game. However, things are a lot more interesting when we can easily access or interfere with everything, and for that reason our list of The Sims 4 cheats and cheat codes will help you get everything that you want as fast as possible.

So here is a complete list of working cheats for The Sims 4:

First of all, you need to enable the cheats panel in the game. In order to do so, simply press CTRL + SHIFT + C (Mac users should press Cmnd + Shift + C). A console will appear on the screen and there you can type any of the cheats below in order to activate them. So here they are:

  • Help: Lists currently available console commands / cheat codes.
  • rosebud: Instantly deposits 1,000$
  • kaching: Instantly deposits 1,000$
  • motherlode: Instantly deposits 50,000$
  • fullscreen: Toggles fullscreen mode on or off.
  • FreeRealEstate on: Makes all neighborhood real estate free.
  • FPS on: Activates FPS display
  • headlineeffects on: Toggles headline graphics.
  • Resetsim [Sim Full Name]: Resets Sim.
  • death.toggle: Toggles death on/off. When toggled off, Sims cannot die.
  • testingcheats true: Enables Testing Mode. Check below for more details.

The Testing Cheats are another nice feature that allows players to access various stuff in The Sims 4, but first of all you need to activate the Testing Mode like this: type testingcheats true in order to activate it and testingcheats false to close it.

Once the Testing Mode is activated in The Sims 4, you can edit all the stats of your Sims like age, motivations and goals. Also, you can type the cas.fulleditmode command while in the Testing Mode, which allows you even more changes to your sims (like traits and style or/and outfits).

Also while in Testing More, there are a bunch of extra cheat codes that you can use to interact with specific items or the Sims themselves. In order for them to work, the Sim or object has to be selected.

  • Reset Object – Resets Sim.
  • Add to Family – Add the Sim to the current family.
  • Cheat Motive > Make Happy – Sets all motives to full and sets Mood to Happy.
  • Cheat Motive > Enable Motive Decay – Allows motives to change dynamically.
  • Cheat Motive > Disable Motive Decay – Allows motives to remain static.

Shift Clicking on Objects:

  • Reset Object – Rests Object.

Shift Clicking Dirty-able Objects:

  • Make Dirty – Makes object dirty.

Shift Clicking on Dirty Objects:

  • Make Clean – Makes object clean.

Shift Clicking Mailbox:

  • Reset Object – Resets Mailbox.

Shift Clicking the Ground:

  • Teleport Me Here – Teleports selected Sim as close to the clicked spot as possible.

Shift Clicking Sims:

  • Modify in CAS – Allows editing of everything but name change and inherited traits.

And these are, for now, the Sims 4 cheats and codes that will help you modify the game as you please and eventually unlock everything for a complete Sims experience. If more cheats will be found, we’ll make sure to update this article, so make sure to check back often!

Hearthstone Guide: The Best Mage Cards for Your Deck


I’ve been playing a lot of Hearthstone lately and I can say that I’ve become at least a bit addicted and I guess that other people are in the same situation as well. Therefore, we’ll start a series here at VgamerZ that will help you build a better deck in Hearthstone. And since Mage was the first class I played and also the one I had the biggest success with, I’ve decided to start the Hearthstone guide series with the best Mage cards for your Deck.

Have in mind that we are not talking here about the best Mage Deck (will follow soon, though), but which of the unique Mage cards are best when you build up your deck. Of course, this might vary based on the cards that you have unlocked already (eg. you might not have Archmage Antonidas yet) and the strategy that you use, but generally my recommendations work well with the “in your face” strategy that goes so well with the Mage class.

So, Jaina Proudmoore fans, here are the best Mage cards for your deck!

1. Mirror Image
For just one mana, you Summon two 0/2 minions with Taunt which are extremely useful especially early in the game, but can be put to great use at any given time because the enemy loses time taking them out (or mana/spells that could be put to better use). Take 2

2. Mana Wyrm
Again a great card if you unlock it (or craft it) that gives you +1 attack whenever you cast a Spell. It has three health, but if you have a lot of spell cards to play in one turn, it can become really gigantic. Get 1

3. Frostbolt
Not only that it does 3 damage to a character, but also freezes it, meaning that it won’t attack during the next turn. A perfect card to take out the big monsters later in the game or whenever they are played. Take 1-2

4. Arcane Intellect
I am always a big fan of having as many cards as possible in my hand and Arcane Intellect lets you draw 2. It’s a bit expensive at 3 mana, but extremely useful because the more cards you have to play, the better your chances are to win. Take 2

5. Frost Nova
For 3 mana, you can freeze all the enemy minions. This can really win you a round if used at the perfect time. The drawback is that it might not be worthwile to play it on numerous occasions so it’s a hit or miss situation. But still its advantages are far better than the risk of not being able to use it to full potential.. Take 1

6. Ice Barrier
A secret card that only costs 3 mana, gives you 8 Armor as soon as your hero is Attacked. That is 8 extra hit points that Jaina can take and it can prove… vital! Take 1 (you really don’t need 2!)

7. Fireball
This follows the “in your face” style of the Mage and can save you of a lot of trouble by taking down those big health monsters. For 4 Mana you cause 6 damage. Direct and extremely useful. Take 1 or 2.

8. Polymorph
Again a 4 mana card that is extremely useful since it turns any enemy into a 1/1 sheep. It basically has the same use as the Fireball so getting both into battle might not be the best idea, but I won many rounds with 2 Polymorph cards and 2 Fireball ones, so it’s certainly doable. Take 1 or 2

9. Flame Strike
It’s pretty expensive at 7 Mana, but allows you to deal 4 damage to ALL enemy minions. And since you’ll play it relatively late in the game, it can prove to be a real life saver and is probably one of the best cards in the game. Take 1 – 2

10. Archmage Antoniadas
My favorite card of them all. For 7 Mana, you get a 5/7 minion that rewards you with a Fireball card whenever you cast a spell. Extremely useful! Take 2

These are what I consider the best mage cards for your deck and they take up about 15 card slots, which allows you to play a lot with the “All Classes” cards. I really love it that these cards are also pretty much spread out over the whole mana cost range, even though having so many spells might get you in a situation where you won’t have any minions left to do the fighting. But we’ll talk soon about a good Mage deck, so make sure to check back with us!

Let us know what you think about them by commenting below!

Watch Dogs Guide: How to Make Quick and Easy Money


Money doesn’t seem to be a real issue in Watch Dogs, at least for those who choose to be evil and merciless. But don’t panic, if you’re the hero type, there’s still plenty of options to make quick and easy money. Not everything you do in game is profitable in terms of cash. In fact, certain missions only include experience as a reward. However and as expected, Aiden Pearce is a master hacker, so if you really need money you just have to look around. Find out how to be rich and powerful in a quick and easy way.

wc5551. Hack Citizens’ Bank Accounts

To steal money from citizens you need to enable your profiler scan option and find potential targets. There’s a clever way to identify wealthy citizens with the Profiler Optimization skill available on your hack tree. Once you’ve hacked someone’s bank account, you need to access a local ATM to collect the respective amount. You can hack multiple targets and store substantial amounts of cash.

wc4442. Assault Shops

Robbing shops is not something you should be proud of but if you’re really desperate, then this is probably the quickest way to get decent amounts of money. To rob any shop you need to intimate the seller first and as soon as you collect the cash you immediately receive negative/evil reputation. It’s worth it even if you’re aspiring to be a hero since you get a few hundred dollars for free.

wc1113. ATM Hack Boost Plus

This high-tech hack costs five skill points and it’s the ultimate tool to make money. If you enable this skill, you’ll be able to dramatically increase the amount of money gained when hacking bank accounts at ATMs. The boost can reach double gain at certain times.

wc6664. Complete Fixer Contracts (Side Quests)

Watch Dogs includes an extensive series of fixer contracts, some give experience, some skill points and finally, some award money. The Decoy, Getaway, Interception and Transport fixer contracts are cash exclusively missions and they’re quite simple to accomplish. If you want to make quick money while having fun, then you should drop the campaign for awhile and complete several side missions.

wc2225. Carjacking

Another pure evil method that is totally rewarding is carjacking all the time. Whenever you steal a car you’ll always loot something, it can be cash, an ingredient or even a random item. Either way, carjacking ends up being profitable full time – you don’t just steal some goods, you can also break a car that is not yours. However, be careful with the police because upon stealing a car, the owner might call the authorities.

wc7776. Kill and Loot Enemies

The old fashion way of killing enemies and looting them couldn’t be missing in the world of Watch Dogs. As expected, this feature is one of the main ways to make money since enemies normally drop something upon defeat, it can be a weapon, ingredient, ammunition or cash. All the options can be profitable in its own way. Besides the more supplies you collect, the less you’ll have to purchase later on, thus the more cash you can keep.

watch dogs ss7. Sell Expendable Items

During your journey you’ll collect numerous items that you won’t need. You can sell them in a nearby shop and make surprising amounts of cash. Just be sure you really don’t want these items anymore because it’s quite hard to get them back as you progress.

Note: There are many other ways to acquire money in Watch Dogs but the ones featured in this guide are the fastest and most profitable paths towards wealth.

Watch Dogs Guide: How to Escape the Police at the End of Chapter One


Escaping the police is generally easy, especially if you can find a bridge or a train nearby. However, at the end of chapter one while escaping a high-tech prison, Aiden Pearce can’t escape using traditional methods. With the whole Chicago Police Department hunting him, he can’t simply escape. But there’s a simple trick to complete this campaign mission. It’s all about tactic and precision, find out how.

wce41. Kill the Incoming Policeman at the Prison’s Roof

Head towards the roof and kill all the policeman that will arrive in patrol cars. Take cover and use the nearby cameras to make sure that there’s no one left. There will always be a helicopter on your head too but don’t kill the shooter just yet.

wce32. Kill the Helicopter Shooter Last

Once there’s no guards in the roof, kill the sniper on the helicopter. This will make things much smoother for your escape, since the helicopter will retreat and there won’t be anything to watch your position anymore. Note that all nearby cameras are being hacked by Aiden.

wce23. Disrupt the Police’s Communications

After the helicopter retreats, trigger your jamming communication tool to ensure that any leak on your position will be disrupted. This way, even if someone spots you on the roof, they won’t be able to call for reinforcements.

wce14. Wait the Alert Bar to Get White

Stay covered and wait the red alert bar to slowly decrease until it’s white. When the bar is white, you need to wait one minute until the police assumes you have escaped and you’re no longer there.

wce55. Stay Out of Police’s Radar

But a white bar doesn’t stand for safe yet, you need to remain properly covered or hidden if you don’t want anyone to trigger the red bar again. Police cars and helicopters will still be sent to your last position so ensure you’re not spotted again.

Watch Dogs Guide: How to Defeat the Mini Boss/Elite Robotic Policeman


During the last campaign mission of the first chapter, players will find themselves trapped in a high-tech security prison. Right before facing the stadium survivor, who can identify Aiden Pearce’s appearance, players must defeat several corrupt prison guards with a M1014 Semi-Auto Shotgun found in the environment. Afterwards, a robotic policeman will appear and the difficulty will drastically increase. Find out how to defeat the first elite/mini boss in Watch Dogs.

wc41. Defeat the Corrupt Guards

To fight this mini boss, you have to defeat numerous corrupt guards in the first place, that’s the rule. If you die during this mission part, you’ll always have to kill them over and over again. The best way to do it is to stay covered at the main door and take them down, one by down without wasting too much ammo since you’ll need plenty of it for the incoming robot.

wc32. Position Yourself Inside the Room

Once you kill the police officers, rush inside the room and cover yourself in the middle. Wait for the robotic policeman to move towards you and observe his movements. If you hit him randomly you won’t do any damage due to his high-tech shield and metallic parts.

wc23. Aim at His Chest and Belly

The trick to take him do is to be persistent and aim at his middle body (chest and belly). However, you need to do it at the right time, when the robot is either reloading or aiming at you. Otherwise, you’ll just his his arms, hands and even his weapon. If you don’t hit him correctly he won’t take any damage and you’ll need more time to kill him.

wc14. Move Around in Circles

While waiting for the right time to hit the robot, you should move in circles, as in dancing with him. Keep yourself covered at all times, else he can easily kill you. Also, don’t let him get too close as the cover system can be tricky and you might not have enough time to move tot he next cover object.

How to Fix Watch Dogs Crashes, Stuttering, Freezes & Other Problems


As I was saying in a previous article, the release of Watch Dogs didn’t come without problems and errors. Players are already reporting that their copy of Watch Dogs crashes, freezes, stutters and has other problems. Fortunately, there are ways to fix these problems in the game and we are here to share them with you and help you get the best possible experience out of the game. We’re also working on a special article based on how to tweak Watch Dogs to get the best experience, so make sure you check back soon.

But until then, let’s see below some tips and tricks on how to fix Watch Dogs crashes, freezes, stuttering and any other issues that we know how to fix!

How to Fix Watch Dogs Crashes

It appears that one of the main reasons that causes the game to crash is outdated drivers. Both nVidia and AMD have launched brand new drivers specifically created for this game – we’ve already wrote about them here, make sure to check out the article for the download links!

Getting the Error 0xa0000001 before the game crashes? This is an error related to the graphic card, so there are two things you should check here: first, that you have the latest drivers (see above) and second if your card is overheating. Watch Dogs is an extremely demanding game and this might be the cause of crashes.

If the game still crashes, go for the classic fixes: verify the game’s integrity on Steam or select the “Repair Game” option on Uplay.

Some players running the game on Uplay managed to fix random crashes by either going offline in Uplay or disabling the Uplay Overlay. You should try these things too! Disabling the Uplay Overlay also fixes the Blacksreen problem of the game and the “Watch_Dogs Has Stopped Working” error message.

How to fix Watch Dogs stuttering, freezes and graphical problems

It seems that most of the problems reported by Watch Dogs players are related to the game’s performance. There are, fortunately, a ton of graphical tweaks that you can try out in order to make the game run better and fix all these problems. We’re listing them below:

– In case you haven’t read our previous fixes, make sure you do update your drivers. They improve the game’s performance up to 28% in AMD’s case and FPS up to 75% for nVidia users!

– Add the “-disablepagefilecheck” parameter (without the quotation marks) to your game’s shortcut on the desktop (if you don’t have one, create it). You can also add this option to the game’s Steam launch properties. This is particularly useful for gamers who have 6 or less GB of RAM.

– Go for the Borderless windowed mode. This does magic to the game’s performance and all players who used this trick reported increases in the game’s performance and no more stuttering problems.

– Reddit user azrael6947 has created an XML file here tweaking the graphics a lot and fixing your game easily. There are a lot of settings in the XML file for tweaks that allow you to fine tune vegetation and geometry settings that seem to be controlled by the Level of Detail setting in game.

– You can edit the file yourself, it’s usually located here: \Documents\My Games\Watch_Dogs\\GameProfile.xml

This would be it for now, hopefully these fixes will get you rid of crashes and also help you tweak the game and improve its frame rate while getting rid of any stuttering issues you were facing. If you manage to find other fixes or tweaks, please let us know by commenting below!

Tropico 5 Windowed Mode: Where to Find It

With Tropico 5 just released, I already became the crazy dictator that Tropico always turns me into. However, in this particular iteration of the game, I had a pretty tough time finding an option that makes your life a lot easier when playing and doing something else at the same time: the Tropico 5 windowed mode.

And after almost jumping off the chair when I finally found the option, I decided to share it with you too because there might be other players in my situation, not knowing how to find the T5 Windowed Mode (because, in my opinion, it’s in a really unexpected place).

So, here you have it: if you want to play Tropico 5 in Windowed Mode, you will have to go to the game’s resolution settings and scroll all the way up, where you will find the “Windowed Mode” resolution. Yeah, pretty crazy, but at least it’s there and we can enjoy dictatorship and island building alongside other useless things on the internet at the same time.

How to Fix Wolfenstein: The New Order White Screen, Crashes, Freezes and Tech Problems


The highly anticipated launch of Wolfenstein: The New Order is upon us and if you did what we did, you waited for the the first seconds of this day, downloaded the game and started playing. Well, some were not as lucky and had a lot of problems with Wolfenstein: The New Order: white screen issues (because, apparently, black screen is too old school), crashes, freezes and other performance issues that can drive a person crazy at midnight.

We’re here to help you as much as we can – and some fixes are terribly simple – and we’re sharing with you all the Wolfenstein: The New Order fixes for the white screen problems, crashes, freezes and so on. So check them out below!

Having, like half of the planet, problems with the Wolfenstein: The New Order white screen? This is simply a problem of new drivers needed (fortunately), so simply go to the website of your card’s manufacturers and update the drivers (nVidia here, AMD here). This problem also fixes a lot of crashes and problems you might otherwise face, so the update is a must!

If the Wolfenstein: The New Order white screen problems persist after this update of drivers, try to disable V-Sync and SLI/CrossFire.

It appears that most of the Wolfenstein: The New Order crashes are actually caused by driver problems, so if even after our recommended fixes the problems persist, we can only wait for updates from the game’s devs or graphic card manufacturers. Now here’s what to try out:

Wolfenstein: The New Order low fps / freezes and stuttering
Basically, your only hope here is to tune down the visual settings. Turn off the Shadow Resolution. If it’s still not good, turn off screen space reflections too. Tune down your visuals to something under Full HD and see what kind of settings work best for your configuration. Also, try the fix below, too:

Wolfenstein: The New Order screen tear, texture pop-ins
One of the problems of the game’s engine ever since the launch of RAGE is screen tearing and especially texture pop-ins. This is caused by the fact that the game does not create the texture cache directory. If you create it, a lot of problems will disappear. Here’s how to do it:

(the default location should be AppData\Local\MachineGames\Wolfenstein The New Order\ but if you want to be 100% sure, follow the instructions below):

– start the game and open the console by pressing CTRL ALT `
– type fs_cachepath – this will show you the exact location where you should create the texture cache directory.
– create the directory (as I said, it should normally be AppData\Local\MachineGames\Wolfenstein The New Order\ – if not, create the one shown by the fs_cachepath command line)

Alternately, to reduce the texture pop-ins, you could edit the game’s config file (found in the install directory, something like Steam\steamapps\common\wolfenstein\base). Search for the following variable:


And change its value from 64 to something lower, like 8 if you run on 2 or 4 cores or 16 if you have 6 or more cores.

Another possible fix:

– turn off Vertical Sync/vSync

Right now this is everything we’ve got and you should really try these fixes because they solve most of the problems gamers are facing. We’re still working hard to find other possible fixes for you and we’ll update this article when we get them. If you have managed to find some fixes of your own, please share them with us!

Bound by Flame Guide: How to Romance Male Companions


Romance is one of the several options that Bound by Flame has to offer with its interactive companion system. To romance male companions, you need to play a female hero and you need to complete a series of personal quests. Also, talking to them frequently and taking their side will be crucial to awake their interest. There are three male companions but one of them, Mathras the immortal undead, is a mere observer and he can’t be romanced. However, the other two, Randval and Rhelmar, are two viable possibilities. Learn how to romance them.

bound by flame randval

1. Randval Romance

Side Quests Required: The Duel (Act 1); The Recruitment of Randval (Act 1); Randval The Loner (Act 2); A Knight in Distress (Act 3).

Romance Quest Chain: The Lion’s Den (Act 3, Chapter 1, you must choose Randval when he requests to join you on the hunt) > The Witch Hunt (Act 3, Chapter 2, defeat all the concubines and the Guadian with Randval).

Determinant Decision: Take Randval with you during the Witch Hunt (Act 3, Chapter 2).

Bound by Flame romance

Randval is not a demanding person. All he needs is a bit of attention and loyalty. If you take him into battle with you during the four Concubine boss fights, he will declare himself to you if, of course, you have done all his side quests before. You can’t refuse him when he requests to go with you on The Witch Hunt and you must kill all the deities with Randval on your party. If by any chance you return to the camp and take someone else with you, Randval will feel betrayed and he won’t romance you anymore.

bound by flamr rhelmar

2. Rhelmar Romance

Side Quests Required: Idea for Traps (Act 1); Camp Security (Act 2); The Souls of the Elves (Act 2); The Soul of a Prince (Act 3).

Romance Quest Chain: The Assault (Act 2, Chapter 3, support Rhelmar and his ideas against Edwen) > The Soul of a Prince (Act 3, Chapter 1 and 2, pick the middle talk option while approaching Rhlemar at the Sewers).

Determinant Decision: Pick Rhelmar’s side to save the elven army during The Assault (Act 2, Chapter 3).

Bound by Flame romance

Rhelmar is a bit more complicated to romance than Randval. He has strong values and he will not tolerate betrayal. To gain his trust, you must support him during The Assault. even if the cause is lost, you must take his side over Edwen’s. Else, he will abandon you and return later to kill you for your supposed betrayal. Then, you must unlock his romance quest during the Sewers by discovering the prince’s body among the thousand dead bodies around. To finish this quest you must advance the story a bit. It’s only during The Witch Hunt that youcan continue Rhelmar’s romance quest. You don’t have to take him with you to kill the Concubines. However, when you kill the Creator, you must return tot he Sewers with Rhelmar to finish The Souls of a Prince. During the last part of the quest, while releasing the soul essence, you must pick the middle dialogue option to unlock Rhelmar’s romance scene.

bound by flame rhelmar randval

3. Randval & Rhelmar Simultaneous

It’s possible to have two lovers at once in Bound by Flame. All you have to do is please them all along by insistently talking to them, complete their personal quests and follow a specific order during the third chapter. First, you need to make sure you get Rhelmar instead of Edwen at The Assault, at the end of Act 2. Then you need to initiate Rhelmar’s romance quest during your adventure in the Sewers. When you approach the giant pile of bodies at the center, Rhelmar will mention a body, get closer until a cut screen shows. After that, you need to advance by yourself until you get the chance to defeat three Concubines. Before going on The Witch Hunt, you need to take Randval with you instead of Rhelmar. If you leave the warrior behind during any of the boss battles, he will be disappointed and won’t romance you. Upon killing the two closest Concubines (the Stalker and the Creator), you must go back to the camp and party Rhelmar. Then, head to the Sewers to complete his romance quest. First, approach the prince’s body and collect his soul essence. Therefore, you must move to a quiet location and release the essence, that’s when Rhelmar will romance you if you pick the middle answer. To romance Randval simultaneous, you need to continue your hunting mission with the great warrior. Defeat the Watcher and the Guardian and that’s about it, Randval will finally declare himself to you. You will also unlock the dialogue option to refuse him by claiming you have someone else.