Fallout 4 Mission Guide: The First Step

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Mission three can be difficult for some players, specially if they haven’t been exploring much. This mission requires you to find several locations without many clues. If you don’t want to spend time exploring, here’s a quick guide.

After finishing Mission 2: When Freedom Calls, Preston will tell you that a nearby settlement has requested aid from the Minutemen. Preston has to protect the new established camp, so he asks you to go in his place.


Mission 3 - The First Step - Tenpines Bluff1. Go to Tenpines Bluff

Go to Tenpines Bluff and talk to the settler couple in a little farmhouse. This location is to the east of Concord. There’s several dangers in the way, so be careful. They ask you to do something for them once you get there.


Mission 3 - The First Step - Corvega Assembly Plant

2. Go to Corvega Assembly Plant

The long journey begins here. You’ll need to walk the main south road from Concord until you find a massive power plant. Gear up before you engage and enter the building, there are many enemies inside.


Mission 3 - The First Step3. Clear the Entrance from the Bridge

Start by clearing the area from the broken bridge that stands in front of Corvega’s entrance. Either by sniping with a rifle or by simply shooting with any gun. Once you’ve eliminated the scavengers there, you’re ready to enter the plant.


Mission 3 - The First Step - Locket Vault4. Search Room by Room

Once inside, you should carefully approach your enemies, there are really many of them so don’t engage fearlessly. There are two main levels and a roof. Note that the first level has many valuable items, including a locket vault with ammo, so do not skip it.


Mission 3 - The First Step5. Kill Jared

At the third level, you’ll find yourself in a car building room. There are several turrets and a few enemies in a platform above you. However, the most important here is to kill Jared, the key element to finish this mission. He’s also up there, so just kill everything that moves.


Mission 3 - The First Step - Roof6. Return to Sanctuary

After leaving the building through the roof, there will be a lot of enemies again. You can kill them all or simply run away. Your mission is done so the decision is yours. Return to Preston at Sanctuary to receive your reward.


And this is it! You have completed one extremely important mission early on in the game – and a really exciting one, too! Stay tuned with VgamerZ for even more Fallout 4 related guides or read the next exclusive mission guide: Fallout 4 Mission Guide: Taking Point: Sunshine Tiding Co-Op.

Fallout 4 Guide: How to Easily Kill Deathclaw

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At the start of your Fallout 4 journey, you’ll have to kill an elite monster named Deathclaw, which looks like a small T-Rex dinosaur. There are many ways to take it down but here’s the easiest one.

Deathclaw is a fearless monster capable of one hitting players, even when they’re wearing superior armor. The creature is very aggressive and agile and it performs small leaps. In order to kill it, players need a relatively strong weapon. Afterwards, a continuously precise fire is required due to his high resilience and health. However, there’s a way to take him down without much effort.


Fallout 4 - Deathclaw Guide1. Get Your Power Armor

While doing the second story quest When Freedom Calls, make sure to finish the Power Armor part. Else, it’s really hard to kill Deathclaw. You won’t just need a lot of ammo, you’ll also need a strategic position, fast reflexes and tons of aim.


Fallout 4 - Deathclaw Guide2. Look for Deathclaw

Once you’re inside your Power Armor, get out of the Museum of Freedom and look for Deathclaw. However, don’t go too far from the front door/out of Preston’s range. Make sure the creature doesn’t spot you either. Keep a distance  between both and start aiming.


3. Go for the Head

The quickest way to kill this mini boss is to keep aiming at his head and chest. But it’s not always easy to do this since Deathclaw dodges and moves very quickly. If you don’t want to do this, it’s fine just lure him and move to the following step.


Fallout 4 - Deathclaw Guide4. Move to the Left Shop

When Deathclaw starts getting close to you, do not risk a frontal confrontation. The creature will one hit you, so just move along and get inside the shop that is next to the Museum of Freedom.


Fallout 4 - Deathclaw Guide5. Open Fire

Now, all you have to do is keep some distance from the windows and open fire on the creature. Avoid hitting the inside walls and wait until Deathclaw’s health bar is depleted. Done, you’ve killed him quickly and easily.

Fallout 4 Cheats: God Mode & More (Console Commands)

Sometimes, the wastelands and all those crazy mutants and enemies that Fallout 4 throws at us can be a bit too much, and in that case one might be tempted to simply enter a cheat code and enjoy the show. This definitely ruins the experience a little bit, but games are all about having fun – and not getting too frustrated. So if you want to, you can check out our Fallout 4 cheats below that will enjoy to play the game worry-free: we have the console commands for everything from God Mode to unlocking doors and killing all enemies nearby. And then you can get all the loot too!

In order to get access to these Fallout 4 cheat codes, you first need to activate the console command. Simply press the ~ key (normally right before the 1 key on your keyboard) and type the console command as listed below. You will instantly get the benefits listed near it. Pretty easy, right? Now go grab a Nuka Cola, as things are getting back to normal and under your control!

tgm – Activate God Mode
tmm 1 – Reveal all map markers
Kill – Kill targeted enemy
KillAll – Kill all enemies nearby
unlock – Unlock door
tcl – Turn NoClip on / off (this allows you to go through walls)
setav aggression 0 – Pacify targeted NPC

If you don’t want to always use these Fallout 4 cheats and codes and you want to give surviving the wastelands a try on your own, make sure you check back with Vgamerz often as we’ll bring you all the guides you will need to beat the game. And if it’s modding the game what you like the most, don’t hesitate to check out our sister site, The Modded Vault. Or just use these cheats and have fun!

How to Fix Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Crashes, Black Screen, Freezes & More

The launch of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is one of the biggest this year (as it usually happens with any game in the Call of Duty franchise), but it seems that this particular release is a lot more buggy than previous ones as tons of gamers are complaining because of various problems: in many cases, CoD Black Ops 3 crashes, freezes and gamers get a black screen when trying to start the game. Frame rate issues are also a big complaint that gamers (especially PC gamers) have, but we are here to try to get you out of the mess – at least until the developers roll out a patch for the game – and share with you some advice on how to fix Call of Duty Black Ops 3 crashes, black screen problems, frame rate issues, freezes and other problems that we’ve stumbled upon.

We’ll have to start with the “generic” check-ups in case you’re running the game on a desktop computer and you’re having any kind of problems with it: first off, make sure that your system meets the minimum requirements to run the game, that your drivers are up to date and that you check the game’s integrity to make sure it installed correctly. If all these are met and you still have problems, we should go more in depth with everything.

Black Ops 3 crashes & low framerate fix
Treyarch themselves recommended gamers – especially Windows 10 owners – to alter the config.ini file of the game in order to quick fix it. So all you have to do is to find the file, which is located in the players folder of your game installation directory, open it with Notepad and then change the WorkerThreads = 4 to WorkerThreads = 2. You should try this even if you don’t run Windows 10!

Black Ops 3 Black Screen problems
Many players are complaining that they get a black screen after the logo and intro video of the game. If that’s the case, just wait a bit longer as the game is downloading some data and this might be the reason for it. Try to Alt+Tab, then Alt+Tab again to get out from the game and back into it to see if this fixes your problem (after waiting for a couple of minutes).

Changing the WorkerThreads = 4 to WorkerThreads = 2 only, as recommended in the crashes fix above, can also fix your Black Screen problems.

If that does not work, then you will have to edit the config.ini file again and change the resolution of the game. If you don’t want to mess up with all those numbers and files, you can simply copy and paste the settings shared on Steam. These settings have managed to solve the black screen problems for all the gamers who tried them.

How to fix Mouse Lag in the game
Many PC gamers are complaining about their mouse lagging in the game, which is insanely annoying. First of all, if you’re running with a wireless mouse, you should try to switch to a regular one and see if the problems are still there. IF they are (or even if they’re not and you still want to play with your wireless mouse), you can try the following things:

– Set screen resolution to something less than 100%. (you can edit the config.ini file for that)
– Set Mouse Polling Resolution to 250Hz or less.
– Go to the game’s advanced settings and try disabling the more demanding visuals related options (like Volumetric lightning, Dynamic Shadows, Subsurface scattering, Vsync and/or Mouse Acceleration)

UI Error 18408
Many people have complained of getting this error when trying to switch weapons in the game. We’ll have to wait for a patch from Treyarch which will surely solve it!

How to fix no in-game sound problems
Change your sound settings from 5.1 to stereo – simply plug out and back in your headphones / speakers and set them to go on Stereo.

How to fix game crashing at startup
If the game crashes when you launch it or soon after launch, it might be a problem related to any video recording software you might have running in the background. Quit them and restart. If that doesn’t fix it, try disabling try disabling Steam Overlay.

Finally, in order to improve the performance of the game and avoid the game’s freezing and low FPS issues, you should try to lower its visual settings. Lower the graphics as much as possible, then work your way up until problems start getting back to you. The game is extremely resource hungry!

Are you having problems running Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. Did our solutions for the crashes, freezes and black screen problems helped you? Let us know by commenting below and share any other fix you might have found to help fellow gamers enjoy the game.

Warframe: The Jordas Golem

The Jordas Golem is the final part of the Jordas Precept mission that came with patch 17.7.1 for the PlayStation 4 Xbox 1, and and an assassination target that is fought in an Archwing. Make sure that you have your Archwing otherwise you will not be able to join or complete the mission! The mission is located on Eris in Naeglar and is level 32-34.

There are two parts to this mission, one part is in a ship where you head towards the target location and fight a Juggernaut. Once you defeat the Juggernaut, the second part of the mission starts in which you’re flung outside and come face to face with the Jordas Golem.

This guy can be pretty tough for those who aren’t prepared.

He attacks with a beam that hits a random target, when he’s moving to the opposite side of the arena he will hit you if you get in the way. He’ll also throw electricity balls that deal electricity damage. The worst attack, and least used, is a fire wave. This extends outwards and does fire damage. Once you see it, it’s best to ignore everything and fly away using your boosters. Because it’s a high damage attack, it’s generally what kills most people.

Not only does he attack but he has minions flying around that will constantly attack and constantly spawn in.

Now, how to defeat him? You’ll notice that attached to the back of Jordas is a metal pack. This is what you want to shoot. Getting behind him allows you to shoot the pack without being hit by his laser beam. Having damage mods on your weapons as well as corrosive projection does help here as Jordas is a bullet sponge. My Archwing isn’t exactly high level, it’s only level 24, but I do have Rudebo-Line Barrel mod and Parralax Scope mod which is extra damage and critical chance respectively.

If you’re not doing that much damage, it’s okay. It becomes a slow and steady sort of fight which means do damage when you can, and don’t take much risk. If doing more damage, then obviously you’ll kill him faster so less chance of taking risks.

Jordas Golem drops the Atlas Warframe parts while doing the Jordas Precept quest gets you the Atlas Warframe blueprints.

Blade & Soul Tricks & Tips: How to Get Unsealing Charms

Blade and Soul Wallpaper

Unsealing charms are crucial in Blade & Soul’s upgrading system and they can be really bothersome to get, especially after level 15. Here are some tips and tricks on how to get unsealing charms.

This utility item plays a key-role in Blade & Soul since players are not capable of upgrading their gear without them. Most gear items require a seal to unlock them and make them usable, which means that even if you get the item you need but you do not have any charms left, you’ll be stuck in the process. At early levels it’s not too hard to get them for free but afterwards everything gets complicated. Check out how can you get unsealing charms across your entire journey.

Blade and Soul - Unsealing Charm1. Beginner Quests and Surveys

At early levels, you’ll get a few quests that will award you Unsealing Charms or HongMoon Unsealing Charms, which pretty much do the same thing with some item restrictions for the latest. All you have to do is level up naturally and save your charms for gear upgrades, do not waste them to unlock items you don’t exactly need, such as high quality soul shield pieces. Else, you’ll run out of them really quickly.

Blade and Soul - Unsealing Charm2. Training Chain Quest

The purple training quest that accompanies you since the start will turn out to be a great surprise at the end of the day. You won’t just learn your most common and useful combos, you’ll also get an interesting reward upon completing the chain. The prize is nothing more nothing less than five Unsealing Charms and a few more things. So, even if you know your combos well do not skip the purple quest.

Blade and Soul - Unsealing Charm3. Daily Quests

How to get Unsealing Charms after the beginner phase is over? Great question. Daily quests is one option for sure. Most daily quests reward you with a chest that has a small percentage to drop an Unsealing Charm. I know it’s not a common drop but it’s still worth the shot since it also gives experience, money, potions and other items. Daily Quests are all over the world, literally. You can even do low level dailies if you wish.

Blade and Soul - Unsealing Charm4. Marketplace

The market is always a beautiful service, specially when you’re in urgent need for an item that you can’t seem to find anywhere. If you’re having serious troubles getting a charm and you really want to upgrade your gear, then just search for a Vault/Market/Mail/Shop NPC and open the Marketplace. To quickly find the charms just write the name on the search bar and click ok, you’ll find a few and you’ll realize how expensive they are.

Blade and Soul - Unsealing Charm5. General Merchant

When you have enough coins to buy Unsealing Charms from other players, then that generally means you’ll have enough to buy them off General Merchants too. They cost 10 silver each, it’s really expensive but sometimes is lower than the market itself. At least during beta times!

Blade and Soul - Unsealing Charm6. Crafting/Profession

Lastly, the cheapest and easier way to get Unsealing Charms is to craft them yourself. No one said it would be easy though. You need to join The Earthseers craftsman guild first at the Jadestone Village (closest point) and acquire some experience among them. Afterwards, you need several materials from other professions, such as Fishing and Pottery. Then you can create your astonishing charm. Might as well start your own business in game.

Blade and Soul - Unsealing Charm7. Daily Dash Spin

Another luck-based way to get Hongmoon Unsealing Charms is through the Daily Dash, which allows players to spin a small roulette for a number, then they’ll get an item in the puzzle depending on the number they get. There are tons of useful items from this mini-game, so you should run it a much as possible. Premium Players get more spins per day.

Planetbase Guide: Tips & Tricks to Build a Perfect Base and Survive on the New Planet

I love the direction city building sims are going: I absolutely loved playing Banished and now I am totally enjoying Planetbase, a city/base building that brings in survival and huge levels of challenge into play, giving you the chance to colonize a new planet. But it won’t be easy, as resources are scarce, dangers are everywhere and… well… you’re usually just about to fail. I am here to help you get started and try to avoid the inevitable failure of your new colony by sharing some Planetbase tips and tricks – a guide to build up the perfect base from the ground up and keep you playing for as long as possible.

There are different strategies one cam follow, especially in the later stages of the game, but below I have what I consider to be the best way to start your base, plus some general knowledge that you might find helpful, especially if you’re just starting to play the game.

You will start the game with limited resources, but enough to last you for a while. Putting them to good use and not rushing is vital early on. Since you have enough to rush through building things in Planetbase, you will usually do so. But I recommend being patient and waiting to have some resources before improving your base because resource collecting here is pretty slow!

Now, with that in mind, let’s start building. You should always start with an O2 Generator and then connecting the airlock to it. If your crew can’t breathe, they won’t live. Easy as pie!

Go for both types of power early on: build a small Solar Power Panel and a small Wind Generator, then add the Power Collector to store excess energy and offer you back-up when there are no winds during the night time. You will have to always keep an eye on your power consumption and add extra Collectors and even generators to keep things running smoothly.

Water is required, also for producing oxygen, so start with 1 Water extractor to have everything running smoothly.

With this basic setup, it’s time to start investing in the more complex/advanced buildings. Remember what I said before: keep an eye on requirements and consumption and build extra power sources or water extractors if needed. Now, build them in this particular order:

Dorm: the crew gets tired and they need sleep to keep on working, so first build them a house. Go for the small dorm and add 7 bunk beds to accommodate your starting crew. Add extra ones as numbers grow.

Canteen: start with the default size, there’s no need to overdo it here as you don’t have a lot of people anyway. One big table, drinking fountain, food machine and TV should do the trick!

Lab: You need variety when it comes to food so that your people don’t become malnourished and it’s the lab where the magic happens. Build 2 Meat producing items and go for chicken and pork or beef. Also, add the Workbench in your lab!

Biodome: Attaching this to canteen is the obvious way to go, but I like to also connect it with the Lab. This really brings up the food variety and you’ll really need it, so you might just start with the biggest size available. However, start with just 1 Vegetable and 1 Starch units, as well as 1 Medical Plant. These would be enough early on and will allow you to focus on getting everything else ready. But remember to check your water levels for this one to work properly and get back to it to expand it as your crew gets bigger and so do their needs.

Sickbay: It’s a bit risky to wait for so long to get your Sickbay running, but usually safe. This is where your crew gets healed, so you need one too!

Mine: They are built differently than regular structures, but I suggest building them near an Airlock to minimize the time spent outside by your workers: those working in a mine are really prone to injury since they have to be outside to work.

Processing Plant: Finally, the really important building that creates the materials needed for further upgrades and evolution of your base. If you don’t have enough materials for it, remember that you can sacrifice your mothership for some extra, but the remaining goods will be facing the elements and slowly decay, so it’s the last solution for you! But you have to get that Processing Plant done now in order to keep on building!

Of course, there is a lot more when it comes to base building and facing the various threats in the game, but this should give you a decent start. Also consider the following:

  • there is A LOT in terms of events and things that can happen in the game, always consider the best of your base and look beyond the obvious. For example, visitors and distress signals can make you really happy, only to prove, later on, that you went too far and you don’t have enough to feed everybody. Consider ever event twice before making your decision
  • Watch out for Malnutrition! This can happen at any moment, and you have to keep an eye on your medic. If he gets sick with Malnutrition, everything is lost! Think about variety and always add extra crops on the table!
  • If you are low on power, and you really need it for some specific buildings and you don’t have time/resources to build a new Generator, you can turn off any of your buildings, so turn off one or two that are no longer needed. You can also prioritize rooms – both when it comes to building or working on them, so use this as often as needed to focus your workers on a specific areas
  • When Solar Explosions happen, it’s best to get all your citizens inside and do it fast. You don’t need your base decimated by radiation poisoning now, do you?

There is a lot more in Planetbase and this guide for beginners only scratches the surface, but I do hope that it manages to help you understand the game better and get better at it next time you play. If you have other tips to share with fellow players, don’t hesitate to comment below!

AC Syndicate Guide: How to Level Up Quickly and Easily

AC Syndicate Wallpaper

Leveling up in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is quite easy. In fact, you can mostly follow the main story quests and everything will run quite smoothly. Nevertheless, there are always better ways to level up faster. The following guide shows how you can get tons of experience by simply playing through the game.

Even if questing alone might be enough to keep your experience levels up-to-date, it’s never too much to get even more since it means additional skill points, thus more abilities, more gear and ultimately way more power. Here’s a smooth guide with progressive tips that will show you how to level up without much effort – all you have to is to play strategically by taking advantage of everything around you.

Note: This is a progressive guide that features beginner gameplay. If you’re already advanced, you should skip some of the first tips.


1. Kill Enemies in Your Way

AC Syndicate Money LootThe first tip is common in almost every game, you need to defeat your enemy in order to become more skilled. No science here. I’m not exactly saying to kill everyone in your way but every time you get the chance, do not hesitate, just take the kill and the experience. A few kills won’t do much for you but after a while, dozens or even hundreds of kills will certainly make the difference.


2. Perform Special Attacks, Combos and Actions

AC Syndicate AC Syndicate Combat PerkNow, it’s time to show off your true skills. By performing basically any sort of combo or special attack, you’ll be triggering extra experience on kills. So, do not panic or fight blindly, just use your abilities properly in order to end up with a successful combo. The more you do, the more experience you’ll get. Here are some of the innumerous combos you can do in-game: Headshot, Assassination, Death Recovery, Fancy Moves, Vanish on Smoke, Flawless Fighter.


3. Make Your Path Through Fighting and Liberating

AC Syndicate KidnapTo make your journey more experience-friendly, you should move around and make your own path by fighting and liberating. How? London is filled with work. It’s basically everywhere you go, so finding secondary missions are rather inevitable. By other words, if you keep moving while killing enemies, saving allies and going for objectives, you won’t just eventually reach your primary destiny, you will also gain tremendous amounts of experience on the way.


4. Unlock Synchronization Points to Enable Fast Travel

AC Syndicate Sync PointBut walking too much can become a waste of time as you progress, activities will lessen and your conquered land will increase. So, start unlocking synchronization points in early game. Else, you’ll have huge headaches to unlock them later on and you won’t be able to use them either. This is a true advantage in mid-late game because you will need to move a lot across London and this is undoubtedly, a time-saving feature – all we want is fast experience in all stages of the game.


5. Collect Chests, Helix Glitches, Illustrations and Secrets of London

AC Syndicate Collect ChestThis step is nothing but free experience. All you have to do is look carefully for collectibles, some will display in your map others not so much. But yes, basically everything that can be collected in Syndicate gives you experience, things like chests, helix glitches, illustrations and even secrets of London. Think of them as extra rewards in form of experience for exploring and moving around places off the road.


6. Focus on Combat and Stealth Skills

AC Syndicate Money GuideIf you want to get faster experience, you need to be skilled and powerful in combat. It’s all about logic, so if you want to kill fast and go through missions as quick as possible, you need to focus on your combat and stealth trees, that’s where the good abilities are and you really need them for this. I know money is important too but try to keep a balance between both builds.


7. Keep Upgrading Your Gear

AC Syndicate InventorySkills are not so reliable without gear, so another very important step is to keep your equipment updated at all times. Else, you can do all the combos in the world and your damage will still be too low to kill  fast enough. Note that both defense and offense stats are important in this game, so don’t be careless when it comes to purchase better gear.


8. Unlock Combat Perks

AC Syndicate Combat PerkIn Syndicate, you have the chance to unlock combat perks. What do they do? Well, they give pleasant amounts of experience. But they are normally hard to achieve. Combat perks work a bit like small achievements, where players must repeat some sort of combo or special attack for a certain number of times. Once you perform all of them, you unlock the perk and you get the experience bonus for it. Simple enough.


9. Completing Conquest, Associate and Income Activities

AC Syndicate Associate ActivityIf you feel you’re a bit behind in levels you can always engage in any of the conquest, associate or income activities. They can be found all over London and they normally reward you with gentle amounts of experience and money. Thing is, some of them take a while to complete, so choose wisely by always considering the experience reward first.


10. Simply Gang Wars

AC Syndicate Gang War

One of the most experience rewarding activities in game is certainly Gang Wars. By challenging enemy gang leaders and fighting along your gang comrades, you have the chance to trigger huge amounts of XP. This activity takes a while to complete, so make sure you have enough supplies to start this type of conflict. The gang leader is a small boss and it doesn’t go down easily.


11. Club Fighting

AC Syndicate Fight ClubAnother experience candy is the Fight Club. By challenging other fighting opponents and defeating them all (which is normally not as simple as it might seem), you end up with a surprisingly reward, which includes experience, money and occasionally items too. This is a must-do activity for so many reasons, so if you’re close by don’t run away, you won’t regret it.


12. Completing Sequences

AC Syndicate Story Quest SequenceThe ultimate experience machine is nothing more than completing story quests, also known as sequences in Syndicate. In my opinion, you can do just fine if you stick to them for a while but after middle game you need to do other missions too or you’ll get pretty behind in experience. Also, try to always complete the secondary objectives in sequences, as they give you extra rewards when you finally complete them.


Other Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Guides: AC Syndicate Guide: How to Make Quick and Easy Money

NBA 2K16 Small Forward Build: How to Build the Best SF in the Game

Building the perfect Small Forward in NBA 2K16 is one of the trickiest jobs as this is one of the most demanding positions on the field, one that would require you to have great stats in all areas: you have to be a great shooter, you must be able to control the ball, to defend, to rebound… everything! That’s crazy because we all know that you can’t really max out everything in the game, so when you build the perfect NBA 2K16 Small Forward, you’ll have to specialize your guy and agree to let a few things go away. But I have what I think is the best SF build for your MyCareer, so check it out as I had great results with it (I love playing Small Forward and this is what I play with right now!)

So without further ado, let’s build our future NBA superstar. We have to start with smart choices when it comes to player creation:

The most important aspect when creating your Small Forward in the game, is choosing the right height. I would recommend going for 6’8″ or even 6’7″ for a bit higher potential stats, but nothing lower, nothing higher. I would recommend 6’8″ though since you get some extra height and the stat caps are still solid. The weight should be between 225 – 230, so you are strong enough not to get pushed away too easy, but not too bulky to be too slow. What matters a lot here is to max out the wingspan and increase or even max out the shoulder width as this will really give you the advantage in the games. Set your player to be an Outside scorer, since that’s where you’ll be getting most of your points!

Now that you’ve chosen the proper height, it’s time to start improving your player’s skills. The Jump Shooter category is the obvious one to invest in early on, so max it out together with Athleticism, then Focus on Playmaker. The remaining three categories are a bit tricky. In this case, Inside Scorer, even if maxed out, will not give you too much in term of stats (you’ll have the driving layup maxed at 66 for example, and that’s not really too much). Rebounding is also tricky because, even though the stats increase nicely, you will generally get an advantage because of the height/wingspan combination so you should not focus on it. Which leaves us with Defense, which should be the next one to max out.

Finally, after maxing out these four categories, start investing in Rebounding and Inside Scoring. I’d personally go with 5 levels on Inside Scoring and 15 on Rebounding. The truth is that Inside Scoring will suck anyway, and the difference between a 50 and a 66 is not that great. You won’t be scoring your points by diving when it’s crowded, but the 50-ish rating will still allow you to score on counterattacks. Investing more in rebounding, combined with your height/wingspan ration will turn you into a really good rebounder and it’s worth investing here instead of the Inside Scoring.

In the end, don’t forget about Boosting your stats as well because that gives you extra 5 points in each category, so you will get even better. The result? A beast of a Small Forward that will give Lebron a run for his money and one that will make it into a superstar really soon.

Do you agree with my SF build for NBA 2K16 or you go for a different approach? Let me know by commenting below!

AC Syndicate Guide: How to Make Quick and Easy Money

AC Syndicate Wallpaper

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate requires tons of money in order to unlock and upgrade almost all gear in game. Money is also required to buy utility supplies. By other words, money commands your power force. The thing is, becoming rich in Syndicate is not as simple as it seems.

Skill points are clearly the main combat element in game since they determinate your characters’ skills and power abilities. However, skill points won’t work as expected without certain gear and advanced upgrades. That’s when money comes to take its primary role in game. To acquire new weapons, armor pieces or even utility supplies, players need large amounts of pounds (Syndicate’s money). Despite being quite complicated to become rich in a short amount of time, you can easily get a lot of money by following the tips in this guide.

Note: This is a progressive guide. As you progress, some steps will become automated either by skills or by repetitive play.


1. Ubisoft E-Store

AC Syndicate e-Store

I’ll start with the easiest and quickest way to get in-game pounds. Simply access the Ubisoft e-store in-game while having some coins and click on: Get In-Game Currency: £. Also, if you’re looking for specific items such as crafting materials or experience boosts, you can directly purchase them from the store.


2. Loot Corpses

AC Syndicate Money Loot

At the beginning of the game, one of the main tricks is to loot everyone you kill. It can become bothersome sometimes but don’t worry you’ll be able to acquire an auto-loot skill after some levels (named Loot Takedown in the Stealth tree). Looting corpses will often give you free pounds (normally no more than 20£ per loot) and a few random utility items.


3. Locate and Open Chests

AC Syndicate Chest Loot

There are hidden chests all over London, all you have to do is locate them through your map. The chests are explicitly marked with a chest icon, so all you have to do is check in which level they’re placed. Normal chests contain medium amounts of money, as well as other useful items such as crafting materials. Locked chests contain better rewards, so don’t miss any of them.


4. Finish Story Sequences

AC Syndicate Sequences

Probably the most ordinary way to get money in action-games is to complete story quests. Mostly because they don’t just give experience, they also reward you with some great amounts of money. In AC Syndicate, the main quests are called Sequences and they’re marked as yellow symbols in the map, make sure to complete them as soon as you can.


5. Unlock the Scavenger and Lock-Picking Abilities

AC Syndicate Money Guide

In order to generate more income, you should unlock certain abilities in both Jacob and Evie. To get more and better loot from every resource you need to unlock the following skills: Scavenger I and Scavenger II in the Excosystem tree and the Lock-Picking I and Lock-Picking II in the Stealth tree. While the first allows you to get more income from each resource, the second will allow you to lock-pick high chests and doors that might contain hidden rewards.


6. Complete Income Activities

AC Syndicate Income Missions

Completing income activities all across London will put some extra pounds in your pocket. If you really need some quick money, open your map and look for nearby income missions, which can be displayed differently depending on their goal. The most common and rewarding ones include robbing trains, boats and carts. Besides money, players will often get crafting materials.


7. Unlock the Pub Investor Chain

AC Syndicate Gang Upgrades

To ensure that your faction will prevail, at least in terms of currency, you need to unlock the Pub Investor chain in the Gang Upgrades Swindler tree. These skills will allow you to literally buy pubs in London and start business points, which will increase your hideout income by 500£ every 30 minutes. The subsequent upgrades will also generate more pounds, such as the Pub Games, which allow you to sponsor football-street games and increase pub users, thus more money.


8. Unlock Shell Company and Rate of Income

AC Syndicate Gang Upgrades

This is another way to generate tons of money by using your Gang Upgrades. This time you should get the Shell Company and Rate of Income abilities, both from the Swindler tree. The first allows you to increase the payout from all income activities, while the second reduces your bills and increases your vault capacity by 25%.


9. Collect the Hideout’s Safe Vault

AC Syndicate Safe Vault

To make the previous two tips more effective, you need to regularly collect your hideout’s safe. Gang activities will generate money, even if you don’t upgrade it at all. However, to obtain that money you need to visit your train and collect the accumulated cash directly from your personal vault.


10. Beat the Fight Club

AC Syndicate Money Fight Club

The ultimate method to make quick and easy money is to beat the Fight Club Challenges. If you successful go through all the waves, you’ll end up with an astonishing reward – loads of money, crafting materials and sometimes even gear pieces! Note that each Fight Club NPC has a loyalty bar, the more you fight the more special rewards you’ll get upon beating the challenges.

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