Fallout 4 Mission Guide: The Lost Patrol

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Paladin Danse wants you to investigate a missing squad case in the east part of Commonwealth. It’s no coincidence that the Brotherhood of Steel is not doing it themselves. You need quite a lot of firepower and strategy to do this.

The Lost Patrol is a long and quite difficult mission given by Paladin Danse. For the first half of the assignment, you won’t need anything special. However, in the second half you need all the firepower you can get, including your power armor, big guns and tons of food. Let’s see how it’s done in the best way possible.

Fallout 4 - The Lost Patrol - Search First Distress Signal1. Head to the Starting Area

Do a fast travel to the nearest location in the east and walk to the green icon in your map. Getting there might be a bit problematic, there are some ghouls and wild animals in the way but nothing serious.

Fallout 4 - The Lost Patrol - Med-Tek Research Ghouls2. Follow the Distress Signal

When you get near the location you’ll start receiving distress signals. Turn on your radio on that frequency to know its exact location. The first one is near the Med-Tek Research facility and it has a dozen of ghouls, including a legendary one. To do this, go behind the facility and start luring them out, one by one. It works way better than a front assault.

Fallout 4 - The Lost Patrol - First Holotape3. Find and Read the Battlefield Holotape

Keep going forward until you find some ruins with soldier corpses. Loot the bodies and search for the Battlefield Holotape in your inventory under Misc. Play the tape and proceed to the next step.

Fallout 4 - The Lost Patrol - Second Distress Signal Location4. Second Distress Signal

You can report back to Danse now if you wish but since it’s optional you can keep going. Go to the next checkpoint named National Guard Training Yard, where the second distress signal is located.

Fallout 4 - The Lost Patrol - Entrance Ghouls5. Clear the Area and Enter the Outpost

Kill the ghouls around the yard and be careful with the auto turrets in the roofs, destroying them is up to you since running works pretty well here. Afterwards, head to the outpost marked in your map, get inside and kill the entrance ghouls.

Fallout 4 - The Lost Patrol - Legendary Geral Ghoul Reaver6. Kill the Ghouls

Once inside, there will be about another dozen of ghouls. Move slowly since the luring works by range. Kill the weaker ones at the second room area. Then, get ready to face a Legendary Feral Ghoul Reaver. The strategy here is to run in lines between both rooms while shooting him in the process. The mob takes awhile to turn back, so that’s when you have more time to shoot. Don’t forget to retrieve and read the second Holotape.

Fallout 4 - The Lost Patrol - Third Distress Signal7. Third Distress Signal

Move out towards the third distress signal location –  the Revere Satellite Array, better known as the mutant fortress in the area. This is when you want to go back to get your power armor and more ammunition, food, boosts and so on.

Fallout 4 - The Lost Patrol - Revere Satellite Array8. Infiltrate the Mutant Base

Alright, so start by doing some shooting at the front door to lure a few mutants. Then run away towards the forest and wait until they come to you. This strategy works well because they will come one by one generally and the others out of range will stay inside the base.

Fallout 4 - The Lost Patrol - Power Armor Reinforcements9. Power Armor Reinforcements

There are several super and legendary mutants in here and they all take awhile to die. If you’re having troubles managing your power armor, head north and you’ll find new pieces to put on. Or if you’ve forgotten your power armor location, you can just use this one. Check this screenshot to check the exact location.

Fallout 4 - The Lost Patrol - Legendary Super Mutants10. Kill the Mutants

Now, start killing the big bad ones with the same luring trick. Head north once again and run in lines or even circles while shooting them. It takes awhile but it’s the only way, as they can two-three hit you in the power suit. You can use wild animals to help you in this one too.

Fallout 4 - The Lost Patrol - Third Holotape11. Head to the Base

Go back to the mutant base and kill whoever is still alive. Then, follow the third distress signal and pick the holotape. It’s right up in one of the satellite towers, just follow the distress direction to know which one. Play Scribe Faris’ Holotape and head north.

Fallout 4 - The Lost Patrol - Recon Bunker Theta12. Enter the Recon Bunker Theta

In the very north, there’s a bunker that must be investigated. Hack the terminal and get inside to talk to Scribe Faris. Try to calm him down and just explain the situation. You can then take any items you want and the mission is finally done. Report back to Danse to get your reward.

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Fallout 4 Mission Guide: Cleansing the Commonwealth Part 2

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The second mission from Knight Rhys is to annihilate even more ghouls. This time the location is the Super Duper Mart in Lexington. Before heading into this ghoul nest,you should read the following steps.

The Brotherhood of Steel always has assignments for you, that’s a reality. After all, the world is filled with scum these days. Gear up as much as you can, bring all the ammo and projectiles you have, as well as regeneration items like food and boosts. You’ll really need them.


Fallout 4 - Cleansing the Commonwealth Part 2 - Super Duper Mart1. Enter the Super Duper Mart

After traveling to this unexpected place, get inside and start the killing. There are several dozens of ghouls here and most are not just common ghouls. Aim steady and keep a distance at all costs.


Fallout 4 - Cleansing the Commonwealth Part 2 - Companion Lure2. Lure with Your Companion

After the entrance room, you should use your companion to recon the front area. Why? Companions don’t die and they can be used as bait/tanks. While they’re distracting enemies by taking damage, you have time to aim and kill.


3. Get the Trapped Ghouls

On the bottom left of the Mart, there are a few trapped ghouls inside a windowed room, kill them through the open space as they cannot get to you. Once you get out, enable the sneaky mode on CTRL.


Fallout 4 - Cleansing the Commonwealth Part 2 - Ghoul Killing4. Proceed Slowly

Don’t rush this mission, simply because it’s a trap. When you start seeing a green ambiance, walk very slowly. Ghouls will slowly come to you and you don’t want a dozen on you. Use projectiles in this fight, else you’ll need to run around for awhile.


Fallout 4 - Cleansing the Commonwealth Part 2 - Remaining Ghoul Killing5. Kill Everything

That’s it. Now, just kill the remaining ghouls around and go forward until you see a terminal. Unlock/hack it to open the door that will lead you outside. Go back to Knight Rhys to receive your reward and a new mission.


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Fallout 4 Mission Guide: Tradecraft

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Tradecraft is the first Railroad mission and it’s the admission point into the faction. You’ll be guided by spymaster Deacon but don’t let you guard down, this mission is quite challenging. Learn how can you do it without failing once.

Fallout 4 is all about helping the world coming together again. And helping the Railroad is just another way to make Commonwealth a safer place. The first mission is Tradecraft and you need to infiltrate the older Railroad’s base, which is now under a Synth’s domination. Gear up and get ready for another intense mission.

Fallout 4 - Tradecraft - Enter the Escape Tunnels 1. Meet Deacon at the Old Highway

After talking to Deacon at the Old North Church, do a fast travel to the nearby location of the Old Highway marked in your map. He’s under not on the highway so just walk there and approach him.

Fallout 4 - Tradecraft - Follow Deacon2. Follow Deacon

Follow Deacon and the tourist markings on the way. You just have to walk forward and clear the path from ghouls. Then, you’ll find your asset there, where you can get more information about the mission.

Fallout 4 - Tradecraft - Find the Tourist3. Pick the Escape Tunnels

Deacon is not certain about the veracity of the info gathered from the tourist and he asks you about the strategy approach. Pick the tunnels instead of a front assault. Why? It seemed safer to me and it ended up to be true.

Fallout 4 - Tradecraft - Enter the Escape Tunnels4. Enter the Escape Tunnels

Go to the tunnels marked in your map, it’s a huge metal tube in the ground you cannot miss it. Enter with Deacon and wait him to hack the terminal to open the gate.

Fallout 4 - Tradecraft - Kill the Synths5. Clean the Area

Start killing the synths around, be careful to do not get hit as they are quite strong in terms of damage. Luckily, they go down pretty fast if you use a strong weapon. So, just take cover and aim at their chest and belly, it’s harder to miss that way.

Fallout 4 - Tradecraft - Hack and Open the Door6. Hack the Terminal

Now, it’s your turn to hack the terminal. Find the password and unlock the door. But position yourself and your companion first, there are tons of synths inside. Take cover on that same side and look for the synths standing on the balcony.

Fallout 4 - Tradecraft - Find the Door7. Find the Door

You’re in a wide room now, head up the stairs and find the door to go forward. You’ll also find advanced terminators in your path but don’t worry, they are not needed for the mission.

Fallout 4 - Tradecraft - Dodge the Electric Traps8. Dodge the Electric Traps

You need to pass a corridor with three electric traps. The easier way to do not set them off is to jump between each one of them. However, be careful at the last one because synths are waiting you in the next room.

Fallout 4 - Tradecraft - Pick the Carrington's Prototype9. Pick the Carrington’s Prototype

Search around by following the green icon, you’ll find your Carrington’s Prototype inside a metal container. On the other room, you’ll find utility items locked up, you can easily hack it to open the doors.

Fallout 4 - Tradecraft - Leave the Base10. Leave the Base

On the way forward, do a sprint to avoid the mine explosions. Then, do some more hacking to power up the elevator ahead. You just need to kill a few more synths and you’re almost done. Once outside, do a fast travel to the Old North Church to talk to Deacon and finish the mission.

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Fallout 4 Mission Guide: Raider Troubles at Oberland Station

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Expanding the Minutemen is one the main goals in Fallout 4 and Preston will constantly give you new assignments to help fellow settlers in the Commonwealth. Raider Troubles at Oberland Station is one of the first missions. Learn how to do this.

A small settler camp at the south of Lexington has been raided several times and the victims have requested help from the Minutemen. Start by reaching the location in your map and ready yourself for a long and exciting journey into the East.

Fallout 4 - Raider Troubles at Oberland Station - Oberland Station Settler1. Reach the Oberland Station

To initiate this mission, head towards the Oberland Station. There can be several confronts during your path but nothing major. Make sure to gear up before going, you’ll need a strong weapon and ammo.

Fallout 4 - Raider Troubles at Oberland Station - Back Street Apparel2. Travel to Back Street Apparel

After talking to the settler, head to the new mission objective – Back Street Apparel, where the raider outpost is located. Since the outpost is quite far and the zone is not exactly friendly, stay out of the main roads.

Fallout 4 - Raider Troubles at Oberland Station - Enter Back Street Apparel3. Enter the Outpost

Once you reach the location, kill the raiders outside and enter the outpost. You’ll instantly get attacked by two raiders, take them down and carefully proceed to the next levels. Do not enter the left room there.

Fallout 4 - Raider Troubles at Oberland Station - Kill Raiders4. Kill Everyone

Clear the building to make a safe zone for your next move. In order to fight Clutch, the raider leader, you need safe space to move. So kill everyone first, so you don’t get backstabbers during your next fight.

Fallout 4 - Raider Troubles at Oberland Station - Clutch5. Take Clutch Down

Now, head back to the stairs. Send your companion or go inside the room yourself to lure Clutch out. Then go back to the stairs and shoot her from there. You get free cover this way and Clutch will eventually die. Head back to the settler camp afterwards and talk to Preston to complete the mission.

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Fallout 4 Mission Guide: Quartermastery Part 1

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The second assignment from the Brotherhood of Steel is given by Scribe Haylen and the main objective is to retrieve the Flux Sensor. Check out how to do this as quick as possible.

To prove yourself in the Brotherhood, you have to complete a set of military missions. Each one of them normally has an elite enemy to be eliminated and Quartermastery is no exception. This mission’s objective is to get retrieve an important component. It’s relatively easy to accomplish if you follow the steps below.


Fallout 4 - Quartermastery - Beantown Brewery1. Head West

After receiving the quest from Haylen, head west from the Cambridge Police Station. Take the main road and use one of the two bridges there to cross the river. The final destination is Beantown Brewery.


Fallout 4 - Quartermastery - Bottom Level2. Infiltrate the Facility

After getting inside through the back door (the front door is well locked), kill the only scavenger there in the first room and head towards the bottom level by sneaking out with CTRL.


Fallout 4 - Quartermastery - Lure Tower Tom3. Clear the Area

Now, it’s time to kill everyone one by one. It’s not hard, there aren’t many enemies around but the strategy here is to lure the elite Tower Tom out without getting instantly killed. Stand in the middle and take cover.


Fallout 4 - Quartermastery - Dead Tower Tom4. Kill Tower Tom

Now, throw any projectile at Tom’s position and carefully shoot him. If you don’t want to risk dying, let your companion do most of the shooting, it also works. It’s important to keep moving under cover, Tom will eventually throw a grenade at you.


Fallout 4 - Quartermastery - Elevator5. Reach the Elevator

Get to the elevator to reach the upper level, where Tom’s corpse is laying now. Check the right side of the bottom level where you are, you can’t miss it. Click on the button to open the elevator’s door. Then again head upward.


Fallout 4 - Quartermastery - Flux Sensor6. Loot and Retrieval

When you enter the upper room, there’s a chest filled with good stuff at the left side. That’s also where the Flux Sensor is located. Mission done, get out of the facility and go back to Haylen through fast travel.


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Fallout 4 Guide: How to Romance Cait

Cait is the second female companion available to romance in Fallout 4 and, unlike Piper, she’s a really bad girl. It looks as if Bethesda actually tried to give us two completely different choices for romancing, based on the type of game we play: if you like to be Mr. Nice Guy, go for Piper. If you want to be all macho and bad boy – go for Cait.

In this article, as the title suggests, I am going to share with you a complete guide on how to romance the bad girl Cait – if you think you can handle her! So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out Vgamerz’ guide: how to romance Cait in Fallout 4!

First of all, you will have to find Cait. She’s not the easiest to find, but she’s located in the Combat Zone in Boston, a raider-infested club that you need to clear out before being able to recruit her as a companion.

In order to be able to romance her, you will need to build up your relationship to the level where she idolises you. In order to do that, you must keep performing actions that she will appreciate, and I am listing them all below:

– Make selfish and/or violent dialogue options (ask for more money, be aggressive)
– Consume chems and alcohol
– pick locks (they can also be owned)
– Steal from others

So she is really a bad girl and goes perfectly with a tougher character. However, there are things that she doesn’t like, things that would bring your relationship meter down. The things are:

– Killing non-hostile characters
– Eating human flesh
– Going for peaceful options / solutions / being generous with other characters through dialogue options

There is no real indicator on how well you’re doing, but you can always check your relationship status with her by talking to her. Whenever you level up your friendship level, you will know because there will be new dialogue options available and you can even flirt (so high charisma/luck are required). However, until she starts idolising you, the flirting doesn’t have an impact on your chances of romancing her. When you get there, though, you need to successfully pull out a dialogue option, so to make sure that you manage to do it, it would be best to save your game and retry until you can pull it out. It wouldn’t hurt to wear some clothes that increase your charisma and/or luck to have better chances.

fallout 4 romance perk

After you successfully do this and you romance Cait, you will get access to her unique perk – Trigger Rush which regenerates your Action points 25% faster when you have 25% or less health. Also, you will get the special Relationship perk that gives you a temporary 15% XP gain boost after sleeping in a bed when the companion is nearby.

So now you know everything you need to do to romance Cait. If you think that she’s the one – go for it!

Fallout 4 Guide: How to Romance Piper

We have already talked about the best companion in Fallout 4 and Piper’s name was mentioned there because, well… she’s one of the two female characters that you can romance in the game. Bethesda really didn’t want to treat us with a ton of options here! The good news is that you can easily connect with Piper, she’s extremely beautiful and you will never feel the need for another woman in the Commonwealth. At least until a DLC arrives with new female companions. Ahem…

But let’s get back to today’s topic: let’s find out how to romance Piper in Fallout 4!

You will find Piper early into the game, at the gates of Diamond City. After getting in, you will have to offer her an interview (answer whatever you feel you should answer there) and she will then become available as your companion. And now the fun part begins!

In order to get to the point where Piper can be romanced, you will have to build up your relationship with her up to the point where she idolises you. In order to build up your relationship, you need to perform any and all of the following things:

– Make sarcastic dialogue comments
– Be generous when making dialogue choices (as in accept to help people without any questions asked/trying to get more rewards)
– Be generous and give away items for Misc quests (like giving Nuka Cola to the Diamond City farmer)
– successfully pick locks in dungeons

However, certain actions will have you lose relationship points with her. These are:

– Steal, try to pickpocket or pick locks that are owned
– Kill non hostile people
– Choose aggresive/violent or selfish dialogue options
– Eat human flesh

You won’t really have an indicator of the points you have until the next level, but keep doing what she likes and you’ll quickly get there. Every time you “level up” the relationship, a new dialogue option is available and you can start flirting. The success of this is influenced by your charisma and luck levels, so it doesn’t hurt to put on some gear that increases those stats.

However, they don’t seem to matter too much – at the end, when she idolises you, you will get a final dialogue option which MUST be successful in order for you to romance Piper. That’s why it would be best to save your game before trying to talk with her and reload if you fail – until you succeed.

After the successful line is said, you can romance Piper, you will get her unique perk (Gift of Gab, giving you double XP when managing to use persuasive dialogue options and when finding new areas) and the romance boost (giving you 15% extra XP after sleeping in a bed when she’s nearby).

Now you know how to romance Piper in Fallout 4 – go out there and work your magic!

The Best Companion in Fallout 4 Is…

Fallout 4 is bringing us improved companions – and a lot of them, too – to assist us in our quest to make the Commonwealth a better place (or not). They will follow us around, they will help a lot and they will even allow us to romance them if we build up the relationship. They are extremely useful, but it makes sense that some are better than the others. And we’re here to find out which is the best companion in Fallout 4!

I am trying to keep this article as spoiler-free as possible, but be warned that there might be some spoilers ahead, so read at your own risk! And now let’s check out the Fallout 4 best companion.


fallout 4 codsworth

He’s one of the first companions you’ll get in the game, but he is arguably one of the better ones. I personally consider him the perfect companion to bring in for a fight. He has all the insane weapons and knows how to use them: he causes a ton of damage in melee combat and his flame thrower is amazing. He is indeed pretty much useless when it comes to long range combat, but the moments when I couldn’t use him properly were few and overall I still believe that he is the best companion to explore the wasteland.

Piper or Cait

fallout 4 best companion piper

If you’re in the majority (meaning male player looking to romance female companion in the game), then your options are pretty much limited. In this case, Piper becomes the best choice in my case – and yours if you like to play it nice in the game. For the evil ones, there is Cait. They both look good so make your pick if that’s everything you’re looking for.

Nick Valentine

Fallout 4_20151103152835

He’s actually the best companion in terms of story, in my opinion and you can really connect with him on a personal level. He’s the only companion that I actually ended up really caring about (him and Piper – but she had other aces up her sleeves) and I loved to be followed by him. So if it’s a bit more role playing experience and connecting to a deeper level, try to go with Valentine!

The most useful remains, in my opinion, Codsworth because he can take a beating, he can cause some damage and he can take away some heat off you by jumping straight into battle. What do you say, though? Which is the best companion in Fallout 4?

Fallout 4: How to Make More Caps Easily

Bottlecaps – or Caps, as we all know them in the Wastelands / Commonwealth – are the main currency in the game and, especially early on, you never seem to have enough caps to buy everything you need. In order to make your life easier in the game, I have decided to create this guide and share with you some nice methods to make more caps in Fallout 4, including a really nice exploit/glitch that you should try as soon as possible – before Bethesda fixes it.

So if you want more money in the game, you’re at the right place, because we’re going to tell you how to get them. So let’s find out how to make more caps easily in Fallout 4!

1. We’ll start with the glitch that we talked about since this allows you to get virtually unlimited amounts of caps and also all the items that vendors have on sale. Which is pretty huge. Basically, it involves trading ammo to trigger the glitch and you can find the detailed guide over at Modded Vault. Pretty sweet!

2. Invest in your perks – although I don’t really recommend this. There are two perks that you can invest in to get more caps: the Cap Collector (requires 1 Charisma) and the Fortune Finder (requires 2 Luck). They can both be upgraded to increase the amount of caps that you get, but I think that the other methods presented here are way better and you should not waste your Perk points on these. But if you think you know better, these are the two perks to get for more money.

3. Learn to pick master locks – this is vital in every Fallout game, and Fallout 4 makes no exception. Being able to pick master locks means you can pick any lock in the game and you will always find amazing loot behind closed locks: from tons of bottlecaps to tons of items that you can sell for tons of caps, everything’s there and this is one of the best perks to invest in!

4. Hoard and sell. It’s true that all the junk that you can find in the wasteland nowadays can be scraped and used to build your shelters, but there’s fortunately enough junk in the wasteland to allow you to get some extra money too. I would recommend doing the following: find an area that’s full of items that you can collect, store everything you own in a separate container in a settlement and go there wearing nothing. Fill up your inventory space, fast travel to a merchant, sell everything you got. Rinse and repeat to make a ton of money. You can also sell weapons, armor and anything else – there are enough enemies and areas in Fallout 4 to allow you to do this without worrying that you will run out of materials for scrapping.

5. If you have high charisma levels, you can always try to convince the NPCs to give you more money when completing quests. This might result in you being disliked by some of the companions, so either send them home before that (difficult to anticipate, though, when you will get the option) or simply ignore that for the love of money.

6. Explore the Commonwealth: simply hopping from quest area to quest area is usually good enough to give you a lot of caps eventually, but if you decide to do some exploring on your own and move away from the regular routes, you will have a lot of pleasant surprises as there are a ton of hidden goodies out there. Caps, items to sell for caps – you will find a lot of greatness by simply exploring the map and checking out anything that looks at least vaguely interesting.

These methods will guarantee you a ton of bottlecaps in Fallout 4 to buy all the crazy weapons and home decorations that you need. Do you have other methods for making quick caps in the game? Let us know by commenting below!

Fallout 4: How to Level Up Quickly

In Fallout 4, there is no level cap, which means that you can get as bad as you can – but early on you should focus on power leveling in order to get those perks to boost your character and be able to pick master locks. Even though leveling up comes naturally from playing the game, if you want to focus on leveling up quickly, we have a guide for you: it’s mostly basic stuff and common sense knowledge, but you might still not know about some of these tips so they might come in handy.

Let’s not waste any time and let’s check out below how to level up quickly in Fallout 4!

1. Complete quests
I would personally recommend to do as many side quests as possible and focus on the main mission only when you have nothing else left (or at least find a balance). Completing quests rewards you with a ton of XP points and some of the side quests are extremely easy. Make sure to complete the quest as you will sometimes get XP when completing milestones, and a nice bunch of them at the end.

2. Raise your Intelligence
I would not suggest investing in perks that give you extra XP, but you can certainly use some extra points in intelligence. Every extra point grants you 10% additional XP points whenever you get experience, so the more you have, the more XP you get and the faster you level up.

3. Build settlements
You already know how to build the perfect settlement in Fallout 4, but you probably didn’t know that you can use this as a method to level up quickly, especially early on in the game. Simply scrap all the junk that you have and build all sort of stuff around your settlement. This will reward you with XP points – and every little bit counts.

4. Be crafty and moddy
I am not really sure that there’s such a thing like “moddy,” but one thing is clear: if you start modding weapons and armor and even do some cooking, you will get some XP. The number of points you get here is not huge, but every little bit counts, so make sure that you always tinker with your weapons and armor to get extra armor.

5. High charisma
Or just some fancy clothes. In other words, whenever you enter a settlement or you anticipate some chats, but on a suit and a cap that increase charisma and try to go for all the dialog options that ask for extra money, barter or persuade (usually the yellow/orange/red dialog options). Succeeding at those will give you a nice chunk of XP points, plus all the benefits of succeeding.

6. Fight… alone
Or at least keep on fighting. For every slain enemy, you get some extra XP points. But if your companion takes them down, you get none, so you might want to get rid of them for a while and head into a few battles alone to harvest all the experience points you can handle. Remember that for such cases, the Lone Wanderer perk is a must have!

These would be for now the basic ways to get extra XP points in the game. Did you manage to find any other easy method to level up quickly in Fallout 4? Let us know by commenting below.