How to Change Your Face in Fallout 4, As Well As Your Haircut (and Where)

Even though you probably spent your first 6 hours in Fallout 4 creating your character’s face, you might end up, eventually, getting tired with your looks and you’d like to have a new face or at least a new haircut. Well, it’s all possible in Fallout 4 and I am here to share with you this guide on how to change your character’s face in the game, as well as the hair style after leaving Vault 111.

Diamond City is the place where you can do both: you can change your hair style easily at the Barber in the city – just as you enter, walk straight on the road and you will see him on the left, most likely with his mother nearby. There you have access to all the hair styles in the game and you can change them as often as possible.

When it comes to changing your character’s face in the game, it’s also Diamond City where you can do it. There is a plastic surgeon there – Doctor Crocker and you can find him in his room. Simply go to the noodle shop and as you are facing the robot who knows a single word, turn right. You will see the city doctor there (Doctor Sun). Go talk to him and he will tell you about the plastic surgeon, who is working near his cabinet where you can see a red door. Get inside and go down the stairs there and you will get to Doctor Crocker who can change your face any time you get tired with your old one!

And this would be it. It’s that simple to change your looks in Fallout 4. Now go there and spend a few more hours trying to make your character look just like yourself or whoever you want!

Fallout 4: Where to Find Armor for Dogmeat and How to Have It Equip Armor

Dogmeat is one of the favorite companions in Fallout 4, but did you know that he can equip armor too? It sure does, and I am here to share with you a complete guide for this companion: how to have Dogmeat wear armor and where to find the special armor that he can wear. This way, he will become a bit more useful in battle too and not just a non-human friend for your adventures.

First of all, how to make Dogmeat equip armor in the game? All you have to do is to transfer to him the special dog armor that you collect (more on this below) and then tap T on your keyboard or the button to equip armor if you’re playing the console version. You actually have to press that button and tell them to wear the armor – just passing it to them no longer works!

Now that you know how to make Dogmeat wear armor in Fallout 4, here are all the locations for finding actual armor pieces for him, as well as the armor types that you can expect to find (there might be more and I will add them if I find them):

Light Dog Armor – Location here (YouTube video)
Heavy Dog Armor – Location coming soon
Dog Collar – Location same as Light Dog Armor
Dog Helmet – Same location as Light Dog Armor
Chain Dog Collar – Location coming soon
Red Bandana – Location coming soon
Blue Bandana – Location coming soon
Gunner’s Camo Bandana – Location coming soon
Gunner’s Green Bandana – Location coming soon
Leopard Print Bandana – Location coming soon
Jangles Bandana – Location coming soon
Skull Bandana – Location coming soon
Stars and Stripes Bandana – Location coming soon
Striped Bandana – Location coming soon

Did you manage to find armor for your dog in other places? Let us know by commenting below, the locations would be extremely appreciated!

Fallout 4: How to Kill a Sentry Bot (Destroy a Sentry Bot Guide)

The first time I met a Sentry Bot in Fallout 4, I was around level 12 and it wan not pleasant at all. It was during the Lost Patrol mission (when other almost impossible to kill mutants followed) and I though I would lose my mind. Because I certainly lost my life a ton of times before finally figuring out how to kill a Sentry Bot and I am here to share with you how to destroy a Sentry Bot in Fallout 4 easily. Or at least as easy as possible.

No matter what your level is, meeting a Sentry Bot is never pleasant. These robots are highly armored and deal a ton of damage even if you are wearing a Power Armor. Early on especially, when you have low health and weapons that are not so great, they will be a real pain to destroy. But you can do it with a bit of running around and good aiming at their weak spot. And we have the complete guide here!

In order to easily kill a Sentry Bot, you have to shoot the Fusion Core on its back. However, being able to get into a position to shoot them is pretty difficult because as soon as you close in, the robot will turn around and you won’t be able to shoot anymore. Here is how to do it:

1. Bring a companion. Send them forward and as the Sentry Bot is gunning at them, quickly run at the robot’s back, enter VATS and empty whatever gun you’re using into their Fusion Core.

2. After meeting the Sentry Bot, run away until they stop following you. Now you know where they are and start sneaking. Get close enough without them noticing you (they usually follow a preset patrolling pattern) and sneak attack their Fusion Core for the extra damage. This is the ideal, easiest way to take them out – if you are patient!

3. Challenge them to a fair fight. Well, not really: stay away from its shooting as much as possible, especially during the crazy time when it’s glowing and evacuating all that steam. As soon as that’s over, though, it will be immobile for a very short amount of time. Quickly run behind it or in an area that you can target its Fusion Core in the back and shoot at it in VATS.

Oh, and no matter what option you choose for taking it out, don’t forget to keep the distance too: after killing the robot, a mini nuclear explosion will take its place, potentially killing you. Yes, they are that bad!

But at least you know now how to destroy a sentry bot in the game and do it as easy as possible. And if you want to check out how to destroy another difficult enemy, read our guide on how to easily kill Behemots.

Fallout 4 Mission Guide: Butcher’s Bill

Fallout 4 Wallpapper

The third Railroad mission given by Doctor Carrington is really a test of conviction. Between an infested safe-house and a scenario filled with horrors and tricks, you probably won’t want to miss the full strategy here.

Butcher’s Bill is another spy-based mission, where players need to investigate a safe-house at Kendall Hospital, that has been overrun by the Institute. Getting it back won’t be as easy as you think. Follow the steps below to get a clean performance. This mission unlocks after completing Boston After Dark.

Fallout 4 - Butcher's Bill - Augusta Dead Drop Point1. Head to the Dead Drop Location

Check your map for the exact location of the dead drop, you’ll find a tape inside a mail box in the nearby zone. Take it and play the tape through your Inventory > Misc > Augusta Report.


Fallout 4 - Butcher's Bill - Augusta's Safe-House - Kendall Hospital2. Move to Augusta’s Safe-House

The next objective is far ahead to the east of the Cambridge Police Station. It’s in fact the Kendall Hospital, now home to a bunch of raiders. Be careful while approaching the entrance door since several Feral Ghouls will jump you.


Fallout 4 - Butcher's Bill - Fire Center Place3. Get in the Center

Once inside move forward until you see a big fire in the center of the level. Before getting there two raiders will be on the right side. Then, several enemies will come to attack you when you reach the fire, they’re quire weak tho, so just shoot to kill.


Fallout 4 - Butcher's Bill - Second Level Upstairs4. Upstairs

To the right of the fire there’s a door with lots of stairs. Take them into the next level and keep moving without precaution. By the time you see more and more corpses on containers, you’ll realize something really wrong is going on in this place.


Fallout 4 - Butcher's Bill - Using the Elevator5. Take the Elevator

Use the elevator to reach the next level. While getting out enable the stealth mode on CTRL and take cover on the wall because there’s an automatic turret at the end of the corridor. Going carelessly here might make you take lots of unnecessary damage.


Fallout 4 - Butcher's Bill - Turret's Path6. Go Down

Head down for a change, there’s a ground depression right under the turret’s location. Move along, there’s only one path here. Eventually you’ll find a big door. Make sure to be on stealth mode before opening it.


Fallout 4 - Butcher's Bill - Luring the Raiders7. Prepare for the Killing

There are several heavily armored raiders in the under level. And despite the apparent range advantage it’s really not the case. First, recon the area without being spotted to see where the enemies are. Then, shoot randomly to lure them. If you stand near the door or the walls you’ll get bombed to death. Pick them one by one at the back door. Equip a strong weapon or you won’t do it.


Fallout 4 - Butcher's Bill - Get to the Floor Underneath8. Clean the Area

This level-based base has quite a lot of raiders and goods too, weapons, medical supplies, food and boosts as well. If you don’t need any of that, go directly to the objective point, which is in the exact level underneath the one you’re at. Check the screenshot to be sure. You can also open the door in front of you to get there quickly (requires advanced locket-pick). If you don’t, do not risk jumping without a save, if you fall down you can’t get back up. Go around instead.


Fallout 4 - Butcher's Bill - Go Back to Leave the Station9. Go Back to Carrington

Pick the Augusta Station Last Update not and get out of there. I couldn’t find a way out of this place and since there’s a Deathclaw at the very bottom, I decided to just head back to the entrance. Once outside, just do a fast travel to Railroad’s HQ to deliver the results.


Note: Do no rely on companions during this mission, they will often get bugged between levels and they won’t ever show up near you.


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Fallout 4 Boss Guide: How to Easily Kill Behemoths

Fallout 4 - Behemoth

Behemohts are super mutants that are rarely found across the Commonwealth. They are classified as bosses in game and they are extremely strong in both resistance and damage stats. Here’s how you can kill them easily tho.

Most guides around will tell you to use a power armor to kill this type of mutant but really, you do not need one if you know the right tips on how to face a Behemoth. All you need is one or two great weapons, tons of ammo, quick reflexes and a tactic to bug him out, which can be optional if you don’t like exploiting. Start by picking your gear first and no, I do not mean armor.


Fallout 4 - How to Easily Kill Behemoths - Weapons1. Equip a Strong Weapon With High Fire Rate

First rule, always wear the best equipment you have and get tons of ammo for it as well. Don’t forget your secondary weapons too, you might need it if things go do exactly as planned. I used my cell laser Righteous Authority and my 0.45mm Hardened Combat Sniper Rifle.


Fallout 4 - How to Easily Kill Behemoths - Run in Circles2. Run in Circles

Behemoths are deadly at melee range but their ranged attacks are quite tolerable even without power armor. As so, run in circles to avoid melee contact and do not ever let him come close to you.


Fallout 4 - How to Easily Kill Behemoths - Use the Environment3. Use the Environment

This mutant is giant and he won’t have the same mobility as you, meaning he takes longer to turn around and he won’t be able to pass under certain objects. Use anything around you that might delay him, such as small structures, cars and rocks.


Fallout 4 - How to Easily Kill Behemoths - Bug Him Out4. Bug Him Out

To bug him out, all you have to do is search for something tall and quite wide, then move in circles around it until he’s in front of the object trying to run forward. Once he’s bugged, you just have to stand still and shoot. Trees and tall rocks are a good example to do this.


Fallout 4 - How to Easily Kill Behemoths - Aim at Chest5. Aim at His Chest

The most damage really goes on his chest. I tried hitting his limbs and the damage is a bit inferior. If you have the chance aim steadily in order to inflict the most damage possible with the same amount of hits.


6. Power Armor and Projectiles

Using a power armor is a plus for this killing, you’ll endure some of his melee attacks meaning your survival is higher. But defense doesn’t mean much if you don’t know how to kill him. Also, I recommend using projectiles when he’s far away, extra damage is always welcome.


Fallout 4 - How to Easily Kill Behemoths - LootFinally, the loot is not that promising as you can see in the screenshot here. I was expecting more from such a fight. After all, he’s not that easy to kill unless you bug him out. But that’s Fallout life, anything is already something!


Fallout 4 Mission Guide: Finding Valentine

Fallout 4 Wallpapper

Finding Valentine is a mission that unlocks when you visit Diamond City and is one of the longest missions in Fallout 4. Besides a lot of indoors walking, you need to do tons of killing. 

While looking for Shaun, the missing son, players will end up at Valentine’s office at Diamond City but it’s Elle, his secretary that is there. She tells you that Nick Valentine is currently missing and your mission is to find him dead or alive. Before heading to the location set in your map, bring all the ammo you can get because you’re about to kill dozens of triggermen.

Fallout 4 - Finding Valentine - Park Street Station1. Park Street Station

The starting point for finding Valentine is a subway station called Park Street Station, right near Boston Common. Get inside and rush into the room downstairs to surprise the few triggermen patrolling the entrance.

Fallout 4 - Finding Valentine - Kill Triggermen2. Kill the Triggermen

Clear the first level as quick as possible. The longer you take to engage, the longer they’ll have to notice you and take cover. It just takes longer to kill them if you hesitate here. Afterwards, head downstairs.

Fallout 4 - Finding Valentine - Downstairs Station3. Downstairs Station

Enable stealth mode with CTRL and slowly go down the stairs into the station. Recon the area to see where the enemies are positioned. There are around half a dozen of them here all scattered around. Engage as you will and wait until they all come to you while using the stair wall as cover.

Fallout 4 - Finding Valentine - The Vault Entrance4. Into the Tunnels

Keep going forward into the rail tunnels, you’ll soon see platforms and a giant metallic wall. Don’t get too excited. First, you need to kill the few triggermen there. Then, keep going forward into the vault’s entrance.

Fallout 4 - Finding Valentine - Vault's Door5. Open the Vault

Click on the panel near the door to unlock the vault. The door will automatically open and you’re ready to go. Clear that level from the remaining triggermen. Also, there is some medical supplies on the right room, pick them up if you don’t have many left.

Fallout 4 - Finding Valentine - Cleaning the Path6. Downstairs Once More

Head downstairs again. You’ll see a long corridor and a few enemies. Just kill them and proceed. The next door will unlock a tight fight, so ready yourself with a strong weapon and boosts. Projectiles won’t do much here, as there are too many platforms around, thus hard to land them. Using them can be a waste.

Fallout 4 - Finding Valentine - Legendary Triggerman7. Get Ready for the Legendary Triggerman

Use the CTRL stealth mode to recon enemies first. Then engage, take the nearby metal barriers as a semi-cover since there’s nothing else to take shelter. Try to kill the trash enemies first and then aim for the Legendary Triggerman. Just accurately shoot them and move around to do not get hit as much. Don’t let them get too close, they hurt quite a bit at melee range.

Fallout 4 - Finding Valentine - Down We Go8. Make Path

Follow the platform way until you find a door. Go through and keep the cleaning job. Kill everything that moves until you find a floor opening. Jump in and proceed. You’ll soon see a door named Vault 114. Open it to get inside.

Fallout 4 - Finding Valentine - Vault 1149. Vault 114

Once inside, you need to go tot he left side and upstairs. If you want to explore and scavenge then head downstairs, there’s plenty of junk to pick there. Kill the few triggermen around and proceed to the top.

Fallout 4 - Finding Valentine - Overriding the Door10. Override the Door’s Password

After going up, you’ll see a locked door. Use the terminal to hack and override the password. Get inside and talk to Nick Valentine. You might want to pick the little toy on the desk there too, it’s a perk for trading.

Fallout 4 - Finding Valentine - Follow Valentine11. Follow Nick Valentine

Nick Valentine will lead the way out of the vault, so just follow him carefully. He is quite fearless and he doesn’t care much for enemies. If you follow him tidily you might get yourself killed. Let him go ahead first. Better safe than sorry, right?

Fallout 4 - Finding Valentine - Defending Valentine12. Defend Valentine from the Ambushes

There will be several enemy encounters while following Valentine. Just stand back and defend him as much as possible. Don’t worry he won’t die, he might get injured but he’ll come back on his feet and lead the way all the same.

Fallout 4 - Finding Valentine - Convince Her to Leave13. Convince Darla to Go Back Home

Finally, when you’re almost done. The big bad boys will show up. There are two ways to solve the conflict, you either have enough charisma points to convince Darla to go back home by choosing the Convince Her to Leave, during the first part of the dialogue. Or things will most likely end up badly for them!

Fallout 4 - Finding Valentine - Kill Darla and Skinny Malone14. Fighting the Gang

If you can’t convince them to let you go peacefully, you’ll have to kill them all. So, head to your left and take shelter there. Darla will come to you with her melee club, just kill her she’s really weak. As for the rest, only Skinny Malone is a bit stronger, no trick here just aim and shoot.

Fallout 4 - Finding Valentine - Head Outside with Valentine15. Talk to Valentine Outside the Vault

Keep following Nick Valentine until you find a ladder to get outside. Then talk to him about how you got there and what are you looking for. He’ll invite you to talk more at his office and the mission is finally complete.

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Fallout 4 Mission Guide: Cleansing the Commonwealth Part 4

Fallout 4 Wallpapper

Back to zombies we are. The fourth Cleansing the Commonwealth mission is all about cleaning another ghouls nest. This time the target location is Hubris Comics, a small building east of Diamond City. Follow the steps here in order to quickly finish this operation.

The Brotherhood of Steel seems to have endless missions for you and they’re normally about killing stuff. The fourth Cleansing the Commonwealth mission given by Knight Rhys is no exception. This time we have a mini maze called Hubris Comics, watch your step and always go forward. Gear up and save your best ammo for the final elite monster and let’s do this in the easy way.


Fallout 4 - Cleansing the Commonwealth Part 4 - First Level1. Enter Hubris Comics

Get inside this ghoul nest located in your map (east of Diamond City) and start killing everything that moves. The entrance rooms are pretty easy, try to use your trash ammo first and keep going with your scavenging before going up stairs.


Fallout 4 - Cleansing the Commonwealth Part 4 - Mini Maze2. Head Up Stairs

This building is a bit like a small maze, keep in the mind that the way is always forward. The main objective is on the last floor, so unless you want to explore and scavenge don’t venture yourself too much into the numerous rooms and corridors.


Fallout 4 - Cleansing the Commonwealth Part 4 - Clean the Second Floor3. Clean the Second Floor

Kill the ghouls in the second floor, there aren’t many either in here but they can back-stab you later on due to loud noises in the following floors. Make sure to keep going up but be careful this time, lots of ghouls are waiting you on the next level.


Fallout 4 - Cleansing the Commonwealth Part 4 - Clean the Third Floor

4. Clean the Third Floor

Ready your projectiles and boosts and head upstairs. The ghouls will start coming, sometimes in pairs. Throw a grenade at a distance to kill the first wave. Then, don’t stop shooting until everything is dead, else you’ll get overrun and it’ll be much hard to move or kill anything.


Fallout 4 - Cleansing the Commonwealth Part 4 - Glowing One Ghouls5. Fourth Floor

Now, go to the fourth and last floor of the building. Enable the Stealth Mode on CTRL and slowly walk the stairs. You’ll see one ghoul at your left but there’s more on the room at the right. Let the visible ghoul spot you and run backstairs. The others will come with the gunshot noises. Kill them all.


Fallout 4 - Cleansing the Commonwealth Part 4 - Killing Glowing One6. Glowing One

If you’re lucky, the elite ghoul named Glowing One didn’t come out just yet. If he did you’re probably dead by now. The strategy here is to lure him last. After the trash mobs are dead, go upstairs again and shoot the environment. He’ll come out and you should throw two to four projectiles while he walks towards you. Then aim at his legs, so he falls down on the floor and becomes harmless. Don’t let him get close to you, as he’ll grab and bite your neck to death. Return to Knight Rhys for your reward after defeating the Glowing One.


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Fallout 4 Mission Guide: Boston After Dark

Fallout 4 Wallpapper

The second Raildroad mission is pretty interesting and very dangerous too. You need to rescue a certain synth from the Institute’s hands and that won’t be easy. Don’t get tricked and find out how to complete this mission without dying.

After completing the Tradecraft mission and learning the ways of the Railroad, you must retrieve an important prototype to Doctor Carrington at the Raildroad HQ, then the Boston After Dark assignment starts. The mission is a bit stealthy but it catches up with intense fights later on. Let’s see what must be done to save the mysterious synth.


Fallout 4 - Boston After Dark - Dead Drop1. Dead Drop’s Location

Move to the first location and investigate. You’ll find a decomposing corpse in a car and a mail with loot. Take it all and a new objective will appear in your screen. Move towards the next location.


Fallout 4 - Boston After Dark - Old Man Stockton Location2. Bunker Hill

The second location can be confusing because you won’t actually find it outside. It’s inside a settlement called the Bunker Hill. Get pass and look for a man in a suit (Old Man Stockton) at the designed location. Talk to him to understand what’s going on.


Fallout 4 - Boston After Dark - Rendezvous Point3. Rendezvous Point

The swapping point is in a nearby church. Head there and clear the area. There will be a few raiders but nothing special. Then, wait until night. That’s when the Old Man Stockton shows up with the “package”.


Fallout 4 - Boston After Dark - Wait Until Night4. Follow High Rise

Soon after the Old Man Stockton leaves, a Railroad contact will appear to pick the synth, his name is High Rise and he’ll lead you to your final destination. Follow him and get ready for war.


Fallout 4 - Boston After Dark - First War Strategy5. First War Strategy

The first war spot is just ahead of the church, stay as back as possible and prepare your projectiles. Don’t go near the truck or car, as they will explode any time soon. Mutants and raiders will try to take you down, you just need to shoot and throw grenades at them from afar and wait until High Rise kills the rest.


Fallout 4 - Boston After Dark - Second War Strategy6. Second War Strategy

When you spot a small outpost, it means mutants are awaiting you there. Kill them with projectiles at the door, if you still have any left, or go inside and shoot them out. Then, use the terminal inside to disable all turrets in the nearby zone.


Fallout 4 - Boston After Dark - Talk to High Rise7. Follow and Talk to High Rise

The final location is High Rise’s settlement. When you get there, the mission will be almost complete. You can get inside and pick up any supplies you need. It won’t be considered stealing since he’s part of the faction too.


Fallout 4 - Boston After Dark8. Talk to Carrington

Head back to the Railroad’s HQ and finish the mission by talking with Doctor Carrington. The next dialogue will give you the opportunity to raise your reputation with him and Deacon (if he’s with you).


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Fallout 4 Mission Guide: Cleansing the Commonwealth Part 3

Fallout 4 Wallpapper

Another cleaning mission given by Knight Rhys at the Brotherhood of Steel outpost. This time you need to clear a super mutant base, which requires a certain degree of strategy. Check out how to do it.

The third Cleansing the Commonwealth mission is located at the southern part of the map. It’s a building called the Wilson Atomatoys Corporate HQ, to the east side of Diamond City, and it’s home to several super mutants. As usual, save your great weapon and ammo for the final confrontation with the elite super mutant.


Fallout 4 - Cleansing the Commonwealth Part 3 - Wilson Atomatoys Corporate HQ1. Head to Wilson Atomatoys Corporate HQ

Look at your map and check the location by the clicking on the quest as usual. Head there and enter the building. No special precaution needed. The entrance door is on the back since the front one is blocked.

Fallout 4 - Cleansing the Commonwealth Part 3 - Clearing the Mutants2. Clear the First Level

No science here, you just have to kill anything that moves. Most of the enemies are normal, so you don’t need to be that careful with your moves. Once you’re done, head to the next floor through the elevator area, there’s a metal plate you can walk on.


Fallout 4 - Cleansing the Commonwealth Part 3 - Wilson Automatoys ID Card3. Get the ID Card

Kill every mutant around and look for the ID card to open the locked door on the first level. There are two ID cards but the closest one is at the second floor in a small room with two desks that contain two computers respectively. The Wilson Automatoys ID Card is on the first table.


Fallout 4 - Cleansing the Commonwealth Part 3 - Killing Mutants4. Keep Killing Everything (Optional)

This part is optional, you just kill everything if you want to. It gives more experience and items but you can just head down stairs and open the locked door to proceed to your final objective.


Fallout 4 - Cleansing the Commonwealth Part 3 - Second Floor5. Clean the Area

Open the door with the ID Card and head to the right. Start killing the few mutants remaining in the area. Scavenge anything you want and head up stairs again at your right side inside the room. This is the third and last floor, where the elite mutant is located.


Fallout 4 - Cleansing the Commonwealth Part 3 - Super Mutant Butcher6. Kill the Super Mutant Butcher

Equip your good weapon and ammo. Head to the front door and use your companion to distract him first. Then, start shooting at his arms. Chest is covered in armor so it won’t do much damage. Keep covering yourself there, do a few hits at a time and back to cover, repeat until he’s dead. He won’t move much unless you run away or go inside, so you’ll be safe with this tactic.


Fallout 4 - Cleansing the Commonwealth Part 3 - Wilson Atomatoys Corporate HQ Roof7. Head Outside

Leave the building through the door in front of the elite mutant’s room. You’ll spawn in the building’s roof which might have two mutants, depending on whether you’ve killed them or not before entering the facility. Return to Knight Rhys to complete the mission.


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Fallout 4 Guide: How to Get All Building Materials

Fallout 4 Guide - Building Materials

To build and expand settlements, players need to gather a vast variety of materials. Finding and collecting them however, is not always an easy task.

Apart from dismantling all the stuff present in your settlement areas, it is also possible to scrap inventory items to obtain core materials. As in every game, some components are way more uncommon than others, so they might be harder to find. Here’s  a helpful list with items that you need to scrap in order to get your desired material:


Acid – Abraxo Cleaner; Anti Freeze Bottle; Suprathaw Antifreeze;

Adhesive – Duct Tape; Sealed Wonderglue; Vegetable Starch;

Aluminum – Coolant Cap; Distress Pulser;

Antiseptic – Abraxo Cleaner; Turpentine; Abraxo Cleaner;

Asbestos – Biometric Scanner; Coffee Pot; Extinguisher; Oven Mitt; Pack of Cigarettes; Teapot;

Bones – All Bones (ex: Tibia); Animal Parts and Corpses

Broken Light Bulb – Street Lamp;

Ceramics – Bathtub; Toilet; Ceramic Bowl; Coffee Cup; Sink; Teapot; White Plate;

Circuitry – Alarm Clock; Distress Pulser; Enchanted Targeting Card; Military-Grade Circuit Board; Telephone; Hot Plate;

Cloth – All Dresses, Suits and Outfits (ex: Laundered Green Dress); All Hood and Hats (ex: Hood with Straps); Box of San Francisco Sunlights; Cigar Box; Couch; Kitchen Chairs; Pre-War Money; Last Edition Newspaper; Pack of Cigarettes, Paintbrush; Rug; Trifold American Flag;

Cork – Antique Globe;

Copper – Fuse; Hot Plate; Light Bulb; Power Relay Coil; Telephone; Vacuum Tube;

Crystal – Camera; Microscope; ProSnap Camera;

Fiberglass – Abraxo Cleaner; Cigar Box; Jangles the Moon Monkey; Telephone;

Fiber Optics – Biometric Scanner; Microscope;

Fuse – Street Lamp;

Fallout 4 Guide - Scraping Inventory Items

Gears – Adjustable Wrench; Camera; Desk Fan; Gold Watch; Microscope; ProSnap Camera; Typewriter; Silver Pocket Watch;

Glass – Beer Bottle; Empty Milk Bottle; Fuse; Glass Pitcher; Lamp; Light Bulb; Nuka Cola Bottle; Shot Glass; Vacuum Tube;

Gold – Gold Items (ex: Gold Watch, Gold Lighter);

Leather – All Hides and Leathers (ex: Radstag Hide); Some Arm and Leg Pieces (ex: Leather Left Leg); Gas Masks; Harness

Nuclear Materials – Alarm Clock; Biometric Scanner; Distress Pulser; Nuclear Material;

Oil – Blue Paint; Flip Lighter; Gas Canister; Oil Can; Soap;

Plastic – Automatic Institute Pistol; Bread Box; Enchanted Targeting Card; Files; Plastic Spoon; Pack of Cigarettes; Shopping Basket; Scissors; Anti Freeze Bottle;

Rubber – Baby Bottle; Fridge; Street Lamp; Tire; Extinguisher;

Screw – Antique Globe; Desk Fan; Hot Plate; Typewriter; Toy Car; Toy Truck; Antique Globe;

Silver – Silver Items (ex: Silver Fork; Silver Locket; Silver Bowl); Enchanted Targeting Card;

Spring – Spring; Camera; Flip Lighter; Kitchen Scale; ProSnap Camera; Typewriter;

Steel – All Pistols and Rifles (ex: Pipe Auto Pistol); Ball-peen Hammer; All Melee Weapons (ex: Tire Iron); Some Armor Pieces (ex: Raider Left Arm); Blue Paint; Extinguisher; Flip Lighter; Gas Canister; Kitchen Scale; Mailbox; Oil Can; Radiator; Safe; Shopping Basket; Screwdriver; Scissors; Stove; Street Lamp; Toy Truck; Turpentine;

Wood – All Trees (ex: Maple Tree); Wooden Objects (ex: Table); Ball-peen Hammer; Box of San Francisco Sunlights; Cigar Box; Paintbrush; Picture Frame; Screwdriver; Trifold American Flag


Note: There are numerous items in-game and this list does not comprehend every one of them.